March 31, 2010

First Resident Evil Afterlife Stills

Sony has released first images from Resident Evil Afterlife. The trailer isn't far way since the stills look like screen shots from the trailer. It will go online this weekend be sure I'll be posting it here.

Whiplash & Happy Hogan In New Iron Man 2 Pics

Artwork From Ridley Scott's Forever War?

QuietEarth (via MarketSaw) claims this is our first look at Ridley Scott's epic futuristic war film The Forever War.

Black Widow Poster

Marvel seems to stepping up their promotion for Iron Man 2 with this new Black Widow poster. Hopefully this means we'll be seeing lot more Scarlett in future Marvel films and eventually her own solo outing.

Stephen Dorff Joins War of The Gods

Stephen Dorff (Blade, Public Enemies) has joined the growing cast of War of The Gods. The film already stars Henry Cavill, Freida Pinto, Mickey Rourke and Kellan Lutz.

Rachel Weisz The Next Bond Villain?

There is talk that Rachel Weisz could be the next villain. I'd love to see her in any role good or bad.

Matthew Vaughn's Next Film Is Bloodshot?

Matthew Vaughn isn't wasting time as he has plans to develop the comic book Bloodshot into a film. The property isn't very well known but seems like it could be a decent action film. Vaughn will re-team with screenwriter Jane Goldman who previously wrote scripts for Stardust and Kick-Ass.

Godzilla Reboot Coming In 2012

Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. are teaming up to reboot the classic Godzilla series. Now try to forget the 1998 American Godzilla film and you'll feel better. Knowing that the production studio that handled Watchmen and the Dark Knight is making it's in good hands. The plan is to release the new film for 2012. Of course Godzilla has never stopped in Japan where it's the biggest monster movie franchise.

Official Expendables Trailer

March 27, 2010

Singer Off X-Men First Class, Fox Looking For 2011 Release

Deadline Hollywood is confirming the previous rumors of director Bryan Singer being locked up with Jack The Giant Killer. It seems that 20th Century Fox isn't waiting for Singer and have a short-list of directors to takeover the project. Singer will now act as the film's producer. They go on to say that Fox is hoping to start production on the film sometime between the summer or fall of this year. It's expected they will be looking to release the film in 2011. It would make sense that the studio needs to start moving on these films. Considering Wolverine 2 won't start shooting until early 2011 and Deadpool is still script phase.

Olivia Munn Gives Clue On Her Marvel Role

If there is one fun guessing game involved with the Iron Man franchise it's trying to figure out who Olivia Munn is playing in the second film. We just recently learned that Munn has redone her previous scenes as a new Marvel character. She revealed more clues in her interview with Complex.

Two of the many characters Munn has been linked include Melina Vostokoff (Iron Maiden) and the voice of War Machine's computer. Olivia calls out the Iron Maiden role as unlikely. I believe the vocal role isn't viable either since it isn't an established character in the Marvel universe. It also wouldn't allow her screen time which seems like a waste.

"Jon Favreau made that joke at Comic-Con when I was interviewing him because it’s just a cameo. If I was Iron Maiden, there’d be a big press release. I can’t say what I’m doing at all, because I signed away my life to Marvel if I say anything—but I think I’m allowed to say that everyone seemed to love my catering!"

While the recent rumor of Olivia playing Scarlet Witch seems likely. It makes sense to see her cameoing as SHIELD Anget Maria Hill who could be a great supporting character in future Marvel films. Wasp could be likely but I'm doubtful Marvel would allow casting for Ant-Man to start without the director's approval. Hill sounds like the best of the bunch which could mean the studio is closer to making the Nick Fury/SHIELD movie.

March 26, 2010

Louis Leterrier Directing Y: The Last Man?

LatinoReview is running the rumor that director Louis Leterrier (Incredible Hulk, Clash of The Titans) is "circling" the live-action film based on the widely praised comic Y: The Last Man. Nothing is official but it would be interesting to see Leterrier jumping into the post-apocalyptic action genre.

Animal Kingdom Trailer & Poster

March 25, 2010

Possible Heroes & Villains of Iron Man 3

I clearly can't predict the third film's plot until I've actually seen Iron Man 2. So this rundown is just my personal speculation because I'm sure Marvel will setup the next movie within it.


The Iron Legion was made up of War Machine and other people using Tony's old Iron Man suits. I believe Stark will eventually create the group because of the ability to fuel the suits with his new fusion batteries. Plus it's shown in the trailers he keeps them in his workshop which were going to be upgraded with the fusion technology.

The original members of the group included Jim Rhodes, Eddie March, Michael O'Brien, Bethany Cabe, Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau) and Clayton Wilson. I'm not sure Marvel will want to introduce new characters just to suit up. So I expect we could see Pepper Potts added to that lineup along with possible current/new S.H.I.E.L.D agents.

We've previously heard that Clint Barton also known as Hawkeye could be in future films. Mockingbird would also be a great addition who is another member of the avengers and love interest of Clint. I'm sure they could be recruited by Stark or Fury to join S.H.I.E.L.D/Iron Legion.

Another interesting aspect of the franchise is the constant evolution of the Iron Man technology. We've seen that the sequel will have at least two new upgrades to Tony's armor. The stealth armor could bee seen next which might be stolen to develop Ghost's suit. I'm sure Tony will want to cross international airspace without being detected by radar.


The more I think about it, A.I.M could be a very good group for Stark and SHIELD to go up against. Combining Madame Masque, Dr. Monica Rappaccini and Iron Maiden into one villain similar to Whiplash's character mixing could be interesting. It would be nice to see a female villain introduced to the franchise. Some other villains could include Baron von Strucker and Modok.

Previously I considered that Kearson Dewitt (Ulitmo) or General Shatalov (Crimson Dynamo) could be the villains. Yet there are other villains donning armors in the A.I.M organization. They include Ghost who is an industrial saboteur and mercenary who possesses an incredible stealth suit that grants him invisibility, among other capabilities. Titanium Man could be another suit developed by A.I.M. I wouldn't be surprised to see them develop their own fleet of super strong man-driven armors then go out to destroy Stark Industries and S.H.I.E.L.D. My assumption is that Justin Hammer as soon as he got hold of the Stark technology he immediately sold it off to highest bidders which could end up being Hydra/A.I.M/Roxxon/Ten Rings.


Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye/Ronin

Cameron Diaz as Mockingbird

Carla Gugino as Madame Masque/Dr. Monica Rappaccini

Ralph Fiennes as Baron von Strucker/Modok

Stephen Lang as Kearson Dewitt/General Shatalov

*What do you think of these heroes/villains being introduced in Iron Man 3? Is there anyone else from the Marvel/Iron Man universe you'd like to see in the third film?

Robert Downey Jr. Confirms Iron Man 3 Is Happening Soon?

During ShoWest Robert Downey Jr. was answering questions for Due Date but nobody seemed to ask about Iron Man 3. When The Associated Press talked to him it came up. He didn't say much besides it's happening. I assume it could be shooting alongside with Avengers next summer. Director Jon Favreau will be busy with Cowboys & Aliens post-production until May-June 2011. RDJ is fixed to shoot Sherlock Holmes 2 in the fall. Releasing the third Iron Man could be another great way to introduce audiences to other heroes or the build up to the plot for Avengers.

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World Trailer!

March 24, 2010

Edgar Wright & Brad Bird On Shortlist To Direct MI4?

Hollywood Reporter says that Pixar's Brad Bird (Incredibles) and Edgar Wright (Scott Pilgrim) could end up directing Mission Impossible 4. Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer was on the list too but seems to have gathered up many other projects. Similar to Ruben it looks like Edgar could be too busy as well. I'm sure Marvel/Disney will be looking to make Ant-Man soon.

Paul W.S. Anderson To Direct Buck Rogers 3D

Well it was only a matter of time but director Paul W.S Anderson will make his first move into comic book films. Previously the job had been given to comic book/film writer Frank Miller but the horrible work on The Spirit must have killed his involvement. Deadline Hollywood reports that Anderson has signed on to direct Buck Rogers. The film will be shot in 3D no less but Anderson's Resident Evil 4 was shot in 3D using the same technology used in Avatar. I have a feeling this could be a very fun action flick. It's unknown if this will be next for Anderson but with the script written by Iron Man co-scribes Art Marcum and Matt Holloway I could see movement on this project. Paul is also attached to The Long Good Friday remake with Jason Statham.

New Iron Man 2 & Losers Poster

Angela Bassett Joins Green Lantern & Suicide Squad?

Variety reports that Angela Bassett will play Amanda Waller in Green Lantern. It's expected the role will be a secondary villain. This could also mean Bassett has been cast in the upcoming Suicide Squad film. Walker acted as the anti-hero group's leader similar to Nick Fury and the Avengers. It would be the extra step from Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment to develop the DC film universe. I have to admit I had very large crush on Bassett during the 90's when she took up action roles in Supernova, the James Cameron written Katheryn Bigelow directed Strange Days and Critters 4.

Olivia Munn Gets New Marvel Role In Iron Man 2?

I'm not sure who was crazy enough to cut scenes involving Olivia Munn but it happened. The good news is that they liked her enough to bring her back for reshoots. Giving her a new Marvel role in the film. The mystery still remains but these reshoots were a while back so the current rumor could be true. Complex was good enough to interview and get quotes from Munn on the reshoots. At least the new role is confirmed to be from the Marvel universe and not some original supporting character.

"Actually, they just gave me another role in the film. I had to reshoot all of my they started to edit they realized it was becoming darker than what they'd expected and what my scenes had allowed for. My parts were lighthearted and comedic."

"Jon Favreau called and was like, "I've got good news and bad news: This is what's happening in editing but we all really like you." Marvel and Jon had to add another character from the Marvel universe to keep me included."

