October 28, 2009

UPDATE: Ridley Scott's Alien Prequel (2011-2013)

Originally the Alien Prequel had the blessing of Ridley Scott with him aboard as only producer. 20th Century Fox didn't think director Carl Rinsch could handle the project. Even though Rinsch is from the Scott camp, Fox has instead convinced Ridley to direct. Jon Spaihts wrote a screenplay. Although I'm not sure if Fox is happy with it and won't go ahead with rewrites. If it's a solid script I expect the studio will want Ridley to start pre-production on it sometime this year.

UPDATE: MarkSaw the blog of wild rumors is saying that James Cameron could also produce the film. I think this sounds right if Scott is hoping to use the same techniques Cameron developed for Avatar and Battle Angel. Ridley had been to the Avatar set and loved what he saw. I expect the same techniques to be used in both the Alien Prequel and The Forever War.

My assumption is that 20th Century Fox is pleased with the work Weta Digital has done with Avatar and will look to them for the massive special effects needed.

Possible Story

The idea is to make a prequel to the first Alien film. So there will be no Ripley at least that's my assumption. It could focus on an original team from Weyland-Yutani who investigate the derelict ship. Which later gives the company a reason to have the crew of the Nostromo also take a look at the ship. It seemed to me in the original film that the company and Ash had some previous knowledge of what was in the alien ship. I expect it will also explore the origins of the Space Jockey, the derelict ship and the Xenomorphs.

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