December 31, 2014

Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts Confirming METAL GEAR SOLID Shooting After KONG: SKULL ISLAND?

Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts is about to begin shooting on Legendary's King Kong prequel Kong: Skull Island. He posted a tweet that suggested he was ready to tackle the massive production. Also mentioning that he was coming after Solid Snake next. Which is referring to his other massive project the Metal Gear Solid film setup over at Sony. We've had confirmation of sorts that Jordan is indeed our director along with David Goyer (Blade, Batman Begins, Call of Duty Black Ops 1-2) tackling the script.

A production date hasn't been announced but it sounds like things are coming together quicker than expected. Having Goyer write the adaptation of the popular video game series is actually a perfect match, considering he helped write two massive hit installments of the Call of Duty game franchise. One of the biggest problems with video game adaptations is they tend to cling onto fan service or nods, rather than focusing on a good story and cinematic experience. The hope from films like Metal Gear, Mass Effect, Assassin's Creed and Splinter Cell, is that studios will finally figure-out how to adapt this rich source material.


December 30, 2014

Sly Stallone Confirms LAST BLOOD: RAMBO Is Next

It's hard to remember a time when Sly Stallone was a considered a real actor. He used to write and star in great films like Rocky and First Blood (which he also directed), only to let the money and fame get to him. His last real attempt act dramatic acting was James Mangold's excellent crime drama Cop Land from 1997. Expendables 3 bombing has perhaps given him a reality-check and he's picking some really interesting projects for his next couple of films.

He'll be returning to the iconic role of Rocky in the spin-off Creed, which will focus on the grandson of Apollo Creed (played by Michael B. Jordan) making a run at a boxing career. Of course, his grandfather's boxing buddy Rocky will be coaching him along the way. Sly took to Twitter to confirm that he's about to start shooting the film.

Sly also confirms that the 5th Rambo installment titled Last Blood: Rambo is next for him. In September, ComingSoon had reported that the project was back in development but we didn't get official word until now. Another Tweet seeming shows an image of Sly working on the script, placed on a desk surrounded by the character's weapon of choice.

There's been development for a fifth film, ever since John Rambo made a bit of a splash back in 2008. It's minor success helped get Expendables made and spawned two sequels. I actually preferred John Rambo to all three of the Expendables installments. It might have something to do with the combat violence that series is known for. The assumption being that he'll end-up writing and directing the final installment.

One of the rumored plots for Rambo 5 focused on our hero taking-on a group of animal-human hybrids. Since that information leaked the project has been stuck in limbo. There had been talk that the film could take place stateside again, as we last see John walking down a road to his family's ranch in . There are plenty of ways to go about figuring-out a final mission for Rambo.

In 2012, Stallone talked to MTV chatting a bit about his ideas about the film. Even commenting on the talk of Rambo going up against Mexican cartels in the film. A cool angle and since Stallone usually has a topical nature with his locations, using Burma and Afghanistan as previous settings.

“I know there is [another story to tell]. It’s one thing where you lay down the final culmination of your life where you can articulate it, but also act on it where [Rambo] realizes what his destiny really is. It’s not to be a farmer, it’s not to be obscure; it’s to go out in a blaze of glory in a heroic fashion. But is he really doing it for himself or is he doing it because that’s just his id? That’s who he is.”

“I like the whole Mexican situation, what’s going on down there. So I’m working on a formula for it right now.”


Will Warner Bros. Make David Goyer's DEATHSTROKE Movie After SUICIDE SQUAD?

It was recently rumored that Deathstroke will somehow be apart of the character lineup in David Ayer's Suicide Squad. While we still need more solid confirmation, the prospect does make a lot of sense all things considering. What makes me think Warner Bros. would want to include Deathstroke in Suicide Squad?

First-off, it was reported last year by BleedingCool that David Goyer was going to produce a bunch of DC Comics movies which included Suicide Squad and Deathstroke films. We don't know for sure if Goyer is still attached to either project, but it's very likely he was involved with the latter because he was going to write it. Deathstroke feels like a character that Goyer could really make a great script for, I don't think fans would complain about the body-count or gritty tone.

Second, Deathstroke is a current member of the new team in the comics. Harley Quinn only joined the ranks in 2011, but will be the female lead of the film. They could be including anyone slightly affiliated to group that are well known to fans. Warner Bros. might be looking for the most recognizable characters, since this isn't the original lineup from the Justin Marks script (Joker and Harley Quinn were never included in the original script). I'm sure Ayer's rewrites could see a couple of additions or swaps to the final character lineup (could Slade replace Rick Flagg?).

Third, the Marvel model for setting-up future films is a bit more Easter Egg-like, but having a character in the film before their solo adventure sounds about right for the DC Comics model. Remember, we'll see Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Cyborg in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice before they get their own movies. Deathstroke is still a relatively obscure character to general audiences, having him tag-along in Suicide Squad could definitely boost international awareness.

