October 29, 2009

Joe Cornish's Attack The Block (2010)

Being dubbed "Shaun of The Dead with aliens". Joe Cornish wrote and will direct the film with Edgar Wright acting as executive producer. The film focuses on a gang of South London teenagers defending their housing project home against an alien attack.

"An attractive young woman walks home through dark, dangerous streets in south London. She falls into an ambush. Five ghoulish, hooded youths surround her— they take her mobile, her purse, her engagement ring, but they want more. Just then, a fireball explodes out of the sky and destroys a nearby parked car.

From the wreckage emerges a vicious little alien that the youths hunt down, kill and triumphantly parade back to their block. But their adventure is not over. The night is still young and the attack on the block has only just begun.."

Joe Cornish recently co-wrote with Edgar Wright on Marvel's Ant-Man and Tintin: The Secret of The Unicorn. He even had small cameo in Hot Fuzz playing crime scene specialist Bob.

Nick Frost (Pirate Radio, Paul, Hot Fuzz) could have a major role in the film. He used Twitter to announce a costume fitting for Cornish.


Anthony Hopkins could be playing Odin in Thor.

Producer Stephen L’Heureux has revealed plans to shoot Sin City 2 in the spring with Robert Rodriguez behind the camera. The sequel is from an original script written by Frank Miller. L’Heureux also says that The Hard Boiled film is setup at Warner Bros. with Miller possibility directing. I doubt any studio will allow Miller to direct any film after The Spirit.

Tropic Thunder co-writer Etan Cohen has been hired to write Men In Black 3. There is a possibility that director Barry Sonnenfeld will return along with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.

J.J. Abrams has confirmed he won't return to direct Mission Impossible 4.

Tony Scott's next film will focus on the Chippendale founder and is being compared to True Romance.

Keanu Reeves, Vera Farmiga (Departed) and James Caan will star in Henry's Crime.

October 28, 2009

Luc Besson's Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec (2010)

There was longtime talk of writer/director Luc Besson returning to science fiction. Now the first film in a trilogy is behind cameras for a 2010 release. The actual release date for France wil be April 14th 2010. Besson had been busy making the Arthur & The Invisibles trilogy. Along with writing for films like Kiss of The Dragon, Unleashed, From Paris With Love, Taken and Transporter series. The project is being descriped as a mix of Tintin, Indiana Jones and Hellboy. I've heard that this could be either animated or live-action.

The film is based on the French comics by Jacques Tardi. Adele & the Beast, Mummies On Parade and The Mad Scientist seem to be the possible three of the nine volumes used for the first film.

"The year is 1912. Adèle Blanc-Sec, an intrepid young reporter, will go to any lengths to achieve her aims, including sailing to Egypt to tackle mummies of all shapes and sizes.

Meanwhile, in Paris, it’s panic stations! A 136 million-year old pterodactyl egg on a shelf in the natural history museum has mysteriously hatched, and the bird subjects the city to a reign of terror from the skies. But nothing fazes Adèle Blanc-Sec, whose adventures reveal many more extraordinary surprises…"

The film stars Louise Bourgoin as Adèle Blanc-Sec and Mathieu Amalric (Munich, Quantum of Solace) as the villain. Along with Gilles Lellouche (Anthony Zimmer) and Jean-Paul Rouve (La Vie En Rose).

UPDATE: Ridley Scott's Alien Prequel (2011-2013)

Originally the Alien Prequel had the blessing of Ridley Scott with him aboard as only producer. 20th Century Fox didn't think director Carl Rinsch could handle the project. Even though Rinsch is from the Scott camp, Fox has instead convinced Ridley to direct. Jon Spaihts wrote a screenplay. Although I'm not sure if Fox is happy with it and won't go ahead with rewrites. If it's a solid script I expect the studio will want Ridley to start pre-production on it sometime this year.

UPDATE: MarkSaw the blog of wild rumors is saying that James Cameron could also produce the film. I think this sounds right if Scott is hoping to use the same techniques Cameron developed for Avatar and Battle Angel. Ridley had been to the Avatar set and loved what he saw. I expect the same techniques to be used in both the Alien Prequel and The Forever War.

My assumption is that 20th Century Fox is pleased with the work Weta Digital has done with Avatar and will look to them for the massive special effects needed.

