March 30, 2014

John Boyega And Chadwick Boseman Talk BLACK PANTHER Role

Black Panther has been a hot-topic in development project at Marvel for years now, at one point Wesley Snipes was considered for the role. More recently, Mark Bailey completed a draft for the script which seemingly impressed insiders and the Marvel offices. However, the studio has pushed it back to make way for projects like Guardians of The Galaxy, Ant-Man and Doctor Strange. Kevin Feige stated last year, that they were indeed still developing the film. It's a bit more reassuringly than the shutdown on the Black Widow film.

When it comes to grilling potential actors about Black Panther, none are betting than BlackFilm. They've been getting a bunch of responses from actors over the last year or so. Another T'Challa candidate (according LatinoReview) is up-and-comer Chadwick Boseman (Get On Up, 42), and he commented on the possibility of doing Black Panther. He starts out coy, but eventually gives the impression the character would have to standout for him to do it. We currently don't even know if he's even in the running anymore.

Could you see yourself playing Black Panther?
Chadwick Boseman: I could see myself doing anything in terms of comic book, action, or anything like that. Black Panther, in particular, I’m not going to answer that.
If not, then which character?
CB: Let me put to you this way. If it’s character driven, I’ll do it. As long as it’s character driven, I would love to do it. If it’s just you in a suit and you with powers, then it doesn’t interest me, no matter how big it is. As long as it’s character driven, I’m totally into it. If they could figure out how to do Black Panther and make it fit the original or adapt to the times we’re in now and be new and innovative and be character driven and has the sense of what the comic book is supposed to be, but not bound by it, then yes, of course, I would want to do it.
As he finished speaking on the record, he asked if folks wanted to see a Black Panther film and I said yes. Then he asked, “What about Green Lantern?”

Attack The Block's John Boyega has been more vocal about his desire of playing a Marvel role. Speaking to FlicksAndTheCity he mentioned inspiring actors which included Sam Rockwell (Iron Man 2), Anthony Hopkins (Thor 1-2), and fellow Star Wars candidate David Oyelowo (also a favorite for Panther). He was also asked about Marvel and Joss Whedon calling, and he specifically names Black Panther and Blade as dream-roles.

"First of all, if Joss Whedon called. I would leave my life behind and fly out to L.A., and train for the role...But I'm a big Marvel fan and I'm a big DC fan, so I'm into all that stuff. I know of what film is auditioning, I can tell you right now and futuristically speaking, that's just because I'm a fan. So, obviously I'd be very happy if that happened. And, I'm pretty sure hopefully if everything goes well, it might just happen."

"So..I'm just going to be specific.. I would play the Black Panther in Marvel, Joss Whedon if you're listening make a good choice. I don't know there's loads, there's Black Panther, there's Blade, they want to do a Blade reboot. If Wesley Snipes handed the baton to me, that'd be good."

Back in December, John spoke to Metro explaining why the Black Panther story speaks to him.

"The Black Panther, the Marvel character. For me it’s the back-story. My family is originally from Nigeria and the Black Panther comics are about this African nation that is wealthy and healthy and totally cut off from the world. It’s never known slavery, it’s the ultimate nation – it neither buys nor sells oil. The Americans and the British want to know: ‘What’s the deal with these people?’ – they see the Black Panther as a kind of panther god. If I ever got that role, I’d think I’d died and gone to heaven."

It doesn't hurt his Marvel connections working with Ant-Man's Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish on Attack The Block. Walking the red carpet to support Joss Whedon (Avengers) and Drew Goddard's (Daredevil) horror hybrid Cabin In The Woods, which co-starred Thor's Chris Hemsworth. Having experience at Comic-Con and being a comic book fan might be asset as well.

