October 23, 2009


Daniel Craig has confirmed that Bond 23 will start production at the end of 2010. So I assume it will continue the tradition of releasing in the fall of 2011.

Here is the first official image of the A-Team.

There is now a grassroots campaign to get Sam Rockwell nominated best actor at the Oscars for his emotional performance in Moon. Here is the link, Petition To Get Sam Rockwell Nominated.

Jeff Smith's comic Bone had been bought by Warner Bros. Now there is talk that they could release three animated films based on the comic.

Kevin Smith (A Couple of Dicks) talked to MTV about adapting an untouched comic. "I think there's a brilliant, revisionist take to be done on 'Hot Stuff, the Little Devil." The character has yet to be adapted but his fellow Harvey Comics characters Ritchie Rich and Casper have. I think it would be interesting to see Smith take on a Casper type approach to the comic.

The Rza talked about plans for biopic on the life of fellow Wu-Tang rapper and cousin, Ol' Dirty Bastard. A lot of people are saying 30 Rock's Tracy Morgan would be perfecting casting. I don't dissagree, it makes more sense than Eddie Murrphy playing Richard Pryor.

Artist Raymond Swanland has made his own teaser poster for the David Fincher/James Cameron/Zack Snyder co-directed Heavy Metal film.

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