October 8, 2009

Spierig Brothers' Captain Blood

The brothers are best known for directing the Australian zombie film Undead. Their newest film Daybreakers is getting rave reviews at the festival circuit. It's even got me excited again to see a vampire movie. I think the last two vampire films I enjoyed were Underworld and Blade 2. I'm expecting the film is going to a massive hit when it's released in January. Now they are remaking the classic film Captain Blood for Warner Brothers.

The greatest aspect is that they are setting it in space rather than on the high seas. I'm sure that the idea is to compete with both John Carter of Mars and the reboot of Flash Gordon. Two other high profile films that will mix science fiction with the swashbuckling genre. It would be amazing to have a film about space pirates.

Casting Thoughts

I would assume that this film will also be shot in Australia and I could see Australian actors cast. Simon Baker (Land of The Dead, Red Planet) and Isabel Lucas (Daybreakers, Red Dawn, The Pacific) would make great leads.

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