March 31, 2011

Epic Hangover 2 Trailer

Drew Pearce Hired To Write Iron Man 3

Deadline has word that Marvel Studios has found a writer to start working on the script for Iron Man 3. Drew Pearce who had been tapped to write the Runaways for Marvel Studios previously will work on the script. When Shane Black (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) was announced as the director it was expected he would get double duty as the films writer as well since he created the Lethal Weapon franchise.

FIRST LOOK: Jeremy Renner & Gemma Arterton In Costume From Hansel & Gretel

Collider (via AccidentalSexiness) has the first look of the costumes worn by Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton in Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters. It confirms that the retelling of the fairy tale will indeed be a period piece.

Chloe Moretz Joins Tim Burton's Dark Shadows

Yet another impressive addition to Tim Burton's Dark Shadows which stars Johnny Depp. Deadline reports Chloe Moretz (Hugo Cabret) has joined the film based on the horror soap opera. Chloe is becoming known for taking roles beyond her years as she was previously seen in Kick-Ass and Let Me In. She will play the daughter of Michelle Pfeiffer's character. As the cast grows the more I have to Burton another chance. Even if I feel his last couple of films have been phoned in.

March 30, 2011

Paul Giamatti Wants To Play Rhino In A Spider-Man Movie

Tuesday night on Conan actor Paul Giamatti (Sideways) confesses he's campaigning to play The Rhino in a Spider-Man movie professing his affection for the brute villain. Currently The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is under going script development so there is a possibility of the Rhino making an appearance. There have been rumors ever since Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 4 that the Sinister Six a group of villains that come together to kill Spider-Man could be involved in a two part film. The Rhino being a member could give a reason to finally include him. Other members include Green Goblin, Doc Oc and Sandman which are expected to return in future films.

Zack Snyder Confirms His Superman & Nolan's Batman Won't Be In Justice League, Will Have It's Own Takes On The Heroes

HeyUGuys was able to ask director Zack Snyder a Justice League question during the UK premiere of Sucker Punch. They asked how his Superman would fit into DC's answer to the Avengers. Zack stated that both his take on Superman and along with Nolan's Batman won't be involved. They will have a separate take on the heroes.

"It doesn’t. Like what Chris Nolan is doing and what I’m doing with Superman, what they’ll do with Justice League will be it’s own thing with it’s own Batman and own Superman. We’ll be over here with our movie and they kinda get to do it twice which is kinda cool."

It's unknown if Ryan Reynolds' Green Lantern will be included or not. This could give a clue on purposed Batman reboot. That it might still be set in the Gotham City Christopher Nolan has created. There is also the possibility that the established cast could stay in the roles.

Geoffrey Rush Will Voice Tomar-Re In The Green Lantern

HeroComplex has the official announcement that Geoffrey Rush (King's Speech) has signed on to Green Lantern. Rush is best known to audiences as Captain Barbarossa in the Pirates of The Caribbean franchise now in it's fourth installment. He will voice Green Lantern Tomar-Re who is another one of Hal Jordon's instructors. Previously there had been word that Michael Clarke Duncan was in talks to voice Kilowog. These won't be the only voice actors added to the cast as there are plenty of Lanterns and aliens that will need a voice.

Could David Yates Direct The Al Capone Film Cicero?

Deadline also has word that David Yates is interested in directing the Al Capone film Cicero. The film written by Walon Green (Wild Bunch) would be an origin chronicling the early days and rise to power of a young Capone. Yates is best known for directing a large bulk of the Harry Potter films and now that Deathly Hollows Part 2 could be looking for something non-fantasy based to make.

Sean Penn & Ryan Gosling Could Join Ruben Fleischer's Gangster Squad

Deadline reports that offers have gone out to Sean Penn and Ryan Gosling to star in Ruben Fleischer's (Zombieland, 30 Minutes Or Less) Gangster Squad. Penn would play the notorious L.A. gangster Mickey Cohen and Ryan could play the role of one of the two officers who try to bring him down. The Warner Bros. film could start production in the fall. Gosling recently signed up with the studio to star in lead of the Logan's Run remake.

Bryan Cranston Will Play Villain In Total Recall Reboot

HeatVision reports that Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) has been cast as the villain in Len Wiseman's Total Recall remake starring Colin Farrell. Cranston has been getting some prime roles in interesting films such as Drive, Contagion and John Carter of Mars. They also reveal the Mars-less synopsis which seems like it's more of retelling of another iconic science fiction story not written by Dick.

