March 7, 2014

SIN CITY 3 Talk Returns And Will Johnny Depp Still Play Wallace?

DenOfGeek Has caught-wind that Robert Rodriguez is talking Sin City 3 again. It's expected that the film will be based on Frank Miller's Sin City: Hell And Back graphic novel, the longest in the Sin City series. The book follows Wallace, one of the more easy to like characters, as he's flushed out in the expanded story. Miller had previously confirmed that he had started writing a third film, but it's unknown how far along the script is or when/if the film will ever get made.

A demobilized Navy SEAL who received the Medal of Honor, he lives a life of relative peace and solitude against the backdrop of crime-ridden Basin City. Having left the Navy years prior, he makes a living as an artist (usually for sleazy magazines, to his great disgust) and as a short order cook. His life changes drastically when he saves a suicidal woman named Esther from drowning. She is kidnapped and enslaved by the Colonel, one of Basin City's most powerful crime bosses, sending Wallace on a single-minded journey to rescue her and take down those responsible, no matter who gets in his way.

While it's possible Hell And Back could return to the segment format, focusing entirely on the Wallace story might be the way to go with a third (and likely final) film. Originally, Wallace was expected to be apart of A Dame To Kill For, but it seems like he will be saved for the next movie. I assume because Hell And Back is a fitting title for a final installment.

Johnny Depp was originally wanted for the role of Jackie Boy (played by Benicio Del Toro), but in 2007 Robert was quoted by MTV as saying he was eyeing him for Wallace instead (stating it was a "better role". Depp previously worked with him on Once Upon A Time In Mexico, which most consider one of his highlight performances in over a decade.

"But there is a better role for him in ['Hell and Back']. I kept going, 'Gosh, Jackie Boy is a small part, he could be really good [as Wallace].' When he wasn't available, I thought maybe it was meant to be."

"When I showed him the first sample of the work, he went, 'Man I'll do anything in that. I'll be the hunchback. You have to bring me onboard, that looks amazing,' " Rodriguez recalled. "So Frank met him that time too and he said, 'I have got to find something for that guy. I've never met him before. He's amazing.' [So we're] looking at the cast of characters and [looking] to see where he can fit."

The problem would be that Depp is a hard person to lock-in for a role, he has Black Mass, Alice In Wonderland 2, Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and Edgar Wright's The Night Stalker in-development (three Disney projects). Considering how large the Wallace story is, Johnny would need to be able to commit to the entire production, rather than a just a segment (unless they scale it back). Robert is also expected to be busy with Machete In Space likely being his next film, while he's currently working on Fire And Ice.

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