March 20, 2014

LEGO MOVIE Directors Wanted For GHOSTBUSTERS 3 And Will Jonah Hill Finally Take A Lead Role?

After the passing of legendary comedic actor, writer and director Harold Ramis, it seemed the Ghostbusters 3 production was in trouble. The studio was still keen on moving forward, even when director Ivan Reitman (who has been rolling out crappy films over the last decade) exited the project. A new update from NikkiFinke suggests that Sony is considering the directing-duo of Phil Lord and Chris Miller. The pair that gave us two Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs installments, The Lego Movie and 21/22 Jump Street. It's possible the film could begin production in early 2015.

Their Jump Street connection to Jonah Hill makes perfect sense, as Sony was begging Jonah and Emma Stone to take lead roles in Ghostbusters sequel (via SchmoesKnow). Last we heard, Emma had passed and Hill was still in active talks. Considering, Hill has made both Jump Street films with the pair of directors, it might be a way to coax the two-time Oscar nominee to be the face of the sequel. As they have a steady track record of hits under their belts.

That said, there hasn't been an update concerning the new cast since the recent production shake-up. Personally, I think they should minimize the roles of Ray and Winston. Allowing a brand new cast to really take-over the film. Since Bill Murray has completely distanced himself, they should try to limit the scenes with the two original team members.


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