October 25, 2014

Jena Malone Confirmed For BATMAN V SUPERMAN But Is She Really Playing Robin?

It's safe to say we'll be seeing some major female-power with Zack Snyder's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) will make her debut before heading-off for her own solo adventure in 2017. Lois Lane (Amy Adams) is our civilian observer of the film, along with Tao Okamoto (The Wolverine) and Jena Malone (Sucker Punch, Hunger Games, Donnie Darko) taking key supporting roles. It's rumored that Tao is playing Lex Luther's personal bodyguard Mercy Graves, which makes sense considering her costume seen on set looks a lot like a professional's uniform.

However, things get a little more murky when it comes to Jena Malone. We don't have set images to work with and she was only recently confirmed by THR for a role. This role wasn't named, but there was quick speculation by others. Because the film is taking influence from Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns comics, people are automatically assuming she is playing Carrie Kelley. The ambitious young protege of tired and grizzled Batman and becomes the newest Robin. Batman of course hates the idea, this is of course years after the death of last Robin and after his own retirement. Bruce is pulled out of his calm twilight-years to deal with a growing menace plaguing Gotham. This time in the form of a underground gang of punks known as The Mutants, who plan on terrorizing the city. Doesn't this sound similar to the plot of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Rises? Well it should because Nolan and the co-writers pulled from all different comic book sources for their trilogy. Something I assume will be happening with Zack Snyder's DC universe, pulling from different sources to make the best films possible.

The closest thing to a confirmation that Jena is playing Robin, is that she didn't give comment to a gossip reporter when asked about it. That's a very weak argument, considering she just signed a non-disclosure contract for the role (like ever actor and crew member). She couldn't even talk about her role unless the studio gave her the okay. Remember the months that Jason Momoa had to keep mum about Aquaman?

It's unlikely this film will be adapted completely from the Miller material. Mainly, because we won't get the Mutants or Green Arrow in the film. I also doubt Ronald Reagan will be appearing as the President, although Nixon did show-up in Snyder's Watchmen. The Justice League cameos are something new as well, which could mean a lot of shake-ups concerning the plot and how much is being pulled from Miller's stuff.

I'm not 100% convinced she is actually playing Carrie. First thing, where the hell did Nightwing go? We had been hearing for months before production that there was a role for Dick Grayson in the film. The two heroes would reunite after going their separate ways. This part was rumored to be up for grabs and Adam Driver was linked for it. Driver instead went with a bigger role in J.J. Abrams' Star Episode VII and it was the last we heard of Nightwing. It's possible he was written-out completely by Chris Terrio's production polishes on the script.

It's possible that Nightwing has been replaced with another one of Batman's sidekicks that has branched-out. One that comes to mind would be the seldom used Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl. She was a staple of the original Adam West series, and has grown to become an important member of the comics universe. The daughter of police chief Jim Gordon, she along with Robin worked alongside Batman for years.

Both Robin and Batgirl haven't been seen on screen since Batman And Robin, and fans have been edgy about using the two ever since. Even thought she's been taken more seriously thanks to the animated series and comics like Alan Moore's The Killing Joke. Another excellent piece of comic lore that needs to be explored in this new film universe.

I wouldn't be shocked if Batgirl was also a former Robin and has gone her separate ways. Allowing room for Nightwing to be still kicking around, but giving more a female presence in Gotham. Should Affleck decided to direct future films, setting-up supporting heroes would be nice. While it's mudding the lore, combining the two would fix the problem with having a teen being the middle of firefights and working a tank.

Let's not forget that she also is a redhead. People had been quick to point out that Malone dyed her hair red. This doesn't automatically make her Robin, Batgirl sported red locks first. Also, if we're going by her hair it's not as traditionally short as Carrie's was in the comics. The shoulder length is more like 60s Batgirl hairstyle (pictured above). Other DC Comics redheads include Aquaman's fellow underwater hero Mera, who I assume will be featured in the 2017 movie. Not to mention the Batman villain Poison Ivy. Basically, we need more than a change in hair color to work with.

I would like to point-out that a piece of concept art by artist Jock was floating around the time of the announcement for Batman v Superman. He confirmed it was for a project for Warner Bros. People assumed it was for a video game/comic book series, I think even Jock pointed fans in that direction. Yet, Jock has done a bunch of design work for movies, including the early costume designs for Dredd. The image clearly includes Superman, Batman (very similar to Miller cowl they gave Batfleck), Wonder Woman and also Batgirl. Having Zack Snyder sneak-in a second female hero wouldn't be entirely out of the realm of possibilities. We never thought Cyborg and Aquaman would ever be in this film, so anything could happen.