He was recently connected to roles in both Star Wars: Episode VII and Terminator: Genesis (didn't end up with the part). The former could allow extra international exposure which would be needed for the Black Panther lead role (similar to Hemsworth's Star Trek exposure prior to Thor). At the moment, we don't expect the Panther solo movie to show-up until Phase Four, allowing Boyega to knock-out a couple of Star Wars films first (if he ends up landing a role). ThePlaylist has also made the case to consider John for the T'Challa role.


March 29, 2014

Gambit And Nightcrawler Teased For 80s-Set X-MEN: APOCALYPSE, Will Channing Tatum Play Gambit?

While speaking to CinePremiere (via ScreenRant) Singer confirmed X-Men: Apocalypse would be set sometime in the 1980's, which is a little further into the future than we were expecting. The reasoning behind it is that Bryan wants to include characters like Gambit and Nightcrawler (we assume others such as Cyclops, Jean and Storm would also be on the table as showing-up). The pair of X-Men would be around in that timeline, which would make them somewhere in their mid-late 20s or early 30s (if Nightcrawler was born in the 60's). Depending on how Singer approaches Nightcrawler in the end, as the film's script is still being developed/written.

“I’m considering a Gambit and potentially a young Nightcrawler for Apocalypse. [We were] going to have to Nightcrawler [in Days of Future Past] and even wrote a scene, but I felt that we were forcing too mutants known history.”

Louisiana actor Channing Tatum (21 Jump Street, 22 Jump Street, This Is The End, White House Down, Magic Mike 1-2, Haywire, Jupiter Ascending, Foxcatcher, Lego Movie) has already been campaigning for the Gambit role (via SlashFilm), and Lauren Shuler Donner has gone as far to hint new talk of a Gambit movie. She even seemed excited on the prospective of Channing in the role. His film Foxcatcher is expected to gather a lot of awards talk, which could ease fans apprehension of casting him in the role.

“I would like to play Gambit. Gambit’s my favorite. I’m from New Orleans, around that area. My dad’s from New Orleans, and I like to do a Cajun accent. I could do it for real. No knock on Taylor Kitsch [who played the character in 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine'], though, ’cause I actually like his Gambit, but I’ve always lived around Cajun people. [...] Gambit was always like the woman-loving, cigarette-smoking, drinking [guy]. He was the punk rock of all the superheroes. He’s a thief. He kind of rode the line.”

At one point the X-Men franchise producer was actively considering a Gambit film, but after the poor reception of Origins, that talk quickly slowed down. I assume even more so when Taylor Kitsch, ended up leading two massive box office bombs (John Carter and Battleship), the negative stigma that actor brings to the table might be the reason they never brought him back. Along with Matthew Vaughn/Bryan Singer's timeline update clean-up via First Class and Days of Future Past. Lauren's recent quotes to Empire give the impressive the studio could consider Channing's offer, which could lead to a spin-off feature. We already know that a mystery Marvel film is set for release in 2018 (July 13th) at Fox, it's possible the Gambit film could be the mystery project. Given that X-Force will likely happen before 2018, Jeff Wadlow's script has a completed draft.

"I'm dying to do a Gambit movie with Channing Tatum," Shuler Donner reveals. "That doesn't have to be a great big movie. It's a thief in New Orleans, it's a whole different story. He's on board, and I have to get the studio on board. How can anyone resist Channing? He's such a sweetheart."

While we sort of have an idea of where Fox might go with casting with Gambit, but they haven't really mentioned names for Nightcrawler. It's safe to say they'll be recasting Alan Cummings for the role. Since the teleporting offspring of Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) would be a lot younger than he was in the 2002 film.

I know that Irish actor Domhnall Gleeson (Harry Potter, Dredd, Never Let Me Go, True Grit, Frank, Ex Machina, Unbroken, Anna Karenina) has been mentioned for a role (possibly Dr. Doom) in Fox's Fantastic Four, but if that doesn't pan-out he'd make a solid Nightcrawler. It doesn't hurt he just worked with Michael Fassbender (Magneto) in the punk-rock comedy Frank. That film, and Angelina Jolie's WWII bio-pic Unbroken are expected to be major award contenders in 2014-2015. We haven't really seen Fox make the attempt to cast awards caliber actors for actual X-Men.

