October 21, 2009

UPDATE: Mad Max 4: Fury Road (2011)

Director George Miller who has directed the three previous films is back for the fourth installment. The film will be made without Mel Gibson who is admittedly too old for the role. Originally rumored to be an animated film, until Miller revealed plans for it to be live-action. It makes sense now that post-apocalyptic films are popular again. Movies like I Am Legend, The Road and The Book of Eli are helping this return. ABC News in Australia is now reporting that filming will start on August 2010 in New South Wales.

E! Online is reporting that Charlize Theron could end up the female lead in the film. They also claim that Tom Hardy (Bronson) might be the new Max. ABC News is reporting that Sam Worthington (Clash of Titans) could play Max and Charlize Theron could also star. It makes sense that they'd look to cast an Australian in the Max role.

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