February 4, 2015

'ROBOTECH' Live-Action Movie Brought Back From The Dead By Warner Bros.

Deadline is reporting that Warner Bros. is resurrecting the live-action Robotech film with 300 screenwriter Michael Gordon set to pen a new script. The project is based on the widely beloved anime series which has been circling Hollywood for ages.

It's possible that the renewed interest could stem from a mix of the success of Pacific Rim, which has since moved to Universal after Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. splitting-up.

Along with the largely positive reaction to Edge of Tomorrow which is also adapted from Japanese sci-fi source material. I'm curious if they'll put the amount of effort into the project as they did with Edge.

Not to mention Fox's amping-up the huge sci-fi genre with James Cameron's Avatar sequels that could feed the demand for more of these types of films to be made.

I've been hearing about a Robotech movie as long as I've been blogging which is almost a decade and this might be more of the same since every couple of years there's a new creative team announced. The team never getting too far and each time would go back into limbo.

Writers Akiva Goldsman (I Am Legend, A Beautiful Mind) and Lawarence Kasdan (Raiders of The Lost Ark, Empire Strikes Back, Force Awakens) trying to develop the film previously without anything to show for it.

I'll be trying my best to keep optimistic about this new development but we've been down this road many times before.

There's a bit of hope on my part to see Warner Bros. possibly turning these anime/manga films into one single cinematic universe which could include Edge, Robotech and even Akira. Of course, certain things would need to be tweaked to allow this to happen but might give the studio a strong reason to keep the Japanese roots to something like Akira instead of Americanizing it and whitewashing it's casting.