June 18, 2010

RUMOR: Neill Blomkamp Directing The Hobbit?

TheOneRing who is basically the best source for anything involving The Hobbit has heard from their sources/spies that Neill Blomkamp could be taking over for del Toro. If true this could be the saving grace for the films since Peter Jackson doesn't seem keen on directing them. Blomkamp is responsible for District 9 one of the greatest science fiction films of the last ten years which Jackson produced. The pair also worked together for the Halo movie before things fell apart. District 9 with it's modest budget ($30 million) ended up a massive box office success. Along with critical acclaim leading to it's four Oscar nominations including Best Picture.

First Look: Johnny Depp In The Rum Diaries

Here is the first image of Johnny Depp in The Rum Diaries couristy of Collider (via Film Totaal ). The film is based on the novel by Hunter S. Thompson (Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas) and was written/directed by Bruce Robinson (Withnail & I). Paul Kemp (Depp) is a freelance journalist who finds himself at a critical turning point in his life while writing for a run-down newspaper in the Caribbean. Paul is challenged on many levels as he tries to carve out a more secure niche for himself amidst a group of lost souls all bent on self-destruction.

More Auditions For X-Men First Class

Deadline reports that more talented actors have auditioned for X-Men First Class. They confirm the previous rumor of Aaron Johnson (Nowhere Boy, Kick-Ass) testing along with Andrew Garfield (Never Let Me Go, Red Riding) who also auditioned for Spider-Man. Other actors like Eddie Redmayne (Savage Grace) and Jack Houston (Outlander) have also tested for roles. The site also confirms the involvement of Ben Walker, Amber Heard and Rosamund Pike. I mentioned before that Eddie would make a great Banshee, I could also see Jack Houston playing Gambit.

CBM caught wind of actress/model Jasmine Dustin tweeting she had auditioned for the role of young a Raven Darkholme (Mystique). Which could mean that Amber Heard is more than likely inline for Jean Grey or Emma Frost (if they're including her).

There was word yesterday that First Class will be the first movie to start off Fox's connective Marvel film universe. It's possible some of these roles could be for heroes outside the X-Men universe (Daredevil, Fantastic Four). We could see more high profiled actors being cast in supporting roles which might lead to future spin-offs. I expect there will be spin-offs for Gambit, Cyclops and Cable/X-Force (previously mentioned).

Alexander Skarsgard Joins Taylor Kitsch In Battleship

HeatVision reports that Alexander Skarsgard (True Blood, Generation Kill) will play a Naval officer and Taylor Kitsch's (John Carter of Mars) brother in Peter Berg's Battleship. I'm very interested in the prospect of an alien invasion film set on the high seas.

RUMOR: Could Eddie Redmayne Be Playing Banshee?

It seems like Fox is moving quickly with casting for X-Men First Class. According to Deadline Eddie Redmayne (Savage Grace) might be up for a role in the film as well. Likely if true the ginger actor who recently won a Tony could be perfect for Sean Cassidy (Banshee). The Irish mutant along with Xavier and Moira helped create the school and the X-Men. Sean is also the cousin of the notorious X-Men villain Black Tom who is often seen allied with Xavier's step brother Cain Marko (Juggernaut). This is pure speculation on my part but if he's being linked for the film that's the character most likely he would be best to play. Eddie had recently been rumored for the lead in Spielberg's War Horse but the role went to someone else which could allow him to look for other films.

June 17, 2010

UPDATE: Michael Fassbender Playing Magneto

EW is confirming ShowBiz411's previous rumor that Fox is talks with Michael Fassbender (Inglourious Basterds) to play a young Magneto in X-Men First Class.

Don Cheadle & Freida Pinto Offered Roles In Rise of The Apes

BloodyDisgusting is reporting that Fox has offered roles to Don Cheadle (Iron Man 2) and Freida Pinto (Slumdog Millionaire, Immortals) for their upcoming film Rise of The Apes. Which is their reboot/prequel of the Planet of The Apes franchise. James Franco was cast as the film's lead and it's unknown what the other roles could be.