Previously it was rumored she had taken the role of Iron Maiden or War Machine's on board computer. The newest in the bunch includes Scarlet Witch. The role was originally going to Scarlett Johansson before she was cast as Black Widow. I also think she could be very good for the role of Janet Pym (Wasp) but that's my thought.

March 23, 2010

A.I.M., Crimson Dynamo & Ultimo Iron Man 3 Villains?

We could be seeing more people than Justin Hammer interested in Stark Industries' armor and fusion technology in future films. It looks like from the new Iron Man 2 video game Marvel has enough villains in the works for more movies. They might be eventually used in Avengers or even Iron Man 3. I could see groups like A.I.M. and Hydra playing big villainous roles in the next couple of movies.


General Shatalov is aligned with the evil Roxxon Corp. and becomes one of the many that dons the Crimson Dynamo armor. I wouldn't be surprised to see Stark's new fusion energy being sought out by this energy corporation.

The L.A. Roxxon Corp. building was heavily shown in the fight scene between Stane and Stark in Iron Man.


Even lesser known villain Kearson Dewitt seems to have adopted the name of Ultimo for his invincible armor. Dewitt aligns himself with A.I.M. in the game. The terrorist organization is a splinter group of Hydra.


A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics) is an organization of brilliant scientists and their hirelings dedicated to the acquisition of power and the overthrow of all governments by technological means. I wouldn't be surprised if their involvement helps bring together the Iron Legion and SHIELD.

Baron von Strucker of Hydra started the group during WWII. Kevin Feige has mentioned that the seeds of Hydra would be seen in Captain America. It seems to be the biggest front runner next to Hydra to go up against the Avengers and SHIELD. I assume groups like Hydra and A.I.M. could join forces even gathering a collective of Marvel villains into their employment.

UPDATE: Avengers (May 4th 2012)

Now that Captain America is coming together now we start focusing on Marvel's next big project Avengers. The lineup according to producer Kevin Feige is Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Cap, Fury and Black Widow. The questions now are; what other Marvel heroes will appear?, who will direct? and who are the villains?


It's unknown at this point what other characters will officially make the film. A source from Marvel told LatinoReview that we "need" to see Wasp and Ant-Man in the film. Jon Favreau mentioned wanting to include Scarlet Witch in Iron Man 2. Which could mean we might see her in the lineup as well. Hawkeye is another character that was going to be seen in Iron Man 2. Jeremy Renner had been rumored for the role. I think to gauge the audience reaction to new characters we could see some of them appear in the film. I don't believe however we could be seeing Doctor Strange or even Black Panther since it seems like Marvel wants to setup their origins first. The only problem is that they could end up with too many characters.

Don Cheadle believes his character Jim Rhodes/War Machine might not make the cut since he's an important "Iron Man" character. It makes sense since it would be almost impossible to bring every supporting character from the franchises into Avengers. Characters like The Warriors Three might be in the same camp. Some supporting heroes might have to stay in their respective films.


When it comes to directors there seems to be many candidates now that Jon Favreau has dropped out of the running. The two directors which have been the most vocal about helming the massive project include Louis (Incredible Hulk) and Matthew Vaughn (Kick-Ass, Stardust). We can't count out other Marvel directors such as Kenneth Branagh or Joe Johnston but since they would be coming off large productions they could use the break. Edgar Wright seems like another candidate handling large scale production on Scott Pilgrim and the eventual directing of Ant-Man.

Ridley Scott had been rumored to have met with Marvel. While my first thought was for the Nick Fury/SHIELD film it could be even bigger with Scott handling the Avengers. Scott seems to be the best of the bunch handling science fiction (Alien, Bladerunner), epics (Kingdom of Heaven, Gladiator, Robin Hood), war/spy (Body of Lies, Black Hawk Down), crime (Black Rain, American Gangster), fantasy (Legend) and even comedy (Good Year, Matchstick Men). With his amazing range of directorial credits he could be the best person to help bring together the Marvel universe. The only problem would be his extensive to-do-list which includes the Alien preuel, Forever War and many other time consuming projects. The only thing that makes me believe he could do this is that with all his projects in the works he has yet to decide on one. I could see him waiting to announce his plans when Robin Hood releases in May.


Some possible villains in the film have been rumored for a while now. They include The Mandarin, Loki, The Hulk, HYDRA and The Skrulls. There had been talk of Loki getting control of the Hulk and using him for his own means. While it's an interesting premise I think they'd have to step things up slightly to get all the heroes involved. I think a worldwide evil plot and collaboration between the villains could be interesting.

March 22, 2010

Chris Evans Is Captain America!

After weeks of speculation and auditions we finally have our Captain America. HeatVision confirms Evans has accepted Marvel's offer which they also reported on last week. The Avengers lineup now includes Chris Evans (Cap), Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Mn), Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury), Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow) and Edward Norton (Bruce Banner/Hulk).

Variety is confirming the news along with the previous HeatVision story. That Hugo Weaving will play the villain of the film Red Skull. Evans will be contracted to make three Captain America films, Avengers and possible cameo appearances in other Marvel movies.