"The new story involves nation states Euromerica and New Shanghai, with Douglas Quaid (Farrell) a factory worker in the latter who begins to believe he is a spy, although he doesn’t know for which side. Cranston would play Vilos Cohaagen, the leader of Euromerica who, under the cover of protecting his people, is secretly readying an invasion of New Shanghai."

David Gordon Green Hopes Suspiria Remake Is Next, Natalie Portman Not Involved?

Writer/director David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express, Your Highness, The Sitter) talked to ThePlaylist about the possibility of Natalie Portman still being involved with the Suspiria remake. David says he'd rather work with a group of unknowns and that Portman might be too old to play a high school girl. He also confirmed to MovieLine that he wants to use the original haunting score by Goblin. While I'm in the belief Dario Argento's Suspiria is ripe for a remake it's even better that David Gordon Green is the person behind it.

“I want an unknown cast, and I think she’s a little too old for it. My version isn’t necessarily about ballet, it’s more of an all-girls boarding school, so I think she’s probably too old to pass for a high school-er. I don’t think it will have names, but hopefully it will be at a studio. Because I definitely enjoy having a movie that gets marketed that people go to see. But there’s no greater passport. ‘Suspiria’ is a great reason to move to Germany, hang out there for awhile, discover some new European cast members, find something scary."

"I'm trying to put it together to shoot in the fall or winter next year... I just finished a new draft of the script. It's very faithful to the original, although it doesn't have anything to do with ballet — it's more of an all-girls boarding school and focuses more on the occult."

"'I think it's something that's very closely inspired by Argento's original movie, Green said, 'and I think fans of that movie will see that we're taking those concepts — and in some cases those scenes, and in some cases those exact shots and dialogue —and expanding on it and making it very artful. And hopefully, horrifying.'"

“We got the rights to the Goblin score, so we’re going to use that. Steve Jablonsky, who did the score for Your Highness, is incredible. So I would love to see what he would do with the Goblin music. We could start in a very faithful, synthesizer kind of world of music that Goblin does in the original film, and by the end of it turn that score into a huge opera, which would be incredible.”

FIRST LOOK: The Sitter

March 29, 2011

Hugh Jackman Confirms The Wolverine Moving Forward

SuperheroHype and CinemaBlend were able to speak with Hugh Jackman during some early promotion for Real Steel at CinemaCon. The actor/producer of The Wolverine commented on the film and their search for a director. He also gives the impression Fox is currently still looking into when they can start shooting in Japan. The majority of the film is expected to shoot in the country.

"So now we’re out looking for a director. We were pretty much ready to go. The script is fantastic — the best we’ve ever had, which is why it attracted Darren in the first place. His personal situation precludes him from doing it now, and I feel for him. But now we need to find a director.....We’re not going to settle. We’re going to find a director as good as Darren, if not better. Well, as good. Everyone is still pushing forward to getting it done."

"We need to find another director and once we've found that, we'll be able to know. It's too early to call on Japan [where the majority of filming will take place], I'm not sure where they're at, so now we're finding another director....Fox is very anxious to make the movie and we're moving ahead full steam to find another director."

Producer Lauren Shulder Donner also recently commented on the film during her interview with Empire Magazine. Giving the impression it will be a true Wolverine film and there won't be forced mutant cameos.

"It will have depth and a dramatic backbone. And yet there's more action in this one than in any one we've ever done. It's such a good script. We have the great Christopher McQuarrie writing and it's very true to the Japanese saga. This is Logan on his own..."

I think it would be a great boost for the film industry over there to have a production like The Wolverine shot there. Hopefully his talk of a director as good as Aronofsky isn't just lip-service as many fans are under the impression that Darren left over creative issues. If they do look into directors like Matt Reeves and Duncan Jones I'd be happy. The statement of a director as good as Darren would give me the idea that David Fincher or someone on his level could be looked into.

Justice League & Wonder Woman Films In The Works

Along with the news of a reboot for Batman Warner Bros' Jeff Robinov also spoke out on other DC hero projects. He confirms that script a for a new Justice League film is currently in the works. It's unknown if this a completely new take or a reworking of the previous script for George Miller's Justice League of America that got scrapped. What is known that Christopher Nolan will likely be involved as he is producing both the Superman and Batman reboots. I wouldn't be shocked to see him also producing Justice League and other future DC films. As it sits Ryan Reynolds and Henry Cavill seem like the only actors set for the film.

