October 1, 2009

Transformers 3 (July 1st 2011)

It was only a matter of time but Michael Bay has announced the release date for the third installment of Transformers. It's also rumored that it will be the last time Bay will direct, although it's doubtful he'll leave. While the first film was somewhat passable the second film was a massive blunder. Failing to be a coherent film with script and dialog issues, most likely from the writer's strike. That didn't stop Bay or Universal to push forward with one of the most disappointing films of 2008. I can't expect this project to be good or bad at this point but it seems like Bay is trying to prove himself. I hope he at least brings us a good summer movie.

While it's expected that Shia will return. It's up in the air when it comes to Megan Fox. Fox has bad-mouthed Bay and Bay has done the same to Fox. It could be all a publicity stunt to boost DVD sales but it could also have Fox leave the franchise. I feel it's not a big loss for Fox, besides a payday. Fox gets fewer lines each installment and it could be hurting her career to stay. Bay is best known for having his actresses seen and not heard. I was surprised of Fox's first solo attempt with Jennifer's Body, it wasn't half bad. Bay would have us think this girl can only run and scream.

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