March 24, 2014

PROMETHEUS 2 Next For Ridley Scott And Coming March 2016!

It looks like Ridley Scott wasn't blowing smoke up our asses last year, when he talked-up Prometheus 2 (Paradise) being next on his plate. Hinting the second installment in the two-part saga (originally a two-part film when titled Alien: Origins and Carl Rinsch was set to direct) would be next for him. We last heard that Transcendence writer Jack Paglen finished his draft and Scott was teasing a 2015 release date, which according TheWrap is indeed that untitled Ridley Scott project which has the March 3rd, 2016 slot. They also report that shooting will begin this fall, after Scott completes work on the upcoming Moses film Exodus.

Jeff also reveals that Michael Green has been tasked to come-in to add rewrites to the script. Green recently did writes on Ridley's Blade Runner sequel at Alcon. It sounds like Fox and Ridley aren't taking any chances quality-wise by hiring these two sci-fi screenwriters. It seems like Paglen wrote the blueprint and Green will polish, likely with the usual studio notes that are usually associated with an Alien universe script. As Fox and producers have a history of holding a fair-bit of creative control of the franchise, most notably producer/writer Walter Hill.

TheWrap adds that the film will see multiple David androids, who is played by Michael Fassbender. Possibly, the rescue crew or search crew for the missing team, after the events of the first film. We already know that Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and David are on their way to the Engineers' homeworld, other than that we really don't know much of the plot. Having Jeff includes these minor details are stellar since we'll likely be in the dark for the next couple of months.


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