October 9, 2009

Gravel (2011-2012)

Legendary Pictures are known for amazing genre films like 300, Watchmen, Dark Knight, Batman Begins and Superman Returns. They are also made upcoming films like Ninja Assassin, Clash of The Titans, Where The Wild Things Are, Jonah Hex, Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch and Christopher Nolan's Inception. Gravel will be alongside other films in development such as Warcraft and Gears of War. The supernatural comic is a mix of Constantine, X-Files, Bourne and Bond.

"A unique book of magic once existed, filled with such extraordinary and arcane spells, supernatural rites and inherent power that its possessor would be either unequaled, or driven irrevocably insane. Recently unearthed, the Sigsand Manuscript has been divided into six pieces and distributed among the Minor Seven, Britain’s great Occult Detectives. With the Sigsand in their grasp, the Seven now wield more power than they were ever meant to possess… And William Gravel is not happy about it. Once a member of their Order but unceremoniously replaced within their ranks, the SAS Sergeant Major and Combat Magician is on a mission of revenge, redemption and quite possibly rebirth, as he takes on the members of the Minor Seven one-by-one… And God help each of Gravel’s former colleagues should they decide not to relinquish their sections of the Sigsand to the one man who might have the supernatural skills and restraint to use the reconstituted manuscript without accidentally destroying the Earth in the process. They all promised to use the unholy power wisely, but Gravel knows they are all Bloody Liars!"

Casting Thought

I think Kevin McKidd (Rome) could make an excellent William Gravel. He was one of the most wanted actors for the role of Thor by fans. It's only a matter of time before McKidd becomes a big name in action films.

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