He also confirms that The Flash and Wonder Woman are still in development.  Last we heard of Wonder Woman there was a version in the works with Joss Whedon directing and Joel Silver producing. It's possible it could be a different take and be reworked to fall in a similar world of the new films. It's great news as fans have reservations of the new Wonder Woman television series which looks like it could end up really bad. Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive, Pusher Trilogy, Bronson, Logan's Run) had openly campaigned to direct a gritty Wonder Woman film and now that he's directing Warner Bros' Logan's Run it's strong possibility he could be hired. As for Flash,  script had been delivered to the studio back in December but no director has been announced.

Of course this sounds in line with previous talk of the DC heroes taking over for the Harry Potter franchise. So I expect we could be seeing two DC films a year one in the summer and one during the Christmas season. Not mentioned is the fate of the Green Arrow film Supermax written by David S. Goyer (Superman: Man of Steel, Nolan's Batman Films, Blade) or the rumored Aquaman project. If they are on the road of a Justice League film they really should put Supermax back in development as Green Arrow would be needed to ground the film slightly as he doesn't have superpowers. One thing that grounds the Avengers is the fact that characters like Hawkeye, Black Widow, Maria Hill and Nick Fury don't have superpowers but are still great heroes.

Warner Bros. Rebooting Batman After Dark Knight Rises & Nolan Will Produce

This was expected but it hasn't been confirmed until now. Warner Bros' Jeff Robinov confirmed to HeroComplex that after The Dark Knight Rises the studio will reboot the character so that it can be included in a Justice League film. The surprising part is that Christopher Nolan and his wife/partner Emma Thomas will be contributing as producers and I assume also as character consultants. It would fall in line with their involvement with the new Superman reboot. There is no word if Christian Bale will reprise the role in the reboot but it's very likely to keep the Nolan films seperate they will recast. This could also open the door for Robin and Batgirl to return along with the colorful rouges gallery that could never be in a Nolan film.

"Batman will continue to be a centerpiece property beyond next year’s 'The Dark Knight Rises' and Nolan’s departure from the franchise. "We have the third Batman, but then we’ll have to reinvent Batman." Asked whether that meant he wanted to reinvent or possibly even reboot the character, Robinov answered assertively: "I do. Chris Nolan and [producing partner and wife] Emma Thomas will be producing it, so it will be a conversation with them about what the next phase is."

Michael Clarke Duncan In Talks To Voice Kilowog In Green Lantern, Post-Production Problems?

While Warner Bros. is trying to do damage control over the slow post-production that is killing the marketing for Green Lantern. As the second full trailer will have a late showing online at the end of April. Which seems pushing it along with the poster and still campaign being a massive let down. Compared to it's competition of Thor, Captain American, Cowboys & Aliens and even X-Men First Class, they're lagging as the film isn't fresh in people's minds. Even I don't remember the last time I posted exciting news concerning the film.

There is an update from LatinoReview concerning a last minute addition of Michael Clarke Duncan in talks to voice Hal Jordon's alien drill instructor Kilowog. Clarke Duncan has a excellent gruff voice fitting the role perfectly. He was actually was one of the better voice actors in Kung Fu Panda playing the head of the Rhino guards. His addition to the cast would be another step in the right directing as Kilowog would be expected to be featured in the sequels as Warner Bros. is aiming for a trilogy. A script for Green Lantern 2 had been handed into the studio back in December.

Treat Williams Could Join The Dark Knight Rises

Treat Williams (Once Upon A Time In America, 127 Hours) very well could be joining The Dark Knight Rises. He talked to ZapIt2 confirming he has been in talks but it could conflict with another project. Yet he very well could end up be in the film in the end. It's not uncommon for Nolan to hire older film icons for his films Rutger Hauer (Batman Begins), Eric Roberts (Dark Knight) and Tom Berenger (Inception) were previously cast in supporting roles.

March 28, 2011

New Thor IMAX Poster

Actors Confirmed For Oliver Stone's Savages, Actresses Start Testing For Lead

Oliver Stone's drug-themed crime thriller Savages is looking very promising. Universal has picked up the film and now is testing actresses for the role of O, the kidnapped friend of the two pot growers. After Jennifer Lawrence left to star in Gary Ross' Hunger Games. Deadline confirms that Aaron Johnson, Taylor Kitsch and Benicio Del Toro are locked in while Salma Hayek is still in talks. They also say that along with Olivia Wilde (Tron Legacy, Cowboys & Aliens) testing for the female lead is Abbie Cornish (Sucker Punch, A Good Year). Variety adds that Blake Lively (Green Lantern, The Town) and Teressa Palmer (I Am Number Four) are also in the mix.

