October 22, 2009

New Star Wars Trilogy In The Works?

MarketSaw is reporting a ridiculous rumor that there could be a new Star Wars trilogy in 3D . Sounds like wishful thinking to me, but I'm going to humor the idea. They also say that Lucas wouldn't direct that honor would be passed on to Steven Spielberg or Francais Ford Coppola. The Star Wars fan in me wants to believe this is possible but there are a lot of things restricting movement on new films. Mainly it's George Lucas himself and his stranglehold on the franchise. Unless Lucas allows people at his company to take over things this won't happen. I'm sure 20th Century Fox is doing all they can to get more films made.

First off I don't hate Steven Spielberg as a director but his last few movies haven't been up to par. War of The Worlds and Indiana Jones 4 were both rushed into production and felt like Spielberg was only there for the paychecks. That being said he's done a lot for genre film making with Jurassic Park and Indiana Jones. Spielberg is just too busy to jump onto another franchise. He has plans for directing Indiana Jones 5 and possibly could attach himself to Tintin 3 and Jurassic Park 4. Not to mention the many other future dramas he wants to make.

Francais Ford Coppola is a name beyond bizarre to attach to Star Wars, which makes me think this is a false rumor. Coppola has stuck to his guns lately making his own films like Youth Without Youth. While the idea of him jumping to an epic world of science fiction is more than thrilling, it's also very unlikely.

It might not happen now but it will happen in the future. While there has been a lot venom thrown on the prequel trilogy by fans, it was a big money maker for 20th Century Fox. The studio spent $343 million on production costs for all three films and made back 2.4 billion in box office. Not to mention the millions made on DVD sales. 20th Century Fox has been trying to find ways of getting more blockbuster films made. Their slump in the market was the reason for all the new X-Men films (Wolverine 2, Deadpool, First Class, X-Men 4). It's also the reason why they've given up on the Aliens Vs Predator films and gone back to make the solo films people want to see, with Predators and Ridley Scott's Alien Prequel. They've even gone to great lengths to find new franchises with James Cameron's Avatar, which could eventually become a trilogy. I don't believe that Lucas Arts/Films can't handle the extra load of a new trilogy, since I've seen the effort they've put into their recent video games.

Phantom Menace ($924.3 Million)
Attack of The Clones ($624 Million)
Revenge of The Sith ($848.7 Million)

My Thoughts On Possible Storylines

A trilogy that would focus on the Old Republic. It's my hope that they could revamp the whole franchise by focusing on a brand new set of characters using the Old Republic as it's inspiration. Having a massive war between both Jedi and Sith. Instead of having clones and drones doing the dirty work. I think the lamest part of the prequels was ILM's attempt of saving money by making identical drones and clones fight. Also the Sith needs to have a large army not hiding in the shadows, a real threat to the Jedi.

There is also a possibility of telling the story of the domination by the Empire and the beginnings of the Rebel Alliance. This could tell the stories of Vader and Starkiller, that were told in The Force Unleashed. I thought this story could be expanded into three films if done properly. It could also introduce us to the early members of the Rebel Alliance and a young Princess Leia.

There could be also a group of films that focus on the books that told the story of Luke and his resurrection of the Jedi, then his eventual move into the darkside. I wouldn't be surprised if they brought back Harrison Ford and Mark Hammel for it. Although, they'd have to work quickly they aren't getting any younger. There is also the possibility of just moving even further down that timeline and focusing on Luke and Solo's children.

There is also something that would be amazing if they could focus on the world of Bounty Hunters. A Boba Fett spin-off would be loved by fans. It would also be able to manage a smaller budget and wouldn't have to adhere to the previous mold of Star Wars films. Boba Fett is very popular and we've seen a lot of focus on the Jedi and Sith, Bounty Hunters are due.

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