March 29, 2011

Warner Bros. Rebooting Batman After Dark Knight Rises & Nolan Will Produce

This was expected but it hasn't been confirmed until now. Warner Bros' Jeff Robinov confirmed to HeroComplex that after The Dark Knight Rises the studio will reboot the character so that it can be included in a Justice League film. The surprising part is that Christopher Nolan and his wife/partner Emma Thomas will be contributing as producers and I assume also as character consultants. It would fall in line with their involvement with the new Superman reboot. There is no word if Christian Bale will reprise the role in the reboot but it's very likely to keep the Nolan films seperate they will recast. This could also open the door for Robin and Batgirl to return along with the colorful rouges gallery that could never be in a Nolan film.

"Batman will continue to be a centerpiece property beyond next year’s 'The Dark Knight Rises' and Nolan’s departure from the franchise. "We have the third Batman, but then we’ll have to reinvent Batman." Asked whether that meant he wanted to reinvent or possibly even reboot the character, Robinov answered assertively: "I do. Chris Nolan and [producing partner and wife] Emma Thomas will be producing it, so it will be a conversation with them about what the next phase is."

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