October 18, 2009

UPDATE: Kane & Lynch (2010-2011)

Based on the video game "Kane & Lynch: Dead Men" the new ultra violent video game from the developers of "Hitman".The script was written by Kyle Ward, who also wrote Hitman 2 and Frisco Heights for Platinum Dunes. So hopefully they're making this as dark and violent as the game. The producers confirmed that the film will start shooting in the spring. The film really needs to be as violent and gritty as the game or there could be a large backlash from fans, like what happened with Max Payne and Hitman.

"Kane is an ex-mercenary on his way to death row. His last job was a disaster that saw his team getting (persumably) killed while he ran off with a fortune in diamonds and was soon caught by the authorities. Suddenly, his prison bus crashes, a massive shootout begins between the guards and the escaping convicts, and he is helped to his feet by Lynch. The look in Lynch's eyes and the sadistic smile on his face tell Kane that he is not a friend and this is not a rescue: it's a kidnapping. The crash is quickly revealed to have been a clever ambush. The surviving members of Kane's old team have caught up with him. In the aftermath of the shootout with the guards, they offer both men a deal: Kane and Lynch must team up and recover the fortune that Kane stole. If Kane accepts the deal, he will still die for his treason but his wife and daughter will be spared. If the demented and schizophrenic Lynch agrees to watch over Kane on behalf of the organization, he gets Kane's old job in their ranks. "

Simon Crane was originally rumored to helm the film, he's worked on The Surrogates and X-Men 3. Director Jieho Lee was last in talks to direct the film. Lee is best known for his somewhat critical hit The Air I Breathe.


Bruce Willis (Die Hard) has been confirmed as playing Kane.

Mickey Rourke (Iron Man 2, Expendables) and Billy Bob Thornton have been rumored for the role of Lynch. The producers at the 2009 Scream Awards red carpet didn't give a name but said the actor is British. I'm sure the casting information will be released very soon.

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