October 6, 2009

UPDATE: Predators (July 7th 2010)

Predators is quickly becoming one of my most anticipated summer films of 2010. 20th Century Fox and Robert Rodriguez (Sin City, Desperado) are working together to bring us a direct sequel to the original Predator. Considered a companion film similar to Alien and Aliens. The film is expected to amp up the violence, action and science fiction. The most surprising thing is that 20th Century Fox is allowing Rodriguez and Troublemaker Studios handle the whole production. The film is set on the predator's homeworld and pits a dangerous group of humans against a predator hunting party.

Robert Rodriguez will produce the film with his Troublemaker Studios, he also co-wrote the screenplay. Nimród Antal (Vacancy, Armored) will direct the film.

The cast includes Oscar winning actors Adrien Brody (King Kong, Pianist) and Walton Goggins (The Shield). Along with Danny Trejo (Heat,Machete), Topher Grace (Traffic, Spider-Man 3), Alice Braga (City of God,I Am Legend), Oleg Taktarov (15 Minutes, Miami Vice), Mahershalalhashbaz Ali (Benjamin Button) and Louiz Ozawa Changchien (Gigantic).

There is a cameo written in the script for Arnold Schwarzenegger. It's unknown if he'll reprise his role as Dutch but it could happen.


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