That said, what makes me believe that David Goyer would be or should be involved with this project?

Goyer is still in very good favor with Warner Bros., no matter what fans seem to think is going-on behind the scenes. He's still getting a writing and producing credits on Batman v Superman, even with Chris Terrio's rewrites to the original script (which I assume was apart of Affleck's contract, to have script approval). David is also writing-producing their NBC series Constantine and is involved with Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Sandman film writing the film's story. Godzilla's script had a rewrite from Goyer as well. It's possible that the Justice League script will include elements from the work Goyer contributed before Chris Terrio came onboard.

Last year he signed a three-year deal with the studio according to Deadline. The assumption that he would help godfather lesser known DC Comics film and TV properties for Warner Bros. It's led to him setting-up a Krypton prequel series at SyFy. His previous film development deals like Deathstroke would be alive and well, just not apart of the main release lineup.

Thinking that having Goyer's scripts rewritten is some sort of insult towards, goes to show fandom doesn't understand how the industry works. Many of Goyer's scripts have been rewritten or reworked for the screen, none of this has really effected his work relationships with studios.

Having written films like Blade and Dark Knight Trilogy/Man of Steel, Goyer understands all types of cinematic comic book worlds. Blade becoming the first Marvel success story, it's often forgotten the R-rated film was a hit two years before X-Men. Goyer is never credited for starting this genre, but he should. I could see Goyer doing for DC's Slade, what he did for Marvel's Blade. Turning him into a badass anti-hero, and one we might actually root for. Since, we've only seen him as a straight-up villain. Funny, since New Line Cinema (apart of Warner Bros.) was the home of Blade just until recently.

David also wrote the two Call of Duty: Black Ops games, two of the most successful games ever made. The first one selling 26.2 million copies and it's sequel earning over a billion within the first fifteen days. Those games show he has the chops to explore Slade's world of black ops soldiers and mercenaries. Sony announced him as writing their Metal Gear Solid adaptation, which has the director of Kong: Skull Island attached. Another intense military focused film which is another reason why Goyer staying-on as producer or writing the Deathstroke script might be a good idea.

What do you think? Should Warner Bros. pursue a Deathstroke film and keep David Goyer involved in some capacity?

December 29, 2014

Vin Diesel Still Teasing Black Bolt Role In Marvel's INHUMANS

Ever since he took the Groot role in Guardians of The Galaxy, actor Vin Diesel has been hinting to a second Marvel role. Diesel has been pointing to a large part in Marvel's Inhumans film. That was announced by Marvel in October for a November 2018 release date. He took to Facebook and posted this image, clearly teasing involvement with Inhumans.

We've suspected for ages he could be up for the role of silent leader Black Bolt. Giving his voice to Groot and his body to the Inhuman, a way for him to play two roles.

Marvel has been planting seeds for the film with the finale of Agents of SHIELD. It's also expected to see the origin of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver in Age of Ultron reflect their possible Inhuman connections, which are now being teased in the comics.

The cast for the film might be on the level of the X-Men films, since there a bunch of Marvel characters the studio could make Inhuman. Instead of explaining their extensive or wacky backstories, just pegging them as Inhuman could help build a world as big as the X-Men universe. Characters like Tigra and Quake will be Inhuman, but it's unknown if they'll make the film.

We know that Namor The Sub-Mariner was originally a mutant, but if Marvel figured-out a deal with Universal (sitting on the film rights) they could use character as a focal-point in an Inhumans film. Having the Atlantean a splinter royal family within the Inhumans group. Kevin Feige confirmed to IGN during the summer that indeed a deal of some sorts would be need to be worked-out with Universal. Since, we've seen Marvel try to work things-out with Sony there's a strong possibility Namor could join the MCU. Let's face it, Universal isn't making a solo film anytime soon and they'd get a hefty loan fee for Marvel to use Namor.

It’s slightly more complicated than that. Let’s put it this way – there are entanglements that make it less easy. There are older contracts that still involve other parties that mean we need to work things out before we move forward on it. As opposed to an Iron Man or any of the Avengers or any of the other Marvel characters where we could just put them in.


December 27, 2014

RUMOR: Deathstroke Also Apart Of SUICIDE SQUAD Lineup?

ComicBookMovie has word from a Reddit user that claims to have been apart of a test-group at Warner Bros. for David Ayer's Suicide Squad. Revealing possible plot details of the film, which I will exclude here. One piece of information which was a major standout, Deathstroke is apparently apart of the film. This person also claims to have seen concept art for the villain as well.

