October 21, 2009

Just Cause (2011)

Producer Adrian Askarieh seems to have a great relationship with Eidos Interactive. The game company best known for The Tomb Raider and Hitman franchises. Askarieh has been the man behind the Hitman and upcoming Kane & Lynch/Hitman 2 films. He's now adapting one of the lesser known games that is just releasing it's second installment next year. The film will be made independently and could start shooting in the spring. Developers of the game say the main character the Scorpion is a mix between Bond, Bourne, Wolverine and Rambo. The game revolves around missions carried out by a deadly CIA black ops assassin code-named the Scorpion, who specializes in regime changes while battling pirates, mercenaries and rogue agents.

Casting Thought

I think Freddy Rodriguez (Planet Terror) would make a great Scorpion.

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