Another solid actor in my opinion would be Ben Wishaw (Cloud Atlas, Skyfall, Bond 24, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, Layer Cake, The Hour).

If Singer ends up going young for the role (a bit risky to the tone of the film), which makes sense since Jennifer Lawrence's Mystique is the character's mother. Game of Thrones actor Isaac Hempstead-Wright might be a good fit. He's been growing like a weed lately, by the time production comes-together he might be towering over the rest of the cast. My biggest problem with adding a teen into the lineup would lose the edge that has been established with Days of Future Past. Having characters that can be thrown into the fray without hesitation, might be a better move. At least until something like New Mutants comes around.

Should Gambit and Nightcrawler be apart of the sequel's lineup? Who would you want to see playing Nightcrawler? 

New Trailers And Poster For X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST

Fox is full-steam-ahead for their promotion of X-Men: Days of Future Past. The studio has released a bunch of trailers (Domestic and Japanese), the first TV spot and finally a decent poster (even if it's a photoshop nightmare). More of the plot is revealed in the TV spot than the two trailers, and we also get to see Quicksilver in action.

March 28, 2014

New AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Images Tease The Fate Of Gwen Stacy

HUNGER GAMES Actor Dayo Okeniyi Takes Final TERMINATOR: GENESIS Lead Role

Variety reports that Hunger Games actor Dayo Okeniyi has landed a lead role in Terminator: Genesis. He'll play Danny Dyson, the son of Skynet key-creator Miles Dyson (last seen in Terminator 2). As a boy Danny was exposed to The Connors and the terminator, when Sarah went rogue and tried to assassinate his father. Miles went-on to help destroy his work and sacrificed his life. I assume that Danny's role will be action-focused.

Dayo apparently was up against John Boyega (Attack The Block) for the part. It's unknown if John's rumored participation with Star Wars: Episode VII casting had anything to do with not landing the role.


March 26, 2014

Hawkeye Has Sleeves! First Look At Jeremy Renner's Updated Costume In AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON

It looks like Joss Whedon is taking more costume cues from The Ultimates, as Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye was spotted on set in Italy with a new costume. It's also sort of his Ultimate look combined with his classic costume, I think fans will be happy that Renner will have sleeves at some point in the film. Someone also pointed-out that Barton's usual costume was missing the usual SHIELD patch. This could mean he's gone rogue or that the Avengers have separated themselves from SHIELD in the sequel.


Lucasfilm Eyeing Bradley Cooper For INDIANA JONES Reboot And Frank Darabont Pitching Story?

The internet was all a buzz when there was chatter of development on Indiana Jones 5 and Indiana Jones 6. However, bringing back Harrison Ford at the ripe-age of 70, might be a little too much for audiences to handle. Not to mention push forward two more installments, as the action-lead. We love Harrison, but there's only a certain amount of roles that are believable for him these days. There is a new aspect of the development at Lucasfilm, now that Disney has secured the distribution rights from Paramount.

LatinoReview states that the studio is considering on a reboot of sorts, similar to Bond or Batman. Recasting the title role with a new face, likely a role that could see a bunch of different actors play, so not just outright replacing Ford entirely. They say a few names are in the mix, which include two-time Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper. An actor that has roots in comedic, adventure and dramatic roles, a perfect combo for a franchise like this. He's also involved with Disney/Marvel's Guardians of The Galaxy, which would likely help his chances.

They go on to mention that Frank Darabont (The Mist, Walking Dead, Godzilla) has pitched some ideas, but aren't revealing what those are. Frank actually has close-ties with the Indiana Jones franchise and hopefully lands the screenwriting gig.


