October 12, 2009


Bryan Singer has officially stated he'd love to return to the X-Men franchise. There had been rumors of this but it actually came out of his mouth. He also mentioned his love for Hugh Jackman and the rest of the original cast. There are currently a bunch of possible films he could helm the most likely are Wolverine 2 and X-Men 4. I think that he could be easily talked into doing Wolverine 2. It's appearent since Christopher McQuarrie is writing it. The two have worked previously together on Usual Suspects and Valkyrie. He's also mentioned X-Men: First Class, although writer Zack Penn has mentioned his ambitions to direct that project. Deadpool is also a possible project but that seems something too far from the X-Men characters for Singer. Singer is attached to Jack The Giant Killer, Battlestar Galacitca and Excalibur, so it sounds like this might be either down the line or very soon.

David Tennant (Dr. Who) will star alongside Simon Pegg in John Landis' Burke & Hare.

Frank Miller has plans on offering Gerard Butler (300) a role in Sin City 2/Sin City 3. The project seems to be in limbo and any talk of it sounds like wishful thinking. Yet, having Gerard Butler in a Robert Rodriguez film would be a dream come true. Butler joins other exciting casting teases such as Johnny Depp as Wallace and Angelina Jolie as Ava Lord.

While Machete is in post-production we have yet to see any promotional material. You'd think we would get an official poster or some stills. Considering the overwhelming stuff we got for Planet Terror/Grindhouse. Luckily, Bloody-Disgusting got some shots of Tom Saviani in costume from the film. The images also confirm he is in the film, his involvement was rumored at one point. Savini is best known for creature/special effects he's also starred in Rodriguez's Planet Terror and From Dusk Till Dawn.

20th Century Fox is making another Moses film but are using 300 as it's inspiration for style and action scenes.

Angelina Jolie (Salt) could be replacing Charlize Theron in The Tourist.

Sam Raimi's Ghost House Pictures has hired director Neil Marshall (Centurion) to helm Burst. A new 3D horror film that focuses on group of people who oddly start to burst into pieces.

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