October 1, 2009

Tarantino's Kill Bill 3 (2011-2013)

Quentin Tarantino was doing an interview on Italian television and revealed plans for sequels. While he did yet again confirm his plans for another Inglourious Basterds film, he begged the interviewer to ask about Kill Bill 3. She did, and he talked about having it set 10 years from the first film. So it's more than likely being made by how excited Tarantino was talking about it. There had been talk of third film but this sounds similar to Tarantino's announcement about Inglourious Basterds at Cannes in 2008. Uma Thurman was also mentioned being involved, which makes a lot of sense. It's unknown if he will actually have the film released 10 years from the first film. Given he wanted to give the Bride "ten years of peace". He could very well have it already written and start production on the film in the next year or two.

One of the many concepts of a third film involve surviving members of the Crazy 88s going after Beatrix Kiddo for revenge. Tarantino mentioned the 10 year gap between the first film and third film. This could mean it will be released for 2013 or it could be just a way to cast older actors for Bibi and Nikita. Having the third and fourth film leading into each other similar to volumes one and two.

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