March 25, 2014


Captain America: The Winter Soldier will be released this weekend and Marvel already has set a release date Captain America 3. The third installment is set for May 6th, 2016 which will take place post-Avengers: Age of Ultron. Marvel has brought back the Russo brothers to director and are working the screenwriters on the script. Franchise writers Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus are also back.

It's crazy to think the third movie will actually be fifth Marvel movie with Steve Rogers. While it's hard to predict what is going to happen in the next film, we've had a few hints what could be in it. Of course, a lot of this could change in the next two years, but here's what we have so far. An easy assumption to make is that Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie), Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp) and others will be returning.

VILLAINS: Thomas Kretschmann who plays Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, has confirmed there is future for his character within the MCU (post-Age of Ultron). This makes perfect sense as Strucker is the face of the modern-day version of HYDRA and could be the type of standout main villain the franchise needs. Baron Zemo has also been teased in Winter Soldier concept artwork (one of their off-screen WWII missions was titled "Operation: Zemo"), and at one time both were in early drafts of The First Avenger script.

Crossbones is expected to make a return, depending on the outcome of Winter Soldier. We've heard that Drew Pearce is considering making a Crossbones and Sin Marvel One-Shot. Sin just happens to be the daughter of The Red Skull and is the villainous partner of Crossbones. She eventually takes the place of her father as the new Red Skull. If Marvel decides bringing back the original Red Skrull might be too difficult to explain, this might be their second option.

Now that it's possible HYDRA could be resurrected, we might finally see Cap get a female villain, which is long overdue. Madame Hydra is a longstanding Cap villain, but has yet to make an appearance. While Fox has ownership of her other codename (Viper), the title of Madame Hydra and her real name of Opheila Sarkissian can be used in Marvel's films. Opheila is also Strucker's second in-command, making her more likely to be used.

While speaking with BadassDigest franchise writers Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus gave hints to where the third film could be going and reveal that another Ed Brubaker storyline might be used. Christopher Markus hinted at "psychotic '50s Captain America". William Burnside is so obsessed with Captain America he changes his name to Steve Rogers, gets plastic surgery and takes an untested "super-soldier serum". His story was recently explored in Ed Brubaker's run of Captain America and would see the mentally-damaged would-be hero exploited similar to how the Winter Solider, eventually becoming a villain known as The Grand Director (a version of the villain brainwashes Sharon Carter). I wouldn't be shocked if Bucky's puppet-masters end up making a return, or perhaps Strucker and HYDRA are involved. While it's an interesting concept the writers are known for giving false information, previously teasing Modok for the second Captain America film.

McFeely: Oh yeah, you can probably predict some of the threads we would like to pick up again that we’ve laid out there. And we always go back to the comics and dive back in and look at anything we’ve missed in the last few years that might be relevant.

Markus: We’ve definitely set out on a more realistic road in the Cap movies, you know. Even more grounded than in the other MCU movies. And so it kind of rules out Cap fighting the Dinosaur Man or something like that. There are some that aren’t gonna start and other ones that — I mean there’s a couple we’re playing with right now that we really want to take elements from. Which we’ll not reveal....(after pressured).. psychotic ’50s Cap.”

UNION JACK: James Montgamary Falsworth was played by J.J. Feild and is apart of the Union Jack mantle (Cap's British counterpart and fellow Invader). Being apart of the Howling Commandos, it's possible Steve will try to track him down or his family members. He eventually passes the torch in the modern-era to Joey Chapman (revealed to exist in Iron Man 2 as a professional F1 racer). Having a British member of Cap's team could open it up a bit internationally, since we've been getting mostly American supporting characters. It makes perfect sense for a political thriller like Winter Solider, but adding international members to his new team could harken to his Howler days. Possibly taking outsiders (non-S.H.I.E.L.D. agents) as members of his new unit, very similar to Sam Wilson/Falcon. 