UPDATE: Ben Walker Playing Beast In First Class

ShowBiz411 has confirmed the previous rumor from CBM that Ben Walker will play a young Hank McCoy (Beast). In the original comics and even X-Men First Class comics Hank McCoy had yet to have his blue fur. Yet he did have his animal-based powers and strength.

Jeremy Renner To Announce He's Hawkeye At Comic-Con

In his last bit of Marvel news Poni_Boy tweeted that Jeremy Renner will officially announce he is playing Clint Barton (Hawkeye) at this year's Comic-Con. It's been speculated that Marvel Studios will have a massive presence this year promoting Thor, Captain America and Avengers. Along with announcing key roles for upcoming films.

Eva Longoria Confirmed For Avengers?

Another one of Poni_Boy's (from CBM) interesting tidbits of Marvel information today included that Eva Longoria will be in Avengers and Ant-Man. Eva will play Janet Van Dyne (The Wasp) which she had been rumored for.

I'm curious to see if that rumor of Nathan Fillion playing Hank Pym (Ant-Man) actually happens since they look good together.

RUMOR: Fox Developing Their Own Marvel Film Universe?

There is talk circling Twitter today (via Poni_Boy from CBM) that 20th Century Fox is considering their own Marvel film universe. This could mean that in future films we could see the X-Men/X-Force/Deadpool interacting with Daredevil, Elektra, Silver Surfer or the Fantastic Four. It would make sense since they are somewhat rebooting the X-Men franchise with First Class. There are also planned reboots of both Daredevil and Fantastic Four. Even Deadpool will get a complete character reboot in the upcoming spin-off. I'd like to think somehow Bryan Singer could be involved in creative/consulting/producing role with these projects to tie them together. The studio is flush with money from Avatar and could take a shot similar to what both Marvel Studios and possibly DC Entertainment are attempting with their own superhero universes.

TRAILER: Scott Pilgrim (International)

Sam Worthington Offered Lead In This Means War

Vulture reports Fox has offered Sam Worthington a lead role in McG's (Terminator Salvation, Charile's Angels) action rom-com This Means War. The project seems to be troubled as it's been bumped to different directors, writers and many actors have passed on it (Seth Rogen, Bradley Cooper). Two best friends and veteran spies who wage black-ops warfare on each other when they both fall for the same girl. Currently Reese Witherspoon and Chris Pine (Star Trek) are the only names attached to the film. It's likely Worthington will pass on it since he's been recently cast in a bunch of projects.

Brian Grazer & Ron Howard Making Legends

HeatVision reports Brian Grazer and Ron Howard are developing a film based on the graphic novel Legends. The comic had Red Riding Hood, Jack The Giant Killer and Hansel & Gretel teaming up to solve who murdered Pinocchio and is killing other folklore creatures. Along the way they are assisted by Goldilocks.

Danny McBride To Star In Bullies

Deadline reports Danny McBride (Your Highness) will star in Bullies based on his original concept. The comedy will focus on two brothers who finally get a comeuppance after bullying people their whole lives. McBride will produce with directors Jody Hill and David Gordon Green. The film is being written by Andrew Mogel and Jarrad Paul who previously wrote Yes Man.

RUMOR: Ben Walker Joining X-Men First Class?

CBM through various sources has come up with the possibility that theater actor Ben Walker (Flags of Our Fathers) could be up for a role in Matthew Vaughn's X-Men First Class. The roles could be Hank McCoy (Beast) or Sean Cassidy (Banshee), he looks perfect for the role of a pre-blue furred McCoy.

Russell Crowe To Become The Equalizer

LATimes reports that Russell Crowe is attached to star in film adaptation of the 80's television series The Equalizer. The show focused on a righteous gun wielding vigilante who had a murky past.

Alex Garland In Talks To Write Logan's Run

HeatVision reports that Warner Bros. has hired Alex Garland to write the screenplay for the reboot of Logan's Run. It's been in development for years now with it's current director Carl Rinsch in place. Garland is on a tear lately with his screenplays, he's responsible for The Beach, 28 Days Later, Sunshine and Never Let Me Go. He's also worked on scripts for the Judge Dredd reboot and the Halo movie.

"In a future society that demands the death of everyone upon reaching a certain age. Anyone who veers from that destiny is dubbed a “runner” and is hunted by operatives known as Sandmen. Logan is a Sandman who is forced to go on the run."

June 16, 2010

TRAILER: Middle Men

Writers Hired For Monster Squad Remake

HeatVision reports Paramount/Platinum Dunes has hired cousins Mark and Brian Gunn to a pen a family friendly Monster Squad reboot which could have franchise possibilities. The original co-created/written by Shane Black (Lethal Weapon 1-4) had subversive sexual imagery it even had children making silver bullets in school and firing guns. It was pretty much a horror version of The Goonies. I loved it growing up but I'm not sure how new audiences will react to children fighting monsters. The only issue I have is that Rob Cohen (Mummy 3, Fast & The Furious) is directing who isn't known for making good movies. It's unknown what monsters will appear but the original lineup was Dracula, Wolfman, Mummy, Gillman and a friendly Frankenstein.

Offers Go Out For Tom Tykwer's Cloud Atlas

The Playlist (via Production Weekly) reports that offers have gone out for Tom Tykwer's (Run Lola Run) Cloud Atlas which is being produced by the Wachowskis (Matrix) and is based on the novel by David Mitchell. The actors include Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Natalie Portman (previously rumored), James McAvoy and Sir Ian McKellen.

Cage & Kidman To Star In Trespass

Variety reports that Nu Image/Millennium Films has tapped Joel Schumacher to direct Trespass which has Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman attached. The action/adventure film would find the duo playing "a husband and wife taken hostage by four brutal perpetrators seeking easy cash. Complications ensue amid the unexpected discovery of betrayal and deception." I've enjoyed "most" of Schumcher's previous films which include Falling Down, The Lost Boys, Flatliners, Time To Kill, The Client and 8mm. So I'm hopeful this will be a return to true form as his last couple of films haven't done well.

RUMOR: David Yates In Talks To Direct Fables

According to Pajiba David Yates is in talks to direct Fables .Warner Bros. where he's directed four Harry Potter films (Phoenix, Half-Blood Prince, Deathly Hollows 1-2) is developing live-action film (which could turn franchise) based on the comic series by Bill Willingham. Yates has also been rumored to take over directing duties for The Hobbit.

"It follows the story of many popular fairy tale characters, such as the Big Bad Wolf, Snow White, Boy Blue, Cinderella and the Frog Prince, who are chased out of their realms (dubbed the Homelands) when an evil force called the Adversary declares war. The characters, both human and animal based, find sanctuary in our world and build a community in New York."

MGM Puts Red Dawn & Cabin In The Woods On Ice

MGM's recent chaos has already delayed production on both Bond23 and Hobbit. Now it looks like even completed films are in trouble. Red Dawn and Cabin In The Woods both starring Chris Hemsworth (Thor) have been shelved even though they had slated release dates. I really hope Warner Bros. comes in and does the right thing by buying the struggling studio.

The Thing Coming April 2011

Universal Pictures has set the date for their Thing prequel/prelude for April 29th 2011. People might be sighing over this prequel but John Carpenter himself remade the film. He even used the same introduction title that was used in the original. While the new film is still currently in production I assume the reason for the quick turnaround time would be the fact they're trying to recreate the on screen practical effects. The effects were cutting edge for the 1982 film and still has the same terrifying impact toady. It's being carefully made to be set in the same world as the Carpenter film so fans should be excited for this. The film will focus on the Norwegian camp that discovers the spacecraft frozen in ice and was teased in the Carpenter movie. It will star Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Scott Pilgrim), Joel Edgerton (Animal Kingdom) and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Oz, Lost, Bourne Identity).

