March 28, 2011

Lauren Shulder Donner Confirms Treatments For X4 & X5

It looks like 20th Century Fox is pushing their X-Men franchise into high gear. As producer Lauren Shulder Donner confirms to Empire that the studio loved their treatment for X4 and X5. Giving the impression the two films are connected as they lead into each other and would likely be a package deal.

I wouldn't be shocked to see Bryan Singer return for another shot at the X-Men franchise. He's already been talking up returning and previously had regrets for not doing X3/First Class. If Singer does come on board I wouldn't be shocked to see X4 and X5 shot back to back as it would be a . It would make sense for Fox to wait until both Bryan Singer and Hugh Jackman are finished with their other projects. The earliest production could start seems like late summer or fall of next year. Currently there isn't an announced writer working on either film's script.

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