Considering the new series Agent Carter is on the way which will likely show the origins of S.H.I.E.L.D., including characters like Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper) and Falsworth (Feild) would make a lot of sense. Placing Union Jack in both the 40-50s and modern day could be very cool way to explore the tradition of passing down the heroic title. 

Since Bucky got a bit of resurrection in The Winter Soldier, it would be nice to see Marvel dust-off other members of the Howling Commandos. Even if it's just another Falsworth such as Jacqueline Falsworth/Spitfire or Joey Chapman who is given the title. Passing the title to a S.H.I.E.L.D. outsider could also make for an interesting way to introduce Joey as Union Jack. Making him a daredevil rogue, who is chosen for the heroic title rather than earning it. 

YELENA BELOVA/BLACK WIDOW II: Marvel's Kevin Feige has pretty much confirmed that Black Widow's stories will be told within other Marvel films. Stating she's pretty much stuck as a supporting character. Sharing major screentime in features like The Avengers, The Winter Soldier and Age of Ultron. Exploring her world in more depth could give us villain and Thunderbolt member Yelena Belova. The successor to the Black Widow title, is also known as Little Spider. Giving Natasha a rival/enemy of her own could be a way to give her own mini-adventure within a bigger story. 


March 24, 2014

HOUSE OF CARDS Actor Corey Stoll Could Join ANT-MAN And Evangeline Lilly Confirmed?

TheWrap reports that character actor Corey Stoll (Midnight In Paris, House of Cards, Non-Stop, Salt) is in-talks to take an unnamed role in Edgar Wright's Ant-Man. His role isn't mentioned but it's possible he could end-up taking either supporting role or could end up a villain. Patrick Wilson's role hasn't been revealed but Stoll might end up playing SHIELD Agent Eric O'Grady or even villain Egghead (a role both Simon Pegg and Rob Corddry jokingly campaigned for). I'm sure when Marvel makes the official casting announcements we'll get more information.The rest of the cast includes Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Patrick Wilson, Michael Pena and Clifton Collins Jr.

The site also seemingly confirms that Canadian actress Evangeline Lilly (Lost, Real Steel, Hurt Locker, Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Hobbit: There And Back Again) has indeed been cast in the female lead, which may or may not be Janet aka The Wasp.



Frosty over at Collider is at Cinema-Con, a giant trade show for theatre owners which promotes upcoming features and technology. He was able to snap this interesting shot from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, while at the event. While the site has been poster a ton of title banner images, this actually the first juicy exclusive they've posted. We get a decent shot of Megan Fox as April O'Neil and Will Arnett reacting to something, which is likely from the upcoming trailer.

The project has to be one of the biggest summer secrets, as it remains to be the only summer blockbuster without a trailer. Paramount is still dealing with all the backlash from making the turtles aliens (has since reversed that plot point) and having Michael Bay producing. General audiences and the public believes that Bay is actually the one directing, which could be another problem they'll have to overcome. Mr. Bay is a punchline for directors who make terrible films, and fans already have voiced their distain of his involvement from day-one.


PROMETHEUS 2 Next For Ridley Scott And Coming March 2016!

It looks like Ridley Scott wasn't blowing smoke up our asses last year, when he talked-up Prometheus 2 (Paradise) being next on his plate. Hinting the second installment in the two-part saga (originally a two-part film when titled Alien: Origins and Carl Rinsch was set to direct) would be next for him. We last heard that Transcendence writer Jack Paglen finished his draft and Scott was teasing a 2015 release date, which according TheWrap is indeed that untitled Ridley Scott project which has the March 3rd, 2016 slot. They also report that shooting will begin this fall, after Scott completes work on the upcoming Moses film Exodus.

Jeff also reveals that Michael Green has been tasked to come-in to add rewrites to the script. Green recently did writes on Ridley's Blade Runner sequel at Alcon. It sounds like Fox and Ridley aren't taking any chances quality-wise by hiring these two sci-fi screenwriters. It seems like Paglen wrote the blueprint and Green will polish, likely with the usual studio notes that are usually associated with an Alien universe script. As Fox and producers have a history of holding a fair-bit of creative control of the franchise, most notably producer/writer Walter Hill.