Possible Story

The idea is to make a prequel to the first Alien film. So there will be no Ripley at least that's my assumption. It could focus on an original team from Weyland-Yutani who investigate the derelict ship. Which later gives the company a reason to have the crew of the Nostromo also take a look at the ship. It seemed to me in the original film that the company and Ash had some previous knowledge of what was in the alien ship. I expect it will also explore the origins of the Space Jockey, the derelict ship and the Xenomorphs.

October 27, 2009


Another interesting rumor from MarketSaw says the Lizard could be the sole villain in Spider-Man 4. This would make sense with Dylan Baker back for more Dr. Curt Connors. Along with Sam Raimi stating he wants to "get back to basics" with the fourth film. Having an established character like Dr. Connors becoming The Lizard makes perfect sense. Let's hope Bruce Campbell's role in the film sets him up as the 5th film's villain.

IGN has an interesting casting rumor for Guy Ritchie's Lobo. They say Clancy Brown could play the intergalatic bounty hunter. Brown is best known for genre roles in Highlander and Starship Troopers. He seems the Ron Perlman type so if he is willing to sit in a makeup chair for the film I'd cast him.

MarketSaw is under the impression that Avatar 2 won't be set on Pandora but a new planet. I'm sort of happy that there is a chance Cameron could try something different for the sequel.

Things are heating up on Paramount's reboot of Dune. There are rumors that Peter Berg has left the project to focus on Battleship for Universal Pictures. The two directors who are rumored to be in mind to replace Berg are Niel Marshall (Centurion) and Niell Blomkamp (District). I'm actually glad Berg is off this film, either Marshall or Blomkamp could do a lot better.

The upcoming high profile racing movie Go Like Hell seems to be attracting some high profile acting talent. Brad Pitt, Josh Brolin and Matt Damon are been rumored to be circling the film.

Martin Scorcese's Sintra biopic seems to be further than expected as actors are being rumored. Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio and George Clooney are all being in the running to play Old Blue Eyes.

Woody Allen's next film finally has a title and somewhat of a synopsis. It will be titled You Will Met A Tall Dark Stranger and it revolves around different members of a family, their tangled love lives and their attempts to try to solve their problems. The film will be released sometime in 2010.

Broken Lizard's Slammin' Salmon is getting a December release date.

Diane Kruger (Inglourious Basterds) and January Jones (Mad Med) will star alongside Liam Neeson (A-Team) in Unknown White Male.

Paramount Pictures is considering on making a sequel to Paranormal Activity.

Sly Stallone has revealed plans to make Rocky VII after Rambo V. The film could be a drama focused on Rocky growing old. I have a feeling this film won't involve a boxing match.

Billy Connolly (Boondock Saints) says he might have a role in Troy Duffy's next film The Good King.

Shane Black (Lethal Weapon series) is writing a new Doc Savage film. Based on the pulp comics of the 30s and 40s.

Plans for a Saw 7 & 8 have been made official and Jigsaw star Toben Bell wants a shot at directing. I'm shocked how Twisted Pictures hasn't asked Saw 7 helmer to return.

Starting in November you'll be able to instantly view Netflix rentals via your Playstation 3. Another move to edge out other competitive video game consoles.

October 26, 2009

Coen Brothers' True Grit (2010)

The Coen Brothers will be returning to westerns. No Country For Old Men was a modern take on westerns but now they're taking on the John Wayne classic. They will use the original novel by Charles Portis as inspiration rather than the film. I'm very interested to see if they will make this a violent dark western or try to cram comedy into it. I enjoy almost every film the Coen Brothers have made so I'm excited.

Jeff Bridges (Tron Legacy, Big Lebowski) will play the character made famous by John Wayne and the role earned Wayne an Oscar.

Matt Damon (Green Zone) and Josh Brolin (Jonah Hex) are in talks to join the film.

October 25, 2009

My Fair Lady (2010-2011)

It's been rumored for a while that there are plans to make another My Fair Lady. Being a fan of Audrey Hepburn's films I was a bit apprehensive about the remake. Now that it's official that Joe Wright is attached I'm thinking differently. Wright is best known for directing Atonement and the recent version of Pride & Prejudice. I'm on fence about if I'd want this to be a musical or a straight up drama. Keira Knightley will play Eliza Doolittle.