June 15, 2010

Doug Liman In Talks To Direct All You Need Is Kill?

Deadline reports director Doug Liman (Bourne Identity) is circling Warner Bros. science fiction film All You Need Is Kill based on the Japanese novel by Hiroshi Sakurazaka. The project seems to be a high priority for the studio as they've also met with Sam Raimi, before he decided on directing Disney's Oz prequel. It's likely Liman will take this on considering his Three Musketeers project is getting overshadowed by Summit's version and could get axed very soon.

"A soldier pressed into battle against a superior alien species, gets killed in action, and relives his last day alive over and over. Eventually, he sees things change, he becomes a better warrior and discovers hints that might be the key to altering the outcome. "

TRAILER: Never Let Me Go

Neveldine/Taylor In Talks To Direct Ghost Rider 2

Sony is fast tracking Ghost Rider 2 to make sure the studio keeps the rights. HeatVision reports an offer has gone out to Neveldine/Taylor (Crank) to direct the sequel. David Goyer (Batman Begins, Blade) is responsible for the film's story so it should solid this time around. Nicolas Cage is set to return but he can't be blamed for how bad the original film turned out. Cage gave of some of his best performances recently in Kick-Ass and Bad Lieutenant.

I'm a massive fan of Neveldine/Taylor, their last two films Gamer and Crank 2 have proved the pair can do amazing stuff technically (shooting, editing, practical/CGI special effects). I expect we'll see the RED camera system used again which looks stunning in their hands. Don't get your hopes up just yet though. The directing duo had written Jonah Hex with the promise of helming it but they eventually left. Yet it would very interesting to see them finally direct a comic book film. Considering their history with only making R-rated films I'm expect this film will be darker than the first one.

Nicolas Winding Refn Talks Wonder Woman

Auteur director Nicolas Winding Refn has been campaigning to direct Wonder Woman. He recently talked about the film and hopes his next project Drive starring Ryan Gosling will give him some Hollywood-cred. His approach sounds interesting enough that DCE would be crazy not to think it over.

"I'm very optimistic about 'Drive.' The people [working on it] are great. So ask me in a year if I liked my Hollywood experience, but I have this dream concept: I want to make Wonder Woman as a feature And I thought in order to access to that I should probably become a bit more Hollywood friendly."

"They've been working on it for 40 years, he said. "It's going to be a concept that keep evolving for decades unless someone makes it. There's a million takes on it. She is, along with Batman and Superman one of the three original, iconic super heroes. And I think that it being a woman and she being created by a psychologist who was very interested in certain fetish elements — if you look at the original Wonder Woman its all about woman in very little clothes tying each other up, I don't know what you would call that, but I would call it quite fetish. And then giving her interesting powers and having her come from an island of woman. To me the real rosebud lies in the fact that its really about, what if women were stronger than men on all fronts: how would the world look like? If you do her as an average crusader in hot pants running around — which of course you have to do to some extent— but if you don't go beyond that its going to be really cheesy or silly and sure they'll be action, but its nothing special."

TRAILER: Resident Evil Afterlife

Sam Raimi & Robert Downey Jr. Confirmed For Oz

Deadline reports that Disney has struck a deal with Sam Raimi (Evil Dead, Spider-Man) to direct Oz The Great & Powerful. The prequel which would focus on the adventures of the Wizard has Robert Downey Jr. attached to star.

Eddie Redmayne & Tom Hiddleston To Star In Spielberg's War Horse?

The Playlist (via Production Weekly) reports that Tom Hiddleston (Thor) could have a supporting role in Steven Spielberg's WWI film War Horse. They previously reported on Eddie Redmayne (Savage Grace) landing the lead role. The story follows a young man named Albert and his horse, Joey, and how their bond is broken when Joey is sold to the cavalry and sent to the trenches of World War I. Despite being too young to enlist, Albert heads to France to save his friend where he meets a French Lieutenant.