October 24, 2014

Gareth Edwards' STAR WARS Spin-Off Lands ZERO DARK THIRTY Cinematographer Greig Fraser

Aussie cinematographer Greig Fraser (Zero Dark Thirty, Let Me In, Snow White And The Huntsman, The Gambler, Killing Them Softly, Foxcatcher) confirms to HitFix that he'll be joining the crew of a Star Wars spin-off. The untitled film will be directed by Godzilla's Gareth Edwards. There are some rumblings this could be Boba Fett or Han Solo movie.

“I’m doing a [frick]ing Star Wars movie, which is like – I don’t know about you but Star Wars is like my first film love, do you know what I mean?… Gareth is doing a standalone film. Of course I do know some specifics, but it’s obviously something I’ve signed my kidneys away for.”


No DOCTOR STRANGE For Luke Evans..CROW Reboot Begins Filming Spring 2015

THR has confirmation that production for The Crow reboot is expected to begin sometime in the spring. Some sites are claiming that Luke Evans isn't locked-in for the role of Erik Draven, but below you clearly seen he's confirming his casting in interviews. This stemming from producer Ed Pressman not including a casting announce with his announcement. He also didn't name a director, a bigger detail since they've lost many over the development process.


SPECULATION: Could Tom Hardy Be Wanted For A Different Role In X-MEN APOCALYPSE?

Hidden in the recent Doctor Strange casting report by TheWrap. Jeff mentions that while Tom Hardy was in the mix to play Strange, he's considering parts in both Suicide Squad and X-Men Apocalypse. It sounds good for Suicide Squad since Hardy's strong working relationship with Warner Bros. Making big blockbuster movies for the studio such as Mad Max Fury Road, Dark Knight Returns and Inception.

It seems that Tom might be looked at for a villain role in the film. The ancient Egyptian mutant villain Apocalypse is the first thought everyone has had, and Jeff hints that's who the role is. While it could be great to see Hardy play another iconic comic book villain, there are other mutants he could be playing.

In my opinion he is better suited for Nathan Summers better known as Cable. Since we've already seen Bishop time-travel it wouldn't be hard to imagine seeing another time-traveller join the franchise. In the comics mutant engineer Forge builds a time-machine (no need for Kitty Pryde's powers) and Bishop is sent back to prevent an assassination. Instead of preventing an assassination, Bishop get's confused and attempts to assassinate Charles Xavier.

We have already been teased this altered timeline might give us an even worse future for mutant and humankind. Could they be hinting to an alternate future timeline of Age of Apocalypse which included Cable travelling back in time? I wouldn't be surprised if Bryan Singer and Simon Kinberg decide to use this element, but switch-out Bishop for X-Force leader Cable. Making him a major villain of the film as well.

The studio is aiming to give Cable his own film and it's been somewhat confirmed that he'll be apart of the Jeff Wadlow (Kick-Ass 2) scripted X-Force film. Producer Lauren Shuler Donner has already mentioned a desire to give that character his own film in previous interviews. Lauren is pursuing Channing Tatum for the Gambit spin-off, trying to sign Hardy for a Cable/X-Force movie isn't hard to imagine.

Tom Hardy being interested in a role in Suicide Squad, might be echoing a villain-turned-hero take on Cable in Apocalypse. I could also see Hardy in the role after taking-on another hard-nosed apocalyptic character like Mad Max. Nothing says Hardy will choose either role, but it's great time for Hardy to be considering three major roles in massive comic book films.

Do you think Tom Hardy is wanted for Apocalypse or Cable?


CAPTAIN AMERICA's Sebastian Stan Joins Huge Cast Of Ridley Scott's THE MARTIAN

Deadline reports that breakout Marvel alumni Sebastian Stan has landed a role in Ridley Scott's The Martian. Stan is apart of the Captain America franchise, and is one of three lead actors that have bridged from The First Avenger to sequels. He'll return for Captain America 3 alongside Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. There is even talk of Sebastian's Bucky Barnes taking-over Rogers' mantle after the third film. Having a role in a Ridley Scott film might help boost his international awareness outside of the MCU.

