January 21, 2011

RUMOR: Tron 3 Greenlit & Teaser Trailer On Blu Ray?

Tron fansite Tron-Sector reports that Tron 3 is moving forward and the Blu Ray release of Tron Legacy will include a teaser trailer for it. I would dismiss this type of rumor but it does make sense when director Joseph Kosinski is involved. The one reason it's possible is that Disney moved forward with hiring screenwriters to work on the second film during post-production of Legacy. Kosinski famously shot his own test footage which ended up being shown at Comic-Con before the film had even start it's production. It also isn't out of the question that Disney commissioned bridge scenes that never made the final film. The studio only said they would commit to another sequel if the returns were good. Legacy has just made over $300 Million worldwide so it's been profitable. Not including it's video game, merchandise and DVD/Blu Ray sales.

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