MGM & Warner Bros. Want Peter Jackson To Direct The Hobbit

Deadline reports the obvious best choice to take over directing duties of The Hobbit from Guillermo del Toro who recently had to leave the production. That person is Peter Jackson who c0-wrote the film's screenplay and has just as much time invested in the project as del Toro. They say that both studios involved (MGM and Warner Bros.) are trying to convince the Kiwi director to finish the Tolkien epic he started with the Lord of The Rings trilogy. Jackson said he would be willing to direct the films himself if they were unable to find a suitable replacement. It's doubtful they've found anyone capable of delivering the quality of Jackson's work. There is also the issue of working and living in New Zealand for two years which would suit Peter just fine. The only problem would be his commitments to the Tintin sequel.

*Who could possibly direct The Hobbit other than Peter Jackson?

June 14, 2010

First Look: Hugh Jackman In Real Steel

USAToday has the first image from the robot fighting film Real Steel.

BAD IDEA: American Remake of Martyrs, Starring Kristen Stewart?

Fear.Net talked to Twilight producer Wyck Godfrey on his planned Martyrs remake. While being involved in one of the worst cliche horror franchises in history he sounds more intent on making it more accessible to teens. Rather than trying to make an entertaining scary film. Which by all accounts means the film will be nothing like the original. The most insulting part of the story is the insinuation they would water down the violence from the original. "[although] I think it's not remake-able in its form for an American audience". Godfrey mentions that he would "like" Kristen Stewart to star. I don't believe Stewart is a bad actress she's done some decent work in other films it's just the combination of her and this producer working together that makes me loathe the whole concept. They're hired Vacancy writer Mark L. Smith but I'm still not convinced this will be good.

Horror films, more importantly the new wave of European horror films are known for their intense gore. When America, who started the tradition of the modern horror film with Texas Chainsaw Massacre starts making kid friendly horror it's very sad. While films like Saw and Hostel are the other extreme they are well recevied in the horror world and even profitable (sometimes gaining cult status). I'm unsure how teen friendly horror films could even be good. I don't see there is a point of having a film that's PG-13 since you expect it's tone will be light and non-shocking. Defeating the purpose of horror which is to be scared out of your mind.

TRAILER: Sofia Coppola's Somewhere

First Look: Predators' Mr. Black

STYD has posted the first clear images of the new predator which will be seen in Predators.

Fox Offers Deadpool To Robert Rodriguez

The Playlist (via Production Weekly) have another great tidbit of "what if" Marvel news. PW reports that 20th Century Fox has sent out an offer to Robert Rodriguez to direct the Deadpool movie. Ryan Reynolds is expected to start pre-production on the film as soon as he finishes shooting Green Lantern. It's been a pet project for the actor for years and has promised fans a faithful film. The studio came through hiring Zombieland writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick to pen the film's screenplay. Now if they hire Robert Rodriguez to direct fans should rejoice. I'm curious if this means the film will rated-R.

So why it Robert perfect for Deadpool? I've been hoping the director would come on board but besides my own wishful thinking here are some good pro-points. Sin City is most likely the biggest example of why he is perfect. The film is beyond faithful to the source material to the point of turning the film into a living comic book. It would be the best way to regain the trust of scorned DP fans. What about helming big over the top humor fueled action film? He's got that covered with his El Mariachi trilogy (El Mariachi, Desperado & Once Upon A Time In Mexico) which seems similar to the sense of humor in the comics. Even his new film Machete seems to be borrowing from his fantastic dark sense of humor. The film's budget is another issue while Fox seems likely to spend $100-200 million on both Wolverine 2 and X-Men First Class it's doubtful DP will get that kind of money. It's plausible that the DP's budget could end up in the $40-80 range which is common ground for Rodriguez. Filming and effects being done in house means he can work with small budgets.