Ridley's last couple of films has included some serious badasses and strong actors. His next film is no exception the stunning cast includes Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain, Kristen Wiig, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Sean Bean, Michael Pena, Jeff Daniels, Donald Glover and Mackenzie Davis.


Marvel Casts KICK-ASS Actress Lyndsy Fonesca For AGENT CARTER

Marvel has announced another film to television addition to their growing Agent Carter cast. They've added Kick-Ass and Hot Tub Time Machine actress Lyndsy Fonesca to the main lineup as Angie Martinelli. Fonesca is no stranger to holding a weapon being apart of the action series Nikita. The show is actually casting many actors from the movies, which is sort of smart on their part. Considering what happened with Agents of SHEILD getting unknowns for roles didn't exactly help ratings. It's nice to see Marvel hiring another actress with action and weapons experience. However, she'll be playing a waitress and aspiring actress.


Jesse Eisenberg Might Reprise Lex Luthor Role In David Ayer's SUICIDE SQUAD

Deadline reports that Warner Bros. is talking with Jesse Eisenberg about reprising the role of Superman villain Lex Luthor in David Ayer's Suicide Squad. Jesse will introduce audiences to his take on Lex in 2016 with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Squad is about a group of rag-tag DC villains forced on suicide missions and will be the next DCU movie put into production. It's possible that Lex's role in the DCU will continue throughout the massive amount releases.

We've already heard that Will Smith, Tom Hardy and Margot Robbie are circling roles in the film. Usually, when it comes to DC casting we hear a very few names linked for roles. It's likely these will be our leads of the film. I'm under the assumption that Smith could be playing Deadshot, Hardy is wanted for Harkness and whatever the female lead ends-up is where Robbie fits in. Be that Harley Quinn or whatever female villain role they eventually announce she's playing. It will be coming to theatres only a few months after Batman v Superman in August 2016.


WONDER WOMAN Director Shortlist Thankfully Includes All Ladies

It was recently revealed by Warner Brothers that they are releasing a Wonder Woman film on June 23rd  2017. The studio went even further by teasing that they were indeed looking at hiring a female director. Something we've been championing for almost an entire year, once we learned the studio was actually pursuing a Wonder Woman movie. While this is progressive, let's hope to to see women directing more projects across the board.

Forbes reveals a shortlist that WB is strongly looking at for the feature that would see Gal Gadot in the lead role. The names are Kathryn Bigelow (Point Break, Hurt Locker, Zero Dark Thirty, Strange Days), Julie Taymor (Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark, Titus, The Tempest), Mimi Leder (Deep Impact, The Peacekeeper, The Leftovers, Shameless, Almost Human, Human Target), Catherine Hardwicke (Thirteen, Nativity Story, Twilight, Red Riding Hood, Tank Girl, Tombstone, Three Kings) and Karyn Kusama (Jennifer's Body, Girlfight, XX, The Invaitation, Æon Flux). Bigelow might be the studio's frontrunner for the gig, but it;s very unlikely she would take an offer.

It's least likely Kathryn will consider this project. I've been following Kathryn Bigelow's career since I first watched Point Break in the 90s. I was very much obsessed with the film along with the James Cameron scripted Strange Days, which started my life-long crush on Angela Basset. Knowing her recent turn to based-on-a-true-story subject matter and that she's turned down two major comic book franchises, I find it extremely hard to believe she would consider making Wonder Woman.

This isn't something that is repeated while talking about Kathryn Bigelow doing films like this, but she turned down the James Cameron produced X-Men movie and Sony's Spider-Man reboot that went to Marc Webb. Giving the impression even when she was still apart of the studio system, she still wasn't interest in comic book characters. Let's not forget that she has two films in active-development which include The American and Triple Frontier, both adrenaline-fueled true life movies. I'm not too sure she's even interested in the fantasy realm.

The only way I see this happening is if the studio funds her next three projects, giving her a studio contract allowing her to make her gritty films at WB. Considering she's had some problems getting the budgets for her recent projects.

Mimi Leder is the only name (besides Bigelow) with interesting action roots, filming 90s action flicks Deep Impact and The Peacekeeper. She also directing episodes of Almost Human and Human Target. Her other television work includes popular shows such as Shameless and The Leftovers.

Karyn Kusama could be very interesting, as everyone loved her movie Girlfight which introduced us to Michelle Rodriguez. An actress who would eventually become known for her tough-as-nails characters. She's also directed genre material with the Charlie Theron starring Æon Flux and the underrated Diablo Cody scripted Jennifer's Body. Karyn will also be apart of the very awesome sounding all-female directed horror anthology XX. Contuning the horror streak with The Invitation. I think if Kusama is paired with the right screenwriter *cough JANE GOLDMAN *cough it could be a great choice.

A couple of other names that Forbes mentions is Michelle McLaren (Walking Dead, Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, X-Files) and Tricia Brock (Walking Dead, Person of Interest). You might remember I wrote an article back in January focusing on Michelle and why she would be perfect for the Wonder Woman director's chair. I'm still behind Michelle, but most of these names aren't terrible candidates.

It's interesting that the studio is already looking at directors this could mean that they are possibly moving quickly on getting the film into production. I would assume it's fantasy elements would mean they'd need a lot of post-production. If we use Batman v Superman as an example it's being shot in 2014, but releasing in 2016. Which might mean Wonder Woman could begin production as early as late summer or fall of 2015. Giving the post-production team plenty of time to get the film where it needs to be for release. Warner Bros. productions have a tendecy to take longer for post-production.

I'm curious if they'll end-up using the recent script written by Michael Goldenberg (Green Lantern, Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix, Peter Pan, Artemis Fowl) or will look to Chris Terrio (Argo, Justice League, Batman v Superman) for rewrites. I feel like the studio would want Zack Snyder and Chris Terrio to add their touches to the script, to make sure it fits into the world they are creating for Justice League. There is also the possibility that producer Christopher Nolan could get involved with the casting of the film. Like he has with Man of Steel and getting Ben Affleck for the role of Batman.


October 23, 2014

Chiwetel Ejiofor And Sean Bean Join Ridley Scott's THE MARTAIN

Deadline is reporting that actor Chiwetel Ejiofor (12 Years A Slave, Children of Men) has landed a a part in Ridley Scott's The Martian. British badass Sean Bean (Game of Thrones, Patriot Games, Goldeneye, Lord of The Rings, Ronin) will also have a role in the sci-fi flick. The rest of the cast includes Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain, Kristen Wiig, Michael Pena, Kate Mara, Jeff Daniels and Donald Glover. I'm actually more excited for this project than the upcoming release of Exodus: Gods and Kings. 20th Century Fox has set the release date for November 25th, 2015.


Kevin Feige Shows-Up To Watch DOCTOR STRANGE Frontrunner Keanu Reeve Kick-Ass In JOHN WICK

We've seen a huge list of names attributed to Marvel's massive casting search for Doctor Strange. Names such as Ewan McGregor, Joaquin Phoenix, Jared Leto, Oscar Isaac, Keanu Reeves, Ethan Hawke, and the heat-magnet Matthew McConaughey (True Detective, Dallas Buyers Club, Interstellar). While this might seem like an overload of actors circling for one role, this was the same case for Marvel finding an actor to play both Steve Rogers (Captain America) and Peter Quill (Star-Lord).

They are being extremely tough with their casting, and are likely trying to find someone good enough to take on the the important role. It's been said that Stephen Strange will eventually replace Tony Stark as the face of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A huge feat and Marvel needs to make this casting choice perfect, or this concept might not work as they planned.

TheWrap is now stating the search might be two three frontrunners with a couple still in the race for the lead role. Colin Farrell fresh-off landing the lead in HBO's True Detective is the newest name added to the mix. Previously linked actor Benedict Cumberbatch makes comeback and newly resurrected action star Keanu Reeves is apart the group as well. However, it might seem like one of these gentleman is wooing Marvel a bit more.

Marvel's Kevin Feige actually showed-up to a screening of Keanu's latest flick John Wick, with the actor and director in attendance. Which is being strongly compared to the action-level of the original Matrix, earning a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes from early reviews. While it says a lot that Kevin would make such a public appearance to the film of an active casting candidate. It should be noted that Adrianne Palicki is also in the film, who takes the role of Avenger Mockingbird in the Agents of SHIELD series.

Palicki has confirmed there are plans for Bobbi to make the leap to films, which could mean she's already filmed scenes. It could be just the case of Kevin sporting one of his Marvel alumni. Another theory is that Keanu is actually the main frontrunner, and Feige wanted to see audience reaction to the film first-hand. Ever since it's screening at SXSW the buzz has been huge, and it continues to impress critics and moviegoers alike. This new life given to Reeve's recent foggy action career, could be the final bit of heat needed for him to land the role.

