October 18, 2009

Upside Down (2010-2011)

Argentine writer/director Juan Diego Solanas' (Northeast) science fiction film is interesting enough. I just hope it ends up better than Franklyn did. Since the films sound somewhat similar.

"Adam is a seemingly ordinary guy in a very extraordinary universe. He lives humbly trying to make ends meet, but his romantic spirit holds on to the memory of a girl he met once upon a time from another world, an inverted affluent world with its own gravity, directly above but beyond reach a girl named Eve. Their childhood flirtation becomes an impossible love. But when he catches a glimpse of grown-up Eve on television, nothing will get in the way of getting her back Not even the law or science. "


Kristen Dunst (Spider-Man 4) and Jim Sturgess (Fifty Dead Men Walking, Guardians of Ga'Hoole) will star. Emile Hirsch (Milk, Speed Racer) was originally attached for the lead role.

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