TheWrap adds that the film will see multiple David androids, who is played by Michael Fassbender. Possibly, the rescue crew or search crew for the missing team, after the events of the first film. We already know that Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and David are on their way to the Engineers' homeworld, other than that we really don't know much of the plot. Having Jeff includes these minor details are stellar since we'll likely be in the dark for the next couple of months.


FIRST LOOK! Elizabeth Olsen And Aaron Johnson On Set For AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON In Italy (Doubling For Eastern Europe)

First unit is finally shooting in Italy for Avengers: Age of Ultron, as we get our first glimpses of the actors in costume. The high volume of photos are making the rounds Twitter and blogs-alike (JustJared). We see Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye (sans SHIELD patch) along with our first looks at Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch and Aaron Johnson as Quicksilver.

A stand-in for Ultron or his horde of bots also showed-up on set, but isn't a great representing the final look of the deadly robots. Since they're CGI characters and won't actually be shown in-camera with actors during set shoots. The Italian set is actually doubling for a Eastern European country, likely Serbia or the fictional country Transia.

March 22, 2014

Who Should Play Villain Omega Red In WOLVERINE 3?

A villain for Wolverine 3 hasn't been revealed or confirmed by anyone involved with the project. However, I've had my own suspicions that Omega Red (or at least his technology) was hinted to a couple of times in The Wolverine. With this in mind, I've put together a wish-list of sorts for who should be considered for the role, if it even exists to be filled.

One of the biggest complaints I've had with the X-Men films is that post-X2 they really haven't had a really solid villain. Magneto and Stryker being the best to date, while there was some interesting elements to Shaw (Kevin Bacon) he didn't give-off a real threat-vibe in First Class. I'm sure Apocalypse will be a worthy adversary for the team, but I'm kind of hoping Fox and producers consider a very familiar X-Men villain for Wolverine 3.

Arkady Rossovich/Omega Red is Logan's second biggest villain next to Sabertooth and has yet to make an appearance in the films. He's a serial-killer turned Soviet super-weapon (came before Brubaker's Winter Soldier storyline) and eventually becomes uncontrollable due to his life-force draining tentacles and madness. A sort of evil version of Wolverine, had Logan been a monster prior to his Weapon-X transformation. There could be a bunch of ways to introduce Rossovich considering the character has ties to the Japanese underworld (The Yakuza). At one point yakuza crimelord Matsu’o Tsurayaba (Matta) becomes his handler. In the comics, Tsurayaba attempts a take over of the Yashida Clan. This eventually leads to the death of Mariko.

My choices for candidates include Daniel Craig (Skyfall, Road To Perdition, Munich, Defiance), Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Headhunters, Game of Thrones, Gods of Egypt ), Viggo Mortensen (Eastern Promises, The Road, History of Violence) and Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal, The Hunt, Valhalla Rising)

DANIEL CRAIG: Daniel has bit of trifecta when it comes to links to actors in the Wolverine franchise. He's previously worked with Hugh Jackman on the stage and also co-starred with Liev Schreiber (Sabertooth) in the Russian WWII thriller Defiance. A role which saw Craig speak more than a few lines in Russian, having an actor that can convincing speak a foreign language is a major asset. He also doesn't play many villains and this would be a chance to really let him loose. I loved how cruel and dark he was in Road To Perdition, perhaps this could further explore that dark side. The only problem is that Craig could be called-up to shoot Bond 25 during the expected 2016 shoot for Wolverine 3. Not to mention Craig's price-tag might scare-off studios looking to save a few dollars.