I've already suggested that Marvel work fast to get Wick director Chad Stahelski on a project, before other studios try to lock him into a franchise. This could also be the case of Feige trying to figure out if Chad would be a good fit at Marvel as well. Chad has gone from stuntman to second-unit director to feature director in such a small span of time, this kind of talent will be noticed by a major studio very soon. It's said that excellent word-of-mouth could see Wick earning a lot more than originally projected for it's opening weekend.

Keanu Reeves is actually one of the only actors candid about the process. Talking with Collider it actually sounded like this was the first time he had heard about being a fan-favorite for the role. This could have led to him getting his agent to talk to Marvel about the idea. Reeves is famously known for being against sequels, and a Marvel contract could scare him away. However, he recently mentioned on the Jimmy Kimmel Show that his favorite film experience was making the Matrix trilogy. Could this mean he's a bit more open to a franchise role, if he's sort of clued-in to the overall plan?

Let's not forget that Keanu Reeves has worked with Doctor Strange's director Scott Derrickson on The Day The Earth Stood Still.

Marvel Teasing BLACK PANTHER Villain In AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Trailer?

The trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron, leaked yesterday and it only took a couple of hours for Marvel to release the HD version. A very smart move on their part, and we can get closer looks at all the footage that is being shown. One frame is getting fans excited that the studio could already be teasing future films. In this case it's  Black Panther, some are saying this link could be the character that Andy Serkis (Dawn of The Planet of The Apes, King Kong, Star Wars Episode VII, The Hobbit, Lord of The Rings) is playing. You can see the creepy and stunning trailer below.

Fans are speculating that this flash of Andy Serkis is enough to figure-out who he's playing in the film. Pointing-out his fantastic Lincoln beard is extremely similar to that of Ulysses Klaw, a major supervillain in the Black Panther comics. I can't say he doesn't look like him, but we've seen misdirections by Marvel and Whedon before. While we do know that Wakanda (home of The Black Panther) will be making appearance in the sequel. There hasn't been any sign that T'Chaka or T'Challa will be showing-up. It looks like he's in some sort of prison uniform or maybe a kaki HYDRA outfit. Perhaps, apart of their African branch? We know that movie will head to South Africa, where Hulk fights the Hulkbuster.

The prison aspect and Serkis' long standing work with motion capture makes me believe he could also be playing a rebooted version of Emil Blonsky (sorry, Tim Roth). Andy's mo-cap company worked on the film and with actor Mark Ruffalo for his Hulk performances. It wouldn't be hard to see Ultron create his own version of the Masters of Evil, we already see seeds of this with Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver seemingly working alongside Ultron. I'm sure it's possible Ultron could gather other meta-humans good or bad to join his cause, including the Hulk-level villain Abomination (who is a canon member of the Masters of Evil). There had been rumblings for a while now, that the Masters of Evil would somehow feature in the film.

I will also point-out that Klaw is a member of the Masters of Evil, along with the established Advanced Idea Mechanics which was introduced in Iron Man 3.  The A.I.M. link could lead him to be involved with HYDRA. Since we've seen Baron Strucker revealed to be heading experiments, a villain who actually created A.I.M. as a splinter group of HYDRA. I wouldn't be too shocked to see Klaw working with Strucker, or running his own division of the terrorist group (perhaps, trying to get ahold of Wakandian technology for weapons?). Setting-up a villain for a future film via this sequel would be a great play by Marvel. Considering that younger Marvel audiences would be aware of Black Panther, thanks to the cartoons and comics. However, not so much with mostly obscure villain Klaw.

This tidbit would also suggest that Marvel Studios has found an actor to play T'Challa, our favorite Wakandian Avenger. There have been plenty of names who have put themselves into the mix or were rumored including Michael K. Williams (12 Years A Slave, Boardwalk Empire, The Wire, The Road, Kill The Messenger), Idris Elba (Pacific Rim, Thor, Luther), Chiwetel Ejiofor (Serenity, Children of Men, 12 Years A Slave), Denzel Washington (Equalizer, Training Day, Man on Fire), and John Boyega (Attack The Block, Star Wars Episode VII). However, it seems like the casting rumors halted once Chadwick Boseman (42, Gods of Eygpt, Get On Up) was reportedly a front-runner.

Do you think Marvel is about to announce plans for Black Panther?

