October 15, 2009

Films That Should Be Made: Edgar Wright's Don't

With Machete becoming the first of the faux trailers from 2007's Grindhouse to become a full length feature. I expect more of them to develop into features. Edgar Wright's Don't was one of my favorites out of the bunch and teased his return to the horror genre. While it didn't look like a straight up comedy it could be worked that way. I'm sure it's campy nature would gain laughs. Wright has stated the trailer had no story or structure, just meant to feel like a nightmare. I could see it turned into a three tale story ghost story about the mansion.

Actors Featured In The Faux Trailer

Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Julia Davis (Nighty Night), Matthew Macfayden (Robin Hood), Rafe Spall (Hot Fuzz), Emily Booth (Doghouse), MyAnna Burning (Lesbian Vampire Killers), Jason Issacs, Lucy Punch (Hot Fuzz), singer Katie Melua, Stuart Wilson (Hot Fuzz), Michael Smiley (Outpost), Peter Serafinowicz (Shaun of The Dead), Georgina Chapman (The Business), Nicola Cunningham (Shuan of The Dead) and Mark Gatiss (Nighty Night). It also featured a voice over from Will Arnett (Arrested Development). Wright's plan was to feature new actors for every scene which is amazing in itself.

Wright has stated that it was inspired by films like Dario Agento's Suspiria and the Hammer Films. I also see a bit of Raw Meat in there with the haggard looking bearded men.

While I'd love to see this made Wright's schedule for the next couple of years is full. He has The World's End, Ant-Man, Baby Driver and Them. I'd love to see director Garth Jennings (Son of Rambow, Hitchhikers Guide) perhaps take over directing duties. Maybe even co-write with Wright on the project.

It would be amazing if Jessica Hynes (Spaced, Son of Rambow) and Martin Freeman (Hitchhikers Guide, The Office) teamed up for the film. The pair had a cool cameo in Shaun of The Dead and would be interesting to see them fight ghosts and ghouls.

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