NIKOLAJ COSTER-WALDU: We've already seen his Game of Thrones co-star Peter Dinklage take the villainous role of Trask in Days of Future Past, why not include Nikolaj as well? He's got the look and brooding dark side needed for a role like this. He's yet to really jump feet-first into the comic book genre, even though he was in mix for a role in The Winter Soldier. He surprises me every episode of Thrones and played a solid villain in Headhunters.

VIGGO MORTENSEN: He might be hardest of the bunch to convince, but Viggo has the skills to really pull-off a morbid villain like this. The only problem is that Viggo sees himself more of an actor's actor, taking on more independent roles than big commercial ones post-LOTR. If Fox was aiming to shut-up a lot of critics suspect of the intentions of this project, hiring him could peak a lot of interest of film nerds. Landing the actor could prove to be hardest casting addition to the X-Men franchise.

MADS MIKKELSEN: He's already been linked for meeting with Marvel Studios about roles in Thor: The Dark World and possibly Doctor Strange, but nothing officially has been announced concerning those talks. Obviously, Mads is open to the idea and has starred in genre projects before. Fox could strike before Marvel get's around to finally hiring him, and he'd make a very chilling Omega Red for sure. Unlike, Craig he's likely able to commit to a project like this and has more of an open-mind than Viggo.

March 21, 2014

DAREDEVIL Reboot Screenwriter Hired To Pen WOLVERINE 3

Wolverine 3 is coming together quickly, considering the last film was released last summer. Deadline reports that Fox has hired David James Kelly (Straw Man) to turn director James Mangold's outline into a screenplay. Kelly is a bit of unknown writer, but a while back Fox tasked him to write a draft for Joe Carnahan's gritty Daredevil reboot (before the rights reverted back to Marvel). It's possible they saw potential from the new writer and felt he might be a good fit for Wolverine. The third film is set for a March 3rd, 2017 release date giving everyone involved plenty of time to flush-out a new story before cameras roll, likely in 2016. Hugh Jackman has also officially signed-on, which isn't much of a surprise.


Idris Elba And Jake Johnson Also Confirmed For JURASSIC WORLD?

A while back there was chatter in the trades that both Idris Elba (Pacific Rim, Thor: The Dark World) and Jake Johnson (New Girl, Safety Not Guaranteed) were in the mix for roles in Jurassic World. It seems like THR has confirmed their involvement, or have just made a simple mistake listing the cast.

I have a feeling it's the former, since those are two names we've been hearing for a while now, and the size of their roles hasn't actually been revealed. Elba is gathering-steam as name in Hollywood, but a role in a Jurassic Park film would be hard to turn down. As the British actor has a tendency to take-on genre projects, not to mention is a workaholic. Jake has worked with Colin previously, and could end up the comedic-relief of the film (a role also linked to Jason Schwartzman).

A recent string of additions to the cast includes Vincent D’Onofrio (Full Metal Jacket, Men In Black) and Irrfan Khan (Life of Pi, Slumdog Millionaire, Amazing Spider-Man). Colin Trevorrow also confirmed that BD Wong would be reprising his role of Dr. Henry Wu from the original film. Wong's character seemingly could be the only link to Jurassic Park.


X-MEN's Omar Sy Joins The Cast Of JURASSIC WORLD

It's official French actor Omar Sy (X-Men: Days of Future Past, Intouchables) has joined the growing cast of Jurassic World, according to director Colin Trevororow. The director announced Omar's addition via his Twitter account. He'll join fellow Marvel alumni Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt.


Did Fox Quietly Announce Ridley Scott's PROMETHEUS 2 Release Date For March 2016?

20th Century Fox also surprisingly announced another untitled film, which will be a Ridley Scott project. Giving the film a March 4th, 2016 release date. While Ridley does have a bunch of projects circling at Fox, one seems to be a giant standout to the others. That being, his Prometheus sequel which is possibly titled Paradise. The project had been fast-tracked after the original writers exited, the studio pushed forward with a new screenwriter. A very similar practice, to how the studio handled their Alien franchise.

Ridley recently confirmed that the script had been completed by Jack Paglen (Transcendence) and even hinted to a 2016 release date. It's very possible that this could be the next project for Scott when he finishes post-production on Exodus. Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace are expected to reprise their roles, it's possible the film won't even go into production until 2015.

Fox Announces Release Dates For WOLVERINE 3, FANTASTIC FOUR 2 And Another Unnamed Marvel Film

20th Century Fox has finally announced the release date for their sequel to The Wolverine, tentatively title Wolverine 3. It's set to be released on March 3rd, 2017. This confirms previous statements made by writer/director James Mangold his Wolverine sequel would shoot next after X-Men: Apocalypse. No story elements have been confirmed, but I have a strong feeling we could be seeing Omega Red end up the big-bad of the third installment.

They went even further by announcing The Fantastic Four 2 release date, which at this point hadn't even been teased. The first film hasn't even begun production, but Fox has set the sequel's release for July 14th, 2017. Of course, this release date will likely depend on the first film being a success in 2015. The move here could be to lock-in director Josh Trank and the cast to the date, just in-case.

A third Marvel film was also announced for July 13th, 2018, but project is currently untitled. It could end up being X-Force (which is expected to happen sooner than 2018) or possibly a X-Men/Fantastic Four team-up, not unlike The Avengers.

The one thing that seems apparent with this news, Marvel/Sony/Fox are likely talking to each other to figure out release dates for their Marvel films. A sort of unified-front, rather than competing with each other. It looks like an all around good thing for the franchises, I can't say the same about future DC films and their release spots. As Warner Bros. will have manoeuvre their projects around multiple Marvel summer tentpoles in the future.

March 20, 2014

Christian Bale Wanted For Steve Jobs Role In Untitled David Fincher/Aaron Sorkin Film?

TheWrap is reporting that Oscar winner Christian Bale is David Fincher's choice to play Steve Jobs in Sony's untitled bio-pic written by Aaron Sorkin. The duo responsible for The Social Network, is aiming to recapture that stellar vision for the life of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. Hopefully erasing all memory of that terrible movie that had Ashton Kutcher in the lead. It's a promising piece of casting news, but it's still very early.


LEGO MOVIE Directors Wanted For GHOSTBUSTERS 3 And Will Jonah Hill Finally Take A Lead Role?

After the passing of legendary comedic actor, writer and director Harold Ramis, it seemed the Ghostbusters 3 production was in trouble. The studio was still keen on moving forward, even when director Ivan Reitman (who has been rolling out crappy films over the last decade) exited the project. A new update from NikkiFinke suggests that Sony is considering the directing-duo of Phil Lord and Chris Miller. The pair that gave us two Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs installments, The Lego Movie and 21/22 Jump Street. It's possible the film could begin production in early 2015.

Their Jump Street connection to Jonah Hill makes perfect sense, as Sony was begging Jonah and Emma Stone to take lead roles in Ghostbusters sequel (via SchmoesKnow). Last we heard, Emma had passed and Hill was still in active talks. Considering, Hill has made both Jump Street films with the pair of directors, it might be a way to coax the two-time Oscar nominee to be the face of the sequel. As they have a steady track record of hits under their belts.

That said, there hasn't been an update concerning the new cast since the recent production shake-up. Personally, I think they should minimize the roles of Ray and Winston. Allowing a brand new cast to really take-over the film. Since Bill Murray has completely distanced himself, they should try to limit the scenes with the two original team members.


March 18, 2014

First Looks At Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver And Hulkbuster In AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Concept Art

We finally have our first glimpses of concept art from Avengers: Age of Ultron. ABC aired a Marvel documentary on the history of Marvel Studios' success, which included to revealing artwork from the Avengers sequel. The art included Elizabeth Olsen's Scarlet Witch, Aaron Johnson's Quicksilver and Iron Man's Hulkbuster armor. The latter is our first official hint to the Planet Hulk storyline coming in the future.