October 22, 2014

Marvel Studios Needs To Consider Jane Goldman For CAPTAIN MARVEL

While Marvel is still playing the marketing-game of when to announce the rest of their Phase 3 and Phase 4 lineups. Warner Bros. and Sony have planted release dates for their female-led superhero projects. Warners aiming to release Wonder Woman in July 2017 and Sony giving their in-development Spider-Man spin-off (Spider-Woman/Black Cat?) a to-be-determined slot sometime in 2016.

Marvel's Kevin Feige has insisted in recent interviews there is active development on a Captain Marvel movie. The studio isn't seemingly ready to commit or announce this to the public officially. Behind closed doors we know that Marvel is developing the film, but it's unknown when they'll reveal their plans for it. Bloggers who have got a hold of the shooting script for Age of Ultron, have mentioned a cameo for her in the final scenes. It's possible the leak may cause the studio to cut the scene entirely, but rumor is it hasn't even been shot yet. I assume because they haven't hired/announced the actress for the role.

We know at the moment the Black Widow film is in limbo, and Scarlett Johansson might agree to join Warner Bros./Dreamworks Ghost In The Shell franchise. The project would spawn sequels if successful, the material lends itself to be serialized. Not giving Marvel much room if they did decide to make the Widow film happen. As her contract with Marvel expires soon, and her new contract with Shell (a reported $10M offer) could be a problem. This adds further fuel to the talk Marvel is going with Captain Marvel instead of a Black Widow movie.

I suggested earlier this week that Marvel would be smart to release Captain Marvel in their slot for November 2017. Mainly, because that month has served well for the Hunger Games franchise and could support a bigger film before the holiday event films in December. This would give over a year of room between Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel, should Marvel decide to make this a priority.

While I've been giving out many casting suggestions for the film. Emily Blunt being previously linked for the role and sounds like a safe bet. Blunt was original cast as Black Widow, exited Iron Man 2 and ever since Marvel has been trying to find a role for her.

In all the casting talk and bitching about the lack of announcements from Marvel. I don't think many are actually talking about who should actually write or direct this project. When Lexi Alexander suggested Jane Goldman to direct WB's Wonder Woman, I totally agreed. I've mentioned Jane for smaller comic book projects, but never for the big ones. Shockingly, it dawned on me that Jane could very well make an amazing Captain Marvel film too.

Jane Goldman (Stardust, The Woman In Black, The Debt, Pinocchio, Nonplayer, Miss Peregrine, Dan Leno And The Lighthouse Golem) is best known as a screenwriter, and the sometimes writing partner of director Matthew Vaughn. Her comic book writing credits include Kingsman: The Secret Service, Kick-Ass, X-Men: First Class and X-Men: Days of Future Past. I have to assume she might also get involved with scripting for other comic film projects such as Superior, Golden Age and Bloodshot. A seasoned writer of genre material, and has written some excellent female characters. The only thing that makes me lean toward Danvers over Diana, is Jane's humor and playful action scenes. I'm not actually sure the serious tone of the new DC Comics cinematic universe would be a good fit for her.

Besides writing a ton of scripts for comic book movies she lives with a comic book writer/creator. British television host Jonathan Ross is Jane's husband, and is well-known in the comic book community. He's created comics such as The Revenger,  Golden Age and Turf. I'm this shared interest is what's helped them both stay so creative. Ross' amazing BBC documentary Searching For Steve Ditko is still one of my favorite things ever covered about the community. With Doctor Strange about shoot at Marvel, I recommend learning a bit about one of the character's co-creators.

Goldman actually has a love and passion for comic book material. This is one of the key reasons why Joss Whedon's Avengers and James Gunn's Guardians of The Galaxy have made such splashes with audiences. They respect and also understand the original material. This is sort of why I believe she's a solid fit for a project at Marvel Studios. Sometimes when hired-guns are brought-in you can tell they don't really get the characters or even the world they are set in. Moving forward it would be nice to see Marvel tapping more people who are actually obsessed with their comics to make their movies.

We've seen that the better Marvel films have the directors also contributing as writers as well. I've been hearing for a while that Marvel is keen on having future directors being able to juggle both getting behind the camera, and also contributing to the script. Doctor Strange's Scott Derrickson might not end-up with writing credits on the film, but is an accomplished screenwriter and will have likely been working closely with Jon Spaihts (Prometheus, The Mummy). The Russo Brothers are also working hard with Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely to get Captain America 3 on the level of Winter Soldier and Avengers installments. Having Jane work together with another talented writer could echo her relationship with Matthew Vaughn.

