October 14, 2009


Jon Favreau (Iron Man) has confirmed he won't be directing The Avengers, he's just too busy. It makes sense considering he's directing Cowboys & Aliens and could be working on Iron Man 3 afterward. That doesn't give him a lot of room to also take on Avengers. I have a feeling that Louis Leterrier (Clash of The Titans) will be asked to direct that's of course if he doesn't do Incredible Hulk 2 first.

Chris Pine (Star Trek) could be the next Jack Ryan in the new Sam Raimi (Spider-Man 4) directed sequel. Ryan has been portrayed previously by Alec Baldwin and Harrison Ford.

Gary Ross (Pleasantville) was rumored to be directing Venom but it seems he's attached to another project. He'll be taking over for Steven Spielberg on a new Matt Helm film.

Dj Caruso's (Eagle Eye) next film will focus on the true life story of counterfeiter Art Williams. Based on the novel The Art of Making Money by Jason Kersten. Chris Pine (Star Trek) is rumored to be in talks to play Williams.

Rashida Jones' (I Love You Man) comic Frenemy has been optioned at Universal. Jones who co-wrote the comic will also co-write the screenplay.

Mastodon will do the score/soundtrack for Jonah Hex. It's a bit odd considering Hex is a period piece western. It will be interesting if they'll do it acoustically or keeping it modern sounding.

Anvil! the Canadian heavy metal band who's documentary has been blowing away audiences this year, will appear in The Green Hornet.

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