We've been hearing rumblings for weeks that Deathstroke could be apart of the film. While nothing official or from our usual trusted channels have commented on this. I'm suspect of this, only because of the source, not because of likelihood of this happening. Deathstroke is an extremely popular villain, thanks to Arrow and the video game Arkham Origins. It doesn't hurt that he's also apart of the new Suicide Squad lineup in the comics. Harley Quinn didn't join the team until 2011, so they are including newer members for the film.

It should be noted that the original lineup for Suicide Squad in the Justin Marks script is drastically different than the current one reported by the trades. It's also possible that the film is still undergoing rewrites from David Ayer and lineup is still being adjusted. Test-groups could be there to help flush-out which characters should be changed or the direction of the film. Then again, this event might have never taken place.

One opinion I've heard makes the most sense here. That Tom Hardy's Rick Flagg could be a studio distraction and that character might actually be Deathstroke (or rewritten to become him). Flagg seems like an extremely obscure character for someone as big as Tom Hardy would play. Considering he's leading the hugely anticipated Mad Max: Fury Road and was being offered roles like Doctor Strange, Sandman in Sinister Six and lead role in X-Men Apocalypse. You'd expect his role in the film would be a lot bigger.

If you look at a majority of the lineup, they're mostly known and recognizable DC Comics characters. Flagg, for the most is only known to die-hard DC fans and likely wouldn't have the awareness that Deathstroke would. Plus, who wouldn't rather see Hardy play an iconic character like Deathstroke? We know that Hardy is able to pull off a role like this that could allow crossovers to other DC films, (Batman solo film or Supermax?).


December 26, 2014

Justin Lin Replaces Roberto Orci As STAR TREK 3 Director

Director Justin Lin might be apart of Fast And Furious franchise directing the last four installments, but has helped turned that dumb series of films into something fun. We all have to admit those movies have been better with each installment, and Justin is apart of that success. He's been bouncing back and fourth with a bunch of different projects. Lining-up potential directing gigs with projects like Terminator 5, Highlander, The Crow and eventually deciding on the sequel to The Bourne Legacy. The latter project was recently delayed because of Matt Damon returning to the Bourne series, and that film was getting made first.

It looks like he's finally found his next film, as reports he's replaced Roberto Orci as the new director of Star Trek 3. Orci stepped-down recent and Paramount put-out a search that included names such as Rupert Wyatt and Lin. It seemed like Wyatt was the frontrunner, considering being linked before Orci, having the blessing of producer J.J. Abrams and having great success rebooting Planet of The Apes with Rise of The Planet of The Apes. There is even chatter that Roberto Orci is still very much involved as a producer, but won't be contributing to the script.

While audiences seemingly enjoyed the last two films, in the era of blockbusters I'm sure Paramount is a bit disappointed the films haven't broken $500M worldwide. Perhaps, Justin will be able to pump new energy into the franchise which is having problems attracting international audiences. Considering the last film cost $190M+ to make, the studio would likely want a much bigger return.

The release date has also been officially set for July 8th, 2016. A date that will see the film arrive just in time for the 50th anniversary of the original series.


December 23, 2014

Joe Lynch Digs Suggestion To Direct Netflix PUNISHER Series And Has Approval Of Lexi Alexander

We have one more cool thing to add before heading-off for the holidays. While we've been seeing Marvel lining up actors for Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage (where is our Iron Fist?) for the eventual big team-up Netflix series The Defenders. We've been curious what wave two of the Marvel-Netflix series could look like.

Characters like Punisher, Moon Knight and Blade have been serious contenders, since film adaptations of these mostly R-rated characters seem unlikely to hit screens anytime soon. Marvel is going to focus on more family friendly material that would likely mean PG-13 content. The talk of Netflix series being more dark and taking a "PG-16" approach could help Marvel go all the way with the second wave. Drew Pearce has could be interested in a Punisher short, and the Russo Brothers jokingly hinted Castle was in Winter Soldier.

There was a cool suggestion recently of seeing writer-director Joe Lynch (Knights of Badassdom, Everly) handling a Punisher series for Netflix. What does Joe Lynch think about this suggestion? He responded via Twitter with a brief statement of interest. Let's hope we get a pitch from Mr. Lynch to Marvel down the road.

Joe could be a bit more vocal about this desire when he starts the press tour for his female-driven action flick Everly. The current go-to question in the press these days is if directors or actors are interested in comic book projects. A perfect platform for Joe to get his campaign out there.

UPDATE: Here is the badass  trailer for Everly and it gives-off the potential of what Joe could do with the Punisher material.

This would be Joe's first Marvel character he's tackled. He made the Venom short Truth In Journalism which was set in the bootleg Marvel universe. Funny enough, the bootleg universe also includes a Punisher short with Thomas Jane reprising the role. It's a cool short but obviously too dark for Sony, even though we've already suggested Joe to be considered as the director of Venom. Since we've seen directors Gary Ross, Josh Trank and Alex Kurtzman jump-ship.