The trades have reported that a Captain Marvel script exits over at Marvel, but we don't know who actually wrote it. It's rumored Guardians' Nicole Perlman may have written an early Captain Marvel outline for Marvel at some point. Marvel is known for using their writer's program to get early outlines, and then sending these off to potential directors/writers. The thought of a collaboration between Jane Goldman and Nicole Perlman is too good not to consider. Plus, having two female writers on one project would correct a lot of potential blunders, before they even happen.

Seeing Jane make the jump to director feels more natural than Roberto Orci, Frank Miller, Mark Millar or David S. Goyer. If, we're going to talk about writers who deserve shots to become features directors, Jane is good place to start. Working closely with director Matthew Vaughn on Stardust, Kick-Ass, X-Men: First Class and Kingsman. Obviously, she has the vision and passion needed to handle such a task, which you can clearly see with her writing. Jane's also been able to adapt novels into solid screenplays, so another reason why she would be a great choice.

October 16, 2014

Scarlett Johansson Wanted Badly For GHOST IN THE SHELL, Studio Offers Actress $10M

While Marvel Studios sleeps on the opportunity to make a Black Widow franchise. Other studios are taking advantage of Scarlett Johansson's rising action stardom. Lucy recently broke $400 million worldwide, beating the huge budgeted Hercules on opening weekend domestically. Even though, the French production cost $40 million to make.

Dreamworks wants Johansson baldy for their adaptation of the manga/anime Ghost In The Shell. Deadline reports the studio is offering the lead role, along with a $10 million payday. Margot Robbie was originally linked for the role, but could take a lead in Suicide Squad instead. An offer she would unlikely be getting from Marvel Studios. Her contract with Marvel is coming to an end, and it's unlikely the studio will want to re-up her contract. Knowing she would be asking for more money, and possibly her own feature.

Director Rupert Sanders (Snow White And The Hunstman, Live-Action Halo Commercials) has been tapped to direct Shell, and could become a launching-point for a very cool female-driven action franchise.


Will Smith And Tom Hardy Close To Signing-On For David Ayer's SUICIDE SQUAD..UPDATE: Margot Robbie Too!

THR was first to report that Warner Bros. was looking at Ryan Gosling, Will Smith, Tom Hardy and Margot Robbie for roles in Suicide Squad. The DC Comics film will be next installment of the DCU after the release of Batman v Superman. Deadline is now saying that Smith and Hardy are very close to signing-on, while their roles aren't being named. The film's script is undergoing a couple of rewrites, but is expected to go into production very soon. It's release date is set for August 6th, 2016, which means it will likely shoot during the spring and summer of next year.

UPDATE: Deadline has updated their original story, by adding that Margot Robbie is also close to signing-on. Robbie was attached to lead Ghost In The Shell, but Dreamworks has gone with another actress. She recently worked with Smith on the con-artist movie Focus. I'm curious if Will Smith might end-up taking the Deadshot part, while Hardy taking the roguish role of Harkness. 


Guillermo Says PACIFIC RIM 2 Shoots Later Next Year And Teases PACIFIC RIM 3

I think most will have to admit that even if Pacific Rim wasn't a perfect film it had a lot of heart and it's homage to monster films/anime was a good fit for it's director. The film might draw influence from other popular franchises, but at the end of the day it was an original movie. While the box office wasn't bonkers, the movie ended-up earning $411 million worldwide. Enough for Legendary Pictures to greenlight a sequel which is coming-out on April 7th, 2017.

While speaking with Collider, Guillermo del Toro gave some updates on the sequel. He confirms a draft is completed and the next couple of months will be dedicated to fine-tuning it before preproduction. Confirming production will begin in late 2015. I assume this means the production will be returning back to Pinewood Studios Toronto. The studio space where del Toro made the first film along with his recent horror flick Crimson Peak.

“We got the first draft of the movie now, and we are going to spend another 4-5 months on the screenplay before we start pre-production. We start pre-production next year in August-September and start shooting November-December next year.”

“some of your favorite characters come back, some others don’t because we have decided that we’re going to shoot ambitiously and say ‘Let’s hope we have three movies,’ so some characters come in at the end of the second, hoping that it will ramp up on the third one.”