Don't hold you're breath he'll take the job. Robert is known for talking up and starting up film projects he never ends up making. Sin City 2 is the perfect example of one of his most anticipated movies but has been stuck in limbo for years. There is also the issue of projects currently in development which include Spy Kids 4, Neverwracker, Red Sonja (producing) and his epic sounding Fire & Ice adaptation. Rodriguez recently was approached by Fox to direct Rise of The Apes which he declined. He had previously developed blockbuster films that didn't workout like Clash of The Titans, The Jetsons and even a remake of Barbarella which had costumes/sets ready to go. So just because an offer has gone out it doesn't mean he'll take it.

This sort of reminds of how Fox was able to wrangle Matthew Vaughn into directing X-Men First Class. They understand to be able to compete with Marvel Studios and DC Entertainment they're going to have hire comic genre-vets to make sure the films are successful. I'm expect they'll be able to come up with an attractive contract which might include future financing for Robert's original films. Unlike Vaughn, Robert has a constructive working relationship with Fox. He recently co-wrote and produced Predators and the studio is distributing his pet project Machete. Troublemaker Studios most likely would handle the film's production since their involvement in every Rodriguez project. Fans could be relieved that the special effects will be done properly not like the messy CGI in Wolverine.

Guillermo del Toro Announcing Next Film At Comic-Con

DelToroFilms has word from Guillermo del Toro he will be announcing his next film until Comic-Con. With his exit from The Hobbit people have been curious to what the director will do next. Guillermo has three comic book projects in the works which include Marvel Studios' Doctor Strange, Hellboy 3 and Deadman. There are also plenty of horror projects he could be tackling but my assumption is that if he's using Comic-Con as a forum it's likely comic related.

"Van Helsing (writing and producing) is still in talks and not quite certain. Even then, I would like to share my plans only at COMICON. I am taking it slowly and marking very, very carefully the calendar of projects that I will be involved as producer, writer, etc I will not announce the project I intend to direct until then . I am very happy to say that all the projects and partnerships being considered are both quite surprising and, I hope, powerful. Much as I want, I cannot say much more at this time but I anxiously await to share these with you. I will be shopping on the floor in San DIego for several days. See you there!!"

RUMOR: Vincent D'onofrio In Talks For Captain America?

CBM have word from a source that actor Vincent D'onofrio (Full Metal Jacket, Men In Black) is in talks for a role in Captain America. He might be playing either a Howling Commando or an Invader. Since the two groups are being combined it's hard to pick out which character he could be playing.

Amber Heard & Rosamund Pike To Join First Class?

The Playlist (via Production Weekly) reports that 20th Century Fox has "strong interest" in both Amber Heard and Rosamund Pike for roles in X-Men First Class. Pike had been rumored for Emma Frost but PW says otherwise. They say that Pike could play Moira MacTaggert (Xavier's assistant) and Heard would play young a Mystique.

Amber Heard (Rum Diaries, The Ward) as Raven Darkholme (Mystique)

Rosamund Pike (An Education) as Moira MacTaggert

Resident Evil: Afterlife Posters

June 13, 2010

REVIEW: Get Him To The Greek & A-Team

GET HIM TO THE GREEK: This is a Forgetting Sarah Marshall spin-off focusing on Russell Brand's Aldous Snow. While it was interesting and funny it didn't have the heart FSM had. There were many laugh out loud moments most of them surprisingly involving Diddy's crazed record executive. I did enjoy the film but felt the comedy was uneven and would have worked better if it was just a straight raunchy comedy. The tender moments felt horribly forced and slowed down the comedic energy of the film. Still it's better than the majority of comedies that have been released this year.


A-TEAM: Not being a fan of the original 80's television series but being aware of it I didn't exactly know what to expect. I'm not sure how ridiculous the show was but this film was just bizarre. Jackson's B.A. was more annoying than intimidating since his Mr. T impression got tired within the first two times he said "fool". Yet every other word ended up being fool which ruined the character. On the other hand the other actors seemed more comfortable and it showed they were having fun with their roles. The action scenes were decent and well done but it didn't make up for the poorly written dialog/story. Everything was predictable in the film while fun at moments it didn't feel coherent enough for repeat viewings. If you're up for brainless action mixed with cheesy one-liners you'll enjoy this.