March 17, 2014


It was reported a while back that director James Mangold had been tasked to develop an outline for a sequel to his successful X-Men film The Wolverine. Giving the director slightly more creative power than he previously had, a good thing considering how the ending wasn't likely his doing, but in the hands of the screenwriters. Hugh Jackman has spoken to James about the project, but little was known when it might end up going into production.

James has taken to twitter to confirm their aim is to shoot after Bryan Singer's X-Men: Apocalypse, due to be released in 2016 (likely shooting sometime in 2015). Giving the impression if all goes well, The Wolverine 2 could shoot either in 2015 or 2016, for a 2017 release date. I mention it shooting in 2015 because it could allow Jackman to shoot the films back-to-back, getting them done quicker than if Fox had the productions spread-out.

Mangold also reiterated that The Wolverine is the second highest grossing X-Men film earning $415m worldwide (this doesn't include $42.5m earned from DVD/BR sales, or its digital sales), on a budget of $117m (second lowest budget in the franchise).


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