November 30, 2010

Aaron Johnson, Nicholas Hoult & Juno Temple Up For Jack The Giant Killer

HeatVision reports that Bryan Singer is close to casting the leads in Jack The Giant Killer. The three contenders for Jack include Aaron Johnson (Nowhere Boy, Kick-Ass), Nicholas Hoult (About A Boy, Single Man) and newcomer Aneurin Bernard. While Johnson seems the frontrunner Hoult could very well be a decent second choice. It doesn't hurt that he's co-starring in X-Men First Class which Singer is producing. In the running for the Princess is Juno Temple (Atonement, Year One), Lily Collins and Adelaide Kane. Temple is my favorite of the group and is more likely to get the role with her high profile.

The script recently worked on by Christopher McQuarrie (The Wolverine, Usual Suspects) focuses on a princess who is kidnapped, threatening the long-standing peace between humans and giants.  A young farmer is then forced to lead a rescue mission to the giants' kingdom.

Aquaman Coming After The Flash & Wonder Woman In 2015?

There is word from ComicBookResources (via ScreenRant) that Warner Bros. is indeed moving forward with the live-action Aquaman film. They have quotes from actor Alan Ritchson who plays the hero on Smallville and has knowledge of plans for the film. While it's not ready to go, he states it's likely it will go after Flash and Wonder Woman. It's expected both Flash and Green Lantern 2 will start shooting within the next 12 months. The scripts for both films will be handed in by Christmas. The studio is aiming to release more DC Universe films to replace the gap left by the Harry Potter franchise.

 The last thing I heard, Wonder Woman was taken away from producer Joel Silver by DC Entertainment. Silver was also developing DC films Lobo and St. Rock which had Guy Ritchie attached to direct. There were scripts for Wonder Woman developed one written by Laeta Kalogridis (Avatar, Shutter Island, Ghost In The Shell) in 2003. Nicolas Winding Refn (Pusher Trilogy, Bronson) said he'd love to helm the film. It's not clear what stage of development the project is currently in but could move quickly like The Flash did. I believe it would work best if it was straight up action fantasy film similar to 300 or Troy. Not every character needs to be linked together in the same cinematic world like what Marvel Studios is doing.

This isn't the first time the film has been brought up to be in the works. Previously THR stated that Appian Way had stepped in to work on the film's development long with Adam Strange. The production company which Leonardo DiCaprio owns fueled speculation he could possibly play the hero. While it's surprising to me that Legendary Pictures (Dark Knight Rises, Superman) isn't making the film, Appian Way is a rising production company. They've helped create some interesting films like Public Enemies and Shutter Island. They're also developing live-cation films based on Akira and Ninja Scroll for Warners.

I expect they would try to keep the film more in the fantasy realm not including the ridiculous side of the character seen in the older comics and cartoons. Likely centering on the mystical world of Atlantis which is focused in the Sword of Atlantis series. I imagine it would be a mix between John Carter of Mars, Thor and Clash of The Titans. Aquaman isn't the most popular character in the DC Universe but he does have some interesting film potential.

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RUMOR: Ledger's Joker Returning For Dark Knight Rises

We've been focusing on the new villains featured in The Dark Knight Rises but there is talk that we could see the Joker return. Previously there had been talk of bringing back Harvey Dent from the grave but it's been shot down. Even the thought of re-casting the Joker was denied by Nolan himself. Now there is word from ShowbizSpy that Nolan could include unused footage of Heath's Joker performce in Rises to link the films together.

While this is unconfirmed by the studio and Nolan it would be nice to see Heath's Joker for one more scene.

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Tom Hanks Confirmed For Kathryn Bigelow's Triple Frontier

ComingSoon confirms that Tom Hanks has joined Kathryn Bigelow's (Hurt Locker) Triple Frontier (Sleeping Dogs). Previously there had been word that other heavy weight actors were interested in the film they included Sean Penn, Will Smith, Javier Bardem and Christian Bale.

November 28, 2010

James Gunn's Super Gets April's Fools Release Date!

James Gunn's ultra-violent superhero comedy Super has been set to be released on April 1st. The film is being compared to Kick-Ass but isn't based on existing source material which is nice to see. There are some short clips floating online which sold me on the film. Hopefully this means the trailer won't be too far away.

Peter Jackson Will Shoot The Hobbit With 3D & RED EPIC Cameras

There is some interesting technical information being released toady from the set of the The Hobbit. While director/writer/producer Peter Jackson was able to stomp out some serious issues that plagued the production for months. He's now starting to get ready to shoot the two films by choosing his cameras. There is word from Engadget that Jackson will shoot most of the film with 3D and will include the use of 30 Red EPIC Digital cameras. The RED digital format is beyond stunning on the big screen and could help boost the visuals of the films.

November 27, 2010

Aykroyd Confirms Hader, Faris & Dushku In Talks For Ghostbusters 3

BloodyDisgusting got a tip that Dan Aykroyd was talking Ghostbusters 3 casting rumors. He confirmed that Anna Faris, Bill Hader and Eliza Dushku (True Lies, Buffy) are "strong possibilities" to join the film. Bill Murray and Sigourney Weaver are also expected to return along with other original cast members. Currently Dan and Harold Ramis are putting finishing touches on the script with a rumored spring/summer production start date.

EDITORIAL: Joseph Gordon Levitt Should Be Superman

 The GeekFiles just reported that neither Warner Bros. or Zack Snyder have started casting for Superman: Man of Steel. It's annoying for me since I feel like if credible sites are reporting tips I should be posting them for my readers. Instead of posting some new rumor I'd like to give my full support to see Joseph Gordon Levitt play the new Clark Kent. Let's just hope those involved with the production hear this plea.

 While he isn't the hulking actor that most have been mentioning I think that's really the point. I don't think we really need to repeat the same type of actors like Christopher Revees and Brandon Routh. To officially break themselves from the Richard Donner mold I believe they need to focus on strong acting abilities rather than appearance. The new Superman needs to be charming, out spoken and believable to command confidence in the franchise. While I'm not too focused on the actor's background being American couldn't hurt. We keep hearing the film will center around the early days of Superman so a younger actor is expected. They would also need someone with enough popularity and following too help sell their new concept for the hero. I believe Joseph meets all these criteria to be the best choice for the role.

  I think the best evidence is with his roles. In 500 Days of Summer he showed off many qualities we've come to relate to Clark Kent. Like Bruce Wayne the character has a double life with two personalities the hero and average guy. While Superman's powers are his own because of his alien nature he still needs to give himself an alter ego. I feel that Joseph is capable of playing the duo role of Kent and Superman. Where as previous actors have had issues balancing the two. We've seen JGL play the hero and good guy balance very well in films like The Lookout, Brick and more recently with Inception. 

  I consider myself a loyal fan to the work of both directors Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan. Yet neither hire their actors based on popularity or the fact the online community campaign for them. Well the one thing they do is hire people they've worked with previously. Luckily Joseph has worked with now producer Christopher Nolan on Inception which could greatly help his chances.

  While I do think we could see Snyder regulars like Abbie Cornish and Carla Gugino cast in roles. Matthew Goode who is rumored for the role strikes me as someone that makes a better villain than hero. Whoever that villain will be since Zod has been ruled out. Let's just hope they don't recycle Lex Luthor once again.

So I've made my argument of why I'd like to see JGL play Superman. It won't be too long before actual casting announcements will start rolling out with the film expected to shoot this summer.

What do you think of Joseph Gordon Levitt playing Superman?? Is there someone else you'd rather see in the role?? Please Leave Your Comments!!

Mark Wahlberg Confirmed For Uncharted, De Niro & Pesci Offered Roles

Mark Wahlberg has confirmed to MTV during an interview that he has been cast in David O'Russell's Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. The actor nd writer/director just worked together on The Fighter which is already gathering Oscar buzz for the two along with Christian Bale who co-stars. I had Wahlberg pegged for the role as soon as O'Russell came on board to direct. I'd like to think we'll be getting a more Three Kings type of action romp from the director. Let's hope the curse of video game films will be lifted with this decent sounding one. It's expected the films could spawn into trilogy if the first one is a successful enough.

Wahlberg also confirmed previous rumors of roles being offered to Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci. While they haven't signed on the roles are being written just for them. De Niro would play Drake's father and Pesci his uncle. It would be amazing to see the two work together again since the last time was Casino.

