October 29, 2009

Joe Cornish's Attack The Block (2010)

Being dubbed "Shaun of The Dead with aliens". Joe Cornish wrote and will direct the film with Edgar Wright acting as executive producer. The film focuses on a gang of South London teenagers defending their housing project home against an alien attack.

"An attractive young woman walks home through dark, dangerous streets in south London. She falls into an ambush. Five ghoulish, hooded youths surround her— they take her mobile, her purse, her engagement ring, but they want more. Just then, a fireball explodes out of the sky and destroys a nearby parked car.

From the wreckage emerges a vicious little alien that the youths hunt down, kill and triumphantly parade back to their block. But their adventure is not over. The night is still young and the attack on the block has only just begun.."

Joe Cornish recently co-wrote with Edgar Wright on Marvel's Ant-Man and Tintin: The Secret of The Unicorn. He even had small cameo in Hot Fuzz playing crime scene specialist Bob.

Nick Frost (Pirate Radio, Paul, Hot Fuzz) could have a major role in the film. He used Twitter to announce a costume fitting for Cornish.

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