New Hangover 2 Poster

New Character Posters From Thor

Empire's X-Men First Class Covers

Hardy, Bulter, Statham, Oldman & Neeson Being Courted For The Professionals

Deadline reports Lionsgate UK has gained the rights to the British television show The Professionals. It will be an an origin story, showing how ex-Spec Ops mercenary Bodie and counter-terrorism detective Doyle unite to work for covert UK security unit CI5. Currently the studio is looking for a director while they've been talking with Tom Hardy, Gerard Bulter, Jason Statham, Gary Oldman and Liam Neeson for roles.

Quentin Tarantino's Slave-Themed Western "A Southern" Next

Uma Thurman has a special relationship with Quentin Tarantino as together they came up with the concept for the Kill Bill films. So if anyone would know what is next for Tarantino it would be her as Kill Bill 3 is currently in development with Uma returning. Uma talked to HollywoodOutbreak giving confirmation that the script for his slave-themed western A Southern is finished. It was previously announced that Tarantino had a western film in the works with a script soon to be completed and would start production within the year. It was rumored to be shooting on location in Spain and Italy.

“I think he has a script ready to start of a new film, ‘A Southern’, I think it’s really exciting. It’s another new story and a fresh piece of material that he is channeling at the moment. So I think ‘Kill Bill’ lives down the road.” 

A Southern was previously talked up by Tarantino as a slave-themed Spaghetti Western.  It also sounds similar to his Inglourious Basterds prequel focusing on a group of African-American soldiers. I expect this film could be a mix of both projects involving a group of black heroes taking down slave owners and the Klan. Christoph Waltz has been rumored for a role so if this is true he very well could end up in another villainous role.

"I want to explore something that really hasn't been done....I want to do movies that deal with America's horrible past with slavery and stuff but do them like spaghetti westerns, not like big issue movies. I want to do them like they're genre films, but they deal with everything that America has never dealt with because it's ashamed of it, and other countries don't really deal with because they don't feel they have the right to."

"I'd like to do a Western. But rather than set it in Texas, have it in slavery times. With that subject that everybody is afraid to deal with. Let's shine that light on ourselves......You could do a ponderous history lesson of slaves escaping on the Underground Railroad. Or, you could make a movie that would be exciting. Do it as an adventure. A spaghetti Western that takes place during that time. And I would call it A Southern."

Lauren Shulder Donner Talks Deadpool, Will Be Faithful R-Rated Comedy & Renyolds Still In

X-Men producer Lauren Shulder Donner also talked to Empire about their spin-off Deadpool. She confirms that they are currently looking for a director. Also the film is an R-rated comedy that will be a complete reboot and could take shots at the fan-hated version seen in Wolverine. This confirms previous statements made by Daredevil director David Slade that Fox was looking for comedy directors to make Deadpool. Lauren gives the impression that the studio is willing to wait for Ryan Reynolds and he's very involved with the film's script.

"We're looking for a director, yes. He’s very involved, Ryan. He’s working with the writers on the screenplay and it is as much as it is ours....mindful of Reynolds' ever-growing logjam of work, added that the film would shoot in the next year or so."

"We’re either going to pretend that didn’t happen or mock it, which he could. It’s insane, it’s definitely comedy, but it’s an R script, it’s really irreverent and violent. Right away, we’re out of the X-Men world...I'm tellin' ya, it's true to the comic. You’ll see all of them. You’ll see Wade Wilson, the good-looking Ryan Reynolds! You’ll see Deadpool in his costume and you’ll see the cancer-scarred face."

Lauren Shulder Donner Confirms Treatments For X4 & X5

It looks like 20th Century Fox is pushing their X-Men franchise into high gear. As producer Lauren Shulder Donner confirms to Empire that the studio loved their treatment for X4 and X5. Giving the impression the two films are connected as they lead into each other and would likely be a package deal.

I wouldn't be shocked to see Bryan Singer return for another shot at the X-Men franchise. He's already been talking up returning and previously had regrets for not doing X3/First Class. If Singer does come on board I wouldn't be shocked to see X4 and X5 shot back to back as it would be a . It would make sense for Fox to wait until both Bryan Singer and Hugh Jackman are finished with their other projects. The earliest production could start seems like late summer or fall of next year. Currently there isn't an announced writer working on either film's script.