Gore Verbinski Confirmed To Direct The Lone Ranger

While the Pirates of The Caribbean director had been in talks with Disney to start a new potential franchise with Johnny Depp in a supporting role as Tonto. Deadline has finally confirmed Gore Verbinski has signed on to direct The Lone Ranger. I would have to assume they've already found their Lone Ranger but have yet to announce it. There had been talk of George Clooney taking on the role but I believe he might be just slightly too old. Here's hoping for someone slightly younger like Jon Hamm. I wouldn't even be surprised to see Brad Pitt take the role since his love for westerns and previously working with Gore on The Mexican.

November 24, 2010

Will Anne Hathaway Be Lois Lane In Snyder's Superman?

Anne Hathaway is being linked for the role of Lois Lane by FeatureFilmAuditions in Zack Snyder's Superman: Man of Steel. Anne was cast in Spider-Man 4 before it eventually was killed. She's also been recently linked to The Dark Knight Rises and Alien Prequels. Natalie Portman has also been rumored to be in talks too.

Bill Hader & Anna Faris Join Ghostbusters 3?

Here's some exciting "what if" casting news focusing on the slowly developing Ghostbusters 3. WhatsPlaying apparently has some insider news that Sony is looking at SNL members Bill Hader and Will Forte for roles in the film. We've previously heard while the original cast members will be returning we'll likely be seeing a younger group of busters being mentored by the old crew.

Bill Hader has slowly become a very big name in the new era of comedy. He's had some scene stealing roles in films like Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Superbad, Adventureland, Pineapple Express, Knocked Up, Tropic Thunder and the upcoming sci-fi comedy Paul. Not to mention his weekly contribution to SNL which is one of the best resons to wtch the show.

FeatureFilmAuditions lists Anna Faris has been cast. There had been talk that the film would feature a female Ghostbuster. Faris and Hader worked together on the very successful Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs which could have proved to the studio the two have chemistry. She's also previously worked with director Ivan Reitman on My Super Ex-Girlfriend.

Anna is another underrated comedic actor. While she doesn't always make great films she can deliver with roles like in Smiley Face and Observe & Report.

My belief these casting tidbits could be leading up to the inclusion of Seth Rogen. Since Seth has worked with both Hader and Faris previously. He's been rumored since the announcement of the younger Ghostbusters and has even spoken on the possiblity of doing it. There was a shout-out to Ghostbusters in Superbad written by Rogen and Harold Ramis (Egon) played Seth's father in Knocked Up.

Rogen sort of put himself out of the running saying he didn't think the third film could be good. I wonder what he thinks now that Ivan Reitman is back in the director's chair and the original cast are returning.

November 23, 2010

First Look: Noomi Rapace In Sherlock Holmes 2

Bale Doesn't Rule Out Batman 4 But Only If Nolan Says It's Happening

We've come to accept that The Dark Knight Rises will likely be the last time we'll be seeing Christian Bale as Batman and Christopher Nolan directing the franchise. Yet there is glimmer of hope from Christian Bale via Shockya who mentions the possibility of Batman 4 happening in the future but only if Nolan is on board.

 “Until (Chris Nolan) tells me (there will be a ‘Batman 4′), I don’t believe it. It’s gotta be from his mouth.”

I'm sure Warner Bros. will try their best to sign Nolan and Bale for a fourth film depending on how well DKR does. Bale had been obligated for the third film but it wasn't until few months back that Nolan had finally signed on. I wouldn't be surprised to see Warner Bros. offer the director the option to make any new Batman films when he feels like it. Allowing him to focus on his own original films which are very successful in their own right.

Myserious Footage From Neill Blomkamp, Is This His Next Film?

SlashFilm was tipped off on some teaser footage from District 9 director Neill Blomkamp which was included in the Wired iPad edition. The assumption is that this could be from his next project which could be titled AGM Heartland.

November 21, 2010

TRAILER: Brighton Rock

RUMOR: Snyder Wants Matthew Goode For Superman?

MovieNewz reports that Zack Snyder is keen to reunite with Matthew Goode for Superman. The site is new to me so don't count on this being true but it's interesting none the less. Could American audiences root for a British Superman? Considering Batman is Welsh, Green Lantern is Canadian and Spidey is now also a Brit I doubt anyone will care in the end if the film is good.

Matthew Goode is a superb actor but he hasn't had many strong leading roles. He's mostly been a supporting player in films like Watchmen, The Look Out and Match Point. Yet he was the best part of the generic rom-com Leap Year so there is hope he could bring a variety of different acting skills to the hero. While Goode is a decent choice I can't help but think Armie Hammer could do the role justice too.

Teresa Palmer Confirms Talia Al Ghul In Dark Knight Rises?

Australian actress Teresa Palmer talked to MovieWeb about reprising the role of Talia Al Ghul. Palmer had been cast as the daughter of Batman villain Ra's Al Ghul in George Miller's Justice League of America before it was shut down. Teresa gives the impression the character is indeed in The Dark Knight Rises and has asked her agents to pursue the role. She's doubtful she'll end up with the role and even less likely with her talking about it. On the other hand Armie Hammer who was cast as Batman in the JLA film has been linked for Zack Snyder's Superman so anything is possible.

"I've definitely put the feelers out there with my agents and that would be something I would be really glad to have happen. I doubt I would be one of the actresses high up on Nolan's list. I think they are definitely going after woman with a much bigger profile than [mine]."

"I was going to do it with a Russian accent in Justice League of America and I was fitted for all the outfits. It is the longest shot in history for sure but I've put my name out there with my agents and things. So we'll see who ends up doing that role. My managers made the phone calls but I'm pretty sure that they will end up going with a big name girl."

Previously there had been rumors of Marion Cotillard, Charlize Theron and Vera Farmiga testing for the film. Along with Deadline's list of actresses which included Rachel Weisz, Naomi Watts, Blake Lively, Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway and Keira Knightley.

If Talia's inclusion is indeed true along with the rumor of Hugo Strange this could be beyond exciting for Batman fans. Nolan is known for showcasing lesser known and grounded characters so having Talia instead of Selina Kyle could work for the better. Not to mention book ending the trilogy with consequences from the first film.


I don't like seeing villains re-used with The Dark Knight being the exception. Since Nolan improved on the Joker and finally gave us a decent Two Face while also expanding on the Mob in Gotham. Christopher has already ruled out The Riddler and Mr. Freeze so I assume only grounded characters will be used. That would mean The Penguin, Poison Ivy and possibly even Catwoman will not make the movie. There is talk of including other lesser known characters such as Harvey Bullock, Sarah Essen and Killer Croc. While it would seem too many roles for one film Nolan knows how to work with a large cast and gives actors just the right amount of screentime. Plus if this is really Nolan's last film he might as well include as many interesting supporting characters as possible if wants to one up The Dark Knight.

While Tom Hardy has been confirmed for an unnamed role. In the original leak of Tom testing Leonardo DiCaprio and Joseph Gordon Levitt were also named. There very well could be more male roles to fill. While I can assume Harvey Bullock and Hugo Strange could be two of them I'm hopeful that Roman Sionis (Black Mask) could also play some role in the film.

November 20, 2010

CAST 'EM!: Darren Aronofsky's The Wolverine

 Darren Aronofsky was finally announced as the director of The Wolverine this week. The film based on the Japanese saga from Frank Miller and Chris Claremont has been adapted by screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie. Just a couple of days ago Darren confirmed that he would be casting Japanese actors in the film. Notice he's not hiring Asian-American actors to blanket the roles. There is speculation that the film will even involve subtitles with Japanese spoken which is beyond ballsy for Fox to allow. Since this film will have zero links to other X-Men and will be entirely set in Japan. I've come up with my list of Japanese actors I'd like to see cast in roles. I'm using the character information from both the comics and the character list that leaked.
Hiroyuki Sanada as Kenuichio/Silver Samurai

Chiaki Kuriyama as Yuriko

 Takeshi Kitano as Shingen

Rinko Kikuchi as Mariko

November 18, 2010

Armie Hammer Being Considered For Superman

Deadline is reporting on possible candidates for the role of Clark Kent in Zack Snyder's Superman. They list Armie Hammer, Ian Somerhalder (Vampire Diaries) and the previously rumored Joe Manganiello (True Blood). Coming off the Social Network, Armie is the best of the bunch. Hammer was previously cast as Batman in George Miller's Justice League film before it got scrapped.

November 17, 2010

RUMOR: Tom Hardy Playing Hugo Strange In Dark Knight Rises

BatmanNews is reporting that Tom Hardy could very well be playing the villainous Hugo Strange in The Dark Knight Rises. This could fall inline with Nolan's love for obscure villains. Previously the director has included lesser known villains such as Ra's al Ghu,  Scarecrow, Zsasz, Sal Maroni, Henri Ducard and Carmine Falcone. Killer Croc, another obscure character has been rumored for the movie too.

Clooney Eyeing Man From U.N.C.L.E.?

Playlist reports George Clooney is interested in starring in Man From U.N.C.L.E. It's not hard to believe since Clooney's reltionship with director Steven Soderbergh. The site also mentions that Soderbergh will be faithful to the series. Keeping the film set in the 60's and making it a serious action thriller.

Emily Blunt Joining Jason Segel In Five-Year Engagement?

Vulture reports Emily Blunt has been offered the female lead in Five-Year Engagement opposite Jason Segel. The project once rumored to be Judd Apatow's (now just producing) next film will see director Nicholas Stoller (Get Him To The Greek) re-teaming with Jason Segel. The pair worked together on Forgetting Sarah Marshall and the new Muppet film.

Denis Leary Joins Spider-Man

HeatVision reports Denis Leary of Rescue Me is in talks to take the role of Police Captain Stacy in Spider-Man. Stacy is Gwen's (Emma Stone) father and having Denis join the stellar cast is yet another excellent step forward.

TRAILER: Cowboys & Aliens

November 16, 2010

Steven Soderbergh In Talks To Direct Man From U.N.C.L.E.

HeatVision reports that Warner Bros. is interested in hiring Steven Soderbergh to direct The Man From U.N.C.L.E. based on the spy themed television series from the 60's. The show was co-created by James Bond author Ian Fleming so it could be a new franchise for the studio. Previously it had been setup as a comedy but more than likely will have more of a serious direction now that Soderbergh could be involved. Not to mention screenwriter Scott Z. Burns who wrote both The Informant! and Contagion for Steven is also in the mix. The Cold War-set spy series, followed the adventures of American and Russian members of a secret agency known as the United Network Command for Law and Enforcement. Hopefully this project will turn out more like Mission Impossible rather than the horrible I Spy, The Saint or Avengers films.

TRAILER: Your Highness

TRAILER: Green Lantern

FIRST LOOK: Colombiana



November 15, 2010

Pierre Morel Could Direct Earth Defense Force

HeatVision reports that director Pierre Morel (Taken, From Paris With Love) is interested in taking on EDF. The sci-fi actioner will be produced by Sam Raimi and distributed by Warner Bros. Set after three alien fighters attack the planet, leaving countries humiliated. The governments of Earth then race to create a space fighting force in preparation for a second attack by an approaching alien horde. Morel recently left the Dune remake and Universal passed on his pitch for the Ouija movie.

Carey Mulligan Joins DiCaprio & Maguire In Great Gatsby

Deadline has word from director Baz Luhrmann himself that Carey Mulligan has been cast as Daisy in The Great Gatsby. The film already has Leonardo DiCaprio set to play Jay Gatsby and Tobey Maguire expected to play Nick. This will be the second time that DiCaprio and Baz have worked together they previously did the visually stunning Romeo+Juliet back in 1996. Carey's involvement knocks her out of the running for the lead in Ridley Scott's Alien prequels.

Gerard Butler & Antoine Fuqua In Talks For Afterburn

Deadline reports director Antoine Fuqua (Brooklyn's Finest, Training Day) and Gerard Butler are in talks with Relavity Media for an adaptation of the comic book film Afterburn. The project which is being produced by Tobey Maguire has been scripted by Matt Johnson (Into The Blue) with rewrites from Christian Gudegast (A Man Apart).

The scifi saga takes place a year after a solar flare burns half the surface of a planet, and treasure hunters return to Earth to retrieve what's left of value. I love the thought of mixing a dystopian future, off-world colonization and treasure hunting elements into one action film.

POSTER: Pirates 4

POSTER: Cowboys & Aliens