October 1, 2009

Friday The 13th Part II (August 13th 2010)

Looks like business is booming for Platinum Dunes after the success of their Friday The 13th remake. The studio has worked quickly on the sequel and it seems we'll have another great horror movie to look forward to next summer. While it wasn't a masterpiece Platinum Dunes knew that they were doing. Bringing together elements from previous films and giving a wink/nod to audiences. It knew what kind of horror film it was and didn't try to overreach, which could have ruined it. I wouldn't consider myself a big fan of the slasher genre but I was the first one in line, when I saw it. Dunes could have a great year in 2010 with A Nightmare On Elm Street also releasing in April.

The only problem the film has is that director Marcus Nispel more than likely won't be returning. He'll be busy with the Conan reboot. I could see the studio hiring director Samuel Bayer if they're happy enough with A Nightmare On Elm Street.

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