March 27, 2011

Amy Adams Will Be Lois Lane In Superman: Man of Steel!

HeroComplex has the exclusive that Amy Adams (The Fighter) will play Lois Lane in Zack Snyder's Superman: Man of Steel. Adams is an interesting choice as the feisty redhead has been Oscar nominated three times. It's a massive step up from the previous Lois who had been played by Kate Bosworth.

It was recently mentioned that Superman could be shooting on location in Chicago in August. There has also been talk from Zack that this could be his most realistic film including Dawn of The Dead. This could mean that this very well could be the most grounded take on Superman we've ever seen. I wouldn't be shocked to see his powers given a limit and the threats more real world.

March 26, 2011

EDITORIAL: 5 Science Fiction Films That Could Use A Prequel/Reboot

 A new trend lately has been prequels and reboots it first started with Batman Begins giving us the untold origins of Batman. Currently science fiction has been the new genre to get a new wave of prequels and reboots. The Thing, Robocop, Total Recall and a somewhat connected Alien prequel are all getting made. So I figured I'd give my opinion on some science fiction films that could use either a prequel or reboot.

SCREAMERS: It's one of the lesser known Philip K. Dick adaptions yet it's one that could be either remade or given a prequel and still be equally as interesting. Screamers focuses on a waring group of industrial colonists that have been fighting each other for years on a distant planet. One side decides on creating a super lethal robot that would only attack when it locates a heartbeat. In the film there is talk of a massive war that included the use of nukes. While the isolation thriller works on it's own a backtrack to the origins of the war and the introduction to the Screamers could be worth visiting. As the original film didn't actually show much of the fighting between the two sides likely due to the limited budget. There are also chilling stories told by characters of the evolved Screamers infuriating bunkers and massacring units which could be explored.

ALIENS:  I'm a die hard fan of Aliens and my favorite parts involve the cut scenes of colony that were in the director's cut. A Hadley's Hope prequel could give more insight of what actually happened with Newt's family and the horror show that she must have endured. I think it would be interesting to see the colony slowly taken over by a horde of aliens with limited weapons. The ending would be predictable but I still think there could be some thrills. I figure if 20th Century Fox was aiming for two Alien prequels an Aliens prequel wouldn't out of the question. If this was made a couple of years ago Chloe Moretz would have made a decent Newt. 

BLADE RUNNER: There has been buzz ever since the Blade Runner rights have been picked up for a new film. While I'm almost completely against a Blade Runner sequel, a prequel could be amazing. Picking up where the replicants staged an off-world revolution could be an intriguing story. It wouldn't even need to feature Roy Batty but could show how miserable the life of a replicant is off-world where they are treated like slaves.

JURASSIC PARK: Universal has been trying for years to make Jurassic Park 4 and has yet to crack a solid story. Well it's tough to come up with ideas of why people would be trapped on the remote island. A prequel set on Isla Sorna (Site B) could be way to solve this problem as we don't really know what happened there when the park was shut down on Isla Nublar. Perhaps they went through a similar problem with the island's security measures. This would take place before the events of The Lost World. I could see a group stranded group of scientists, crew/locals and game wardens fighting off dinosaurs and trying to get off the island. It would also remove the need to involve a child and end up more of a thriller in the end.

STARSHIP TROOPERS: Starship Troopers setups an exciting bug filled universe and needs to be explored again. Most will remember it for the film's graphic violence and campy nature. Yet it's one of the only films of it's kind, as it's an alien invasion movie where we are the destructive invaders. The film is littered with older soldiers already maimed from previous battles. I think instead of another direct-to-DVD sequel they could totally reboot the franchise and show how the war was started.


James Gunn Open To Making A Marvel Film, Could It Be Deadpool?

LatinoReview was able to speak with James Gunn while he was promoting Super. They posed the question if Gunn would ever consider making a film based on a Marvel character.

"Yeah, I mean there's a lot of things that I would like to do and I've even talked to people about it. I've had discussions with Marvel, even from the beginning of the career. I remember being offered to write 'Fantastic Four' ten years ago or some that I didn't do. If something inspired me I would.

"A lot of things I'm attracted to may not be may not be the most popular superheroes in the world and so it's just a matter of finding the right project. But I would do it if it was something that inspired me. You never know, some morning I could wake up with an idea in my head for anything and it could be a western, a comedy, a superhero movie, a melodrama and that's what will take me over for that day.

