October 9, 2009

Films That Should Be Made: Jurassic Park 4

There has been talk of a fourth film ever since 2002. While there has been talk for years, nothing has come from it. It's been 8 years since the third film and I think fans still want more dinosaurs. I've given some thought to this project over the years and he are a few ideas.

Story Ideas

There seem to be really only a few ways to make another Jurassic Park. One seems to be simple enough but hasn't been talked about, a prequel. A film that shows the dinosaurs being created at site B and whatever disasters that happened there. Perhaps another prequel idea is that still focusing on site B but what could have happened with all the dinosaurs running around between the events of Jurassic Park and Lost World. One of the more bizarre ideas involves the military using the dinosaurs as soldiers, strapping lasers on them.

One of my ideas involves modern pirates who want to take dinosaurs off the island to sell on the black market. The pirates and mercenaries could be funded by criminal organizations or a rival company of InGen. A team of InGen mercenaries, similar to the ones in Lost World are sent in to stop them. This could be a great way to bring back Jeff Goldblum and Sam Neill.


Peter Jackson could be one of the only directors that could make this film a success. The only other directors I think could do this right is Ridley Scott or James Cameron. While Scott and Cameron are busy with many future projects. Jackson himself could take time between Tintin films to direct it. There is always the change Steven Speilberg could return to the franchise.

Oscar winning screenwriter William Monahan (Departed) apparently has written a draft for the film. Although, producers have been quoted as there isn't a script written. Monahan could adapt a great script from the unused material from the novels.

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