Films That Should Be Made: Lady Death

It seems like studios are dying to find more fantasy based properties after the success of the Lord of The Rings. The Hobbit, Warcraft and Dante's Inferno films are in development. I'm sure fantasy comics like Lady Death will be the next properties to be optioned.

Hope is the daughter of a nobleman and prominent church figure named Matthias. He gathers human souls to add to his army in Hell. Matthias plans to lead the army against Lucifer then taking over the kingdom of Hell. Villagers upraise against Matthias and kill him sending his soul to Hell. Hope is found guilty of witchcraft and burned at the stake. She is forced by demons to renounce her humanity and is taken to hell. An epic battle ensues and the birth of Lady Death.

Somewhere between Hellboy and Underworld 3, along with a bit of Lord of The Rings. A majority of the film would be set in hell similar to the upcoming video game adaptation Dante's Inferno. It would also feature many large scale battle scenes with the undead and demons.

Amber Heard (The Ward) as Hope/Lady Death/Lady Demon

Witchblade (2010-2011)

Witchblade centres on NYPD homicide detective Sara Pezzini who finds a supernatural artefact resembling a jewel-encrusted metal gauntlet. This so-called Witchblade has incredible powers and bonds to her body, healing her from fatal wounds. Producers are comparing the project to Mark Millar's Wanted. There hasn't been any announcements on a script or writers. If the film doesn't go into production by the end of the year it could lose it's financing.

Director Michael Rymer is attached to the film. Rymer may have made Queen of The Damned, yet he's earned a pass for directing Battlestar Galactica. His involvement is enough for me to keep an eye on it's progress.

Megan Fox (Jonah Hex) was approached at Comic-Con 09' for the role of Sara. As usual Fox is rumored for every genre based female role. Fox is also attached to play Aspen in the James Cameron produced adaptation of Fathom. She has mentioned in interviews her love for artist Michael Turner. Turner worked on both Fathom and Witchblade.


Rose McGowan's character Cherry Darling from Planet Terror is listed to be included in Machete. There's a rumor that there could be a faux trailer attached for Planet Terror 2. It would have Rose reprising her role as the sicko killer, now with a mini-gun on her leg. At the end of Planet Terror there was a tease for a sequel. I hope this means Robert Rodriguez is toying with the idea of making the sequel.

Alan Grant a creator of comics Judge Dredd and Lobo has stated neither the producers or writers on the film adaptations have contacted him or other creators to consult. What this means is that they are left in the dark and haven't been allowed to see if these scripts are faithful to the comics. The plan to make Lobo a PG-13 movie has angered the creator. Saying the family friendly rating goes absolutely against the original concept of the thing.

Director George Miller held a press conference talking about the virtue of developing Australia's film industry. He also showed a few of the cars he had built for Mad Max 4. Miller commented on the casting rumors saying that he'll announce things when casting is finished. Thanks to ABC for posting the video.

Bloody Disgusting is reporting that Tobe Hooper who directed the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, could end up making the sequel/reboot for Twisted Pictures. It's been said that they want a more modern take on the film and are leaving the setting of the 1970s. Hooper is the perfect person to reinvent the material but it's just a rumor at this point.

Scream 4 looks like it's being put together very quickly by the Weinstien Company. The fourth installment will be in 3D, which is now becoming of a staple of Weinstien horror films. There are plans to bring back Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox and David Arquette. Rumors are circulating that Wes Craven will return to direct.

Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sly Stallone met up this weekend to film their scene together for The Expendables.

October 24, 2009

Shane Black Should Write & Direct Deadpool!

According to producer Lauren Shuler Donner she will make an announcement on writers for Deadpool in November. Usually when I give my thoughts on projects I point out many different writers or directors. This time there is one clear person for both jobs, Shane Black. Black may not be familiar to most but he's responsible for some amazing action films. He has an uncanny ability to combine slapstick comedy with large scale action films. Writing scripts for Richard Donner's Lethal Weapon series and The Last Boy Scout. Black isn't a stranger to pulp characters he's apparently working on a new Doc Savage film with Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (Transformers, Star Trek) serving as producers. Having Black aboard would also allow the film to be rated R, a hope of all fans of the Deadpool character.


Now you're wondering if he's a writer why should we let him direct? Well he's done an excellent job directing as well with Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. The film even broke the fourth wall which is an important element for a Deadpool movie. He also wrote Last Action Hero another massive action film that breaks the fourth wall.