"I don't think my next movie is going to be an ultra-low budget movie like 'Super,' but I don't think -- I love doing it, I'm happy I did it, but if I do it again for another year I think it might kill me. So I think I'm going to do something with a little bit of a bigger budget, more of an entertaining pop-show and that's what I plan on doing next."

The interesting part of this whole thing is that Fox had interest in him writing Fantastic Four. I would be inclined to believe he could be hinting at the Fantastic Four reboot. That project has yet to announce either a writer or direct and Gunn is a double package. I'd also be in the mind set if Fox is indeed looking for a comedy director to make Deadpool Gunn would be an excellent choice. There has also been talk of the studio making a film based on Taskmaster with Joe Carnahan (A-Team, Smokin' Aces) attached to direct. He's a super villain who has amazing photographic muscle memory and can mimic any fighting techniques just by witnessing them.

20th Century Fox has recently embraced more artistic directors for their superhero films. Hiring James Gunn for any of them would be a step in the right direction wether it's a reboot, new hero or a spin-off. There have been rumblings of Fox trying to have all their new Marvel films set in the same universe similar to what Marvel Studios has done with their superhero films.

Armie Hammer Joins Tarsem Singh's Snow White & Saoirse Ronan Could Play The Lead

Things are heating for Tarsem Singh's (The Fall, The Immortals) The Brothers Grimm: Snow White as Deadline reports on some casting updates. They confirm that Armie Hammer (Social Network) has been cast as the Prince and Saoirse Ronan (Hanna, Atonement) is talks for Snow White. It's great news as the only previous casting was an odd choice of Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen. If Saoirse takes the part it would rule her out of The Hobbit.

With Hammer and possibly Ronan in the leads this could end up being the more solid of the Snow White films in development. Tarsem recently wrapped the Greek mythology epic The Immortals with new Superman Henry Cavill. It doesn't look good for Snow White & The Huntsman as they only have Kristen Stewart committed to the film.

Cobie Smulders Talks Avengers & SHIELD Uniform

While there was confirmation that Cobie Smulders would be playing Maria Hill in Avengers there hadn't been an announcement from Marvel Studios. Well Smulders herself has confirmed the role to Zap2It and discussed her costume for the film. Cobie reveals she will wear a SHIELD uniform which sounds similar to what Scarlett (Black Widow) wore in Iron Man 2. Jeremy Renner had also mentioned wearing a variation of the outfit as Hawkeye. It will interesting to see if Hill is just a cameo or a full out action role for Cobie.

"We start in April, which is like... tomarrow," Smulders says. "I literally leave here and I go to Albuqerque, New Mexico, to shoot some scenes in a catsuit. I've tried on portions of the catsuit," says Smulders, "[and] I've seen conceptual drawings of what they want it to be. It's fascinating to me. I feel like wardrobe becomes very creative on these types of movies because they literally spend weeks designing just the pants or the emblem. It's such an all-consuming process, so I'm excited to see how it all turns out"

Viggo Mortensen Drops Snow White, Could He Be Open For Superman Now?

HeatVision has learned talks between producers of Snow White & The Huntsman and Viggo Mortensen have broken down. They say he asked for too much money and profits which has lead him to walk. Viggo was set to play the Huntsman in the film who instead of killing trains Snow White.

I believe the problem might have been the casting of Kristen Stewart in the lead who doesn't have the greatest on set reputation or even the respect of her peers. Whatever the case is Viggo could very well be able to shoot Superman if there is still a role for him. Michael Shannon (Boardwalk Empire) and Edgar Ramirez (Wrath of The Titans, Carlos, Domino) have both been linked to villainous roles. I also wouldn't be surprised to see Charlize Theron leave the production as well as her commitments to Prometheus might keep her busy. There had been talk that there would be two "Alien prequels".

Michael Sheen Could Join Dark Shadows

ThePlaylist has learned that Michael Sheen is interested in taking a role in Tim Burton's Dark Shadows. The film based on the classic horror soap opera already boats a cast that includes Johnny Depp, Jackie Earle Haley, Eva Green, Bella Heathcote, Michelle Pfeiffer and Helena Bonham Carter. 

Mila Kunis WIll Play Theodora In Sam Raimi's Oz, The Great & Powerful

Variety has official news that Mila Kunis (Book of Eli, Black Swan) has landed the role of good witch turned evil Theodora in Sam Raimi's Oz, The Great & Powerful. The Disney film which stars James Franco as a young Wizard who is a sexually charged snake oil salesman/illusionist. They also name Glinda and Evanora as the other witch roles which should be cast soon.