October 9, 2009

Films That Should Be Made: Resistance

One of the newer games, which is very popular could be prime for adaptation. I think we're tapped out when it comes to adapting older games. From what I can assume is that games now are being developed with them becoming films in mind. Resistance and Resistance 2 are good examples of this. Combining many elements of films be it World of The Worlds, Independence Day or Black Hawk Down. While the original game was featured during WW2 I'm not sure if audiences are ready to see science fiction added to that genre. That's of course unless Wolfenstein is a successful film.

Hopefully it could be set in the near future rather than 100 years from now. As for the setting, it would be cool to have a District 9 take on the genre. Have it in a country that hasn't had much of a science fiction setting. Be it India, Australia, Brazil or even a middle eastern country. There could be a massive alliance of countries and a military made up of soldiers from all over Earth sent to that location.

A director who I think who could give credibility and an amazing visual style to the film could be Fernando Meirelles. The Constant Gardner and City of God were amazing dramatic and visually stunning films. He has even tried his hand at science fiction with Blindness.

Casting Thought

Depending on what country the film eventually is set I think any actor could play Nathan Hale. I'm going to suggest Jason Statham since he's got a large action film background and does have somewhat of a following.

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