You can tell he enjoys comic books and even waxed poetic about badass female characters at Comic-Con this summer, while promoting Everly. A new series could also give us Castle's protege Rachel Alves, and Joe would be great at adapting her story/motivation.

What does the last film's director think of this choice? Well Punisher: War Zone's Lexi Alexander also took to Twitter giving her support to Joe, stating she would be "ecstatic". Lexi is also actually curious what happened with Fox's Punisher pilot.

That seemingly happened around the same time Lionsgate gave the rights back to Marvel Studios. The relationship between Fox and Marvel have been heated lately. You might have missed this, but The Punisher actually kills the cast of Fox's Fantastic Four reboot in a recent comic book. Could this maybe explain why that Punisher pilot never saw the light of day?

It goes even further when there's talk that Fantastic Four and mutants are being phased-out of the comic books. A thumb into the eyes of Fox who rely on Marvel to promote their Marvel properties in the comics and other media. A major issue with Marvel  problem is whenever they create new characters for either Fantastic Four or X-Men comics, Fox automatically get's the rights to use them in movies. Phasing both comics out means Marvel is free to expand their film universes without helping Fox. Marvel's Inhumans are expected to be slowly replacing X-Men's mutants, and could be a way for Marvel to move forward without the X-Men. It's also another way to explain new characters entering the MCU as well without their bizarre backstories.

Oddly enough, Fox was also trying to make a series around Moon Knight as well but that didn't come together either.

What does this mean for the future live-action Punisher stuff? Talk has since gone around that Marvel Studios should consider taking a series to HBO, Showtime, AMC or FXX. While this could have excellent potential, Marvel is now working with Netflix as their production partner. Remember, original series like House of Cards and Orange Is The New Black are R-rated material, so they wouldn't be opposed to giving these R-rated Marvel shows a home. Considering Netflix and Marvel have already partnered for five shows, the next wave happening there as well seems like a no-brainer.

We've seen that Marvel finding creatives to head-up each show so far. Marvel hiring Spartacus' Steven D. Knight (with scripts from Lost's Drew Goddard) making Daredevil and Dexter's Melissa Rosenberg making Jessica Jones (along with giving us our first episodes with Luke Cage). The expectation is that a Punisher series would be in need of a writer-director with an action background. I have a feeling Joe Lynch would make an excellent choice to head-up a series like Punisher.

I wouldn't rule-out John Wick's Chad Stahelski getting involved with action work with Marvel in the future as well. Fingers crossed he get's a call as well.

I'm doubtful Marvel will want to see Ray Stevenson reprise the role, but since his Thor contract will be up soon he could stick around. Here are a couple of suggestions if Marvel does end-up recasting. Actors I'd like to see in the role include Karl Urban (Lord of The Rings, Star Trek, Dredd, Almost Human, Red, Bourne Supremacy), Clive Owen (Children of Men, Bourne Identity, Killer Elite, Shoot 'Em Up, The Knick, Inside Man, Sin City, The Driver) and Joe Manganiello (Spider-Man, Knight of Cups, Magic Mike, True Blood, Sabotage).

What do you think? Should Marvel make Punisher a priority for their second wave of Netflix shows? Also, should Joe Lynch be the guy to mastermind that series for Marvel?

December 22, 2014

Marvel Confirms Mike Colter For LUKE CAGE Role

Marvel has confirmed that Mike Colter (The Following, Halo Nightfall) is our Luke Cage. The hero for hire will have a large role in the Jessica Jones series first, before getting his own 13-episode run. I'm curious if Colter will have a part within Iron Fist as well.


BIG RUMOR: Sony's Leaked Casting Wish-List For SINISTER SIX

Another day and yes, another Spider-Man franchise rumor. The fate of Amazing Spider-Man 3 is pretty much known to us via leaked email exchanges, it's gone. However, Drew Goddard's Sinister Six hasn't been linked to getting cancelled. Actually it's been the opposite, with talk of it being the perfect launching-point for the reboot (via a pre-leak report by BadassDigest). Not to mention it being potentially the first collaboration between Marvel Studios and Sony for the rebooted franchise set within the MCU.

Before that is all worked out and made official an interesting piece of casting information has made it's way to ComicBookMovie. They are again claiming to have found more emails pertaining to Goddard's Sinister Six. This time involves Sony's ideas for the casting. The last name we had heard Sony wanted was Ryan Gosling when they put out feelers, when he voiced interest in the Ghostbusters reboot.

This potential casting wish-list seemingly reveals two villains previously never mentioned for the project. That would be Sandman and Scorpia who is the female version of hired goon The Scorpion. A female villain really hasn't been explored in a majority of comic book films, and I love the idea of using someