October 9, 2009

Red (2011)

The adaption will be directed by Robert Schwentke (Time Travelers Wife) and will be written by Jon/Erich Hoeber (Whiteout). The project sounds interesting enough having Willis running around and shooting a lot of people. Let's hope it's a solid R type film because from what I've seen the comic is similar to Wanted with it's violent content. When violent comics are watered down they don't do very well and anger comic fans.

"As a C.I.A. operative, Paul Moses’s unique talent for killing took him around the world, from one hotspot to another, carrying out the deadly orders of his superiors. And when he retired, he wanted to put his bloody past behind him. But when a new administration takes over the White House, the powers that be decide that Moses knows too much, forcing him back into the game against the agency that trained him."

Bruce Willis will star as Paul Moses with Morgan Freeman alongside him. The two last were seen together in Lucky Number Slevin, and neither are strangers to comic book films. Willis has starred in adaptations such as Sin City and Surrogates. Freeman has also done his time in the comic book genre as well with Wanted and the recent Batman films.

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