October 8, 2009

Films That Should Be Made: Metroid

Metroid is one of the most well known game franchises from Nintendo. It's up there alongside longstanding franchises like Resident Evil, Prince of Persia and Street Fighter. So, why shouldn't it become developed into a film? With newer games like Warcraft, Metal Gear Solid, Halo and Gears of War becoming epic sized features.

At one point John Woo (Red Cliff, Face/Off) bought the rights and was going to produce a live-action film. Since 2004 there has been no word on the movement of the project. It's assumed the film is in development limbo. The plot of purposed film sounded very interesting. It sounds like the film could have been a mix of Lobo and Captain Blood. Originally Kristanna Loken (Terminator 3) was rumored for the role of Samus. Also IGN ran the idea of Michelle Rodriguez (Avatar) in their April Fool's article.

"Set in a once peaceful galaxy, which has its prosperity shattered by a startling discovery: On a routine mapping expedition of a planet, a survey crew discovers a new airborne life form -- the Metroid. Able to engulf other living beings, feed on their energy, and multiply in great numbers, they prove a terrifying menace. Female bounty hunter Samus Aran is commissioned by the Galactic Federation to eliminate the pests, but she soon discovers that pirates with a stolen Metroid specimen are plotting to breed and build an unstoppable army."

Neill Blomkamp (District 9) would make an excellent director for this project. While he was frustrated enough to leave the Halo movie after development stopped. I could see him taking another shot at another video game film. He's able to make a massive film with a small budget. Along with the fact his creature special effects look flawless, which would be important for a film like this.

Neill Blomkamp's Yellow

Casting Thought

Ellen Page as Samus: Page is no stranger to action films, starring in X-Men The Last Stand and the upcoming Christopher Nolan science fiction action film Inception. She has also been rumored for the role of Alita in James Cameron's Battle Angel. It doesn't hurt that Ellen is an exceptional actress and has been nominated for an Oscar. She may seem sweet and not the type of actress you would think could play a bounty hunter. All you have to do is watch her in Hard Candy and you'll see her differently.

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