January 10, 2011

Possible First Look At Red Skull Concept Art

While it seems like a Captain America trailer is around the corner CBM has posted possible concept artwork of Hugo Weaving's Red Skull. It could very well be artwork from the toys as it's similar to the previous Thor and Cap artwork that leaked. On the other hand since it hasn't been confirmed it very well could be fan made.

 The costumes look in line with Cap's and do backup previous claims that Hydra will replace Nazis as the film's villains. Hence no Nazi emblems on the uniforms but still have a very SS look to them. I'm not sure if it's smart on the part of Marvel if they're allowing this sort of concept artwork to be the only stuff that is floating online.

Previously a bunch of concept artwork from the video game Captain America: Super Solider hit online. It teased what Arnim Zola and Viper possibly could look like if two make the film. We know that Tobey Jones is playing Zola and is featured in one of the film's stills. On the other hand it hasn't been confirmed if the doctor would make the transformation to what the artwork shows. Also, Viper has yet to be confirmed for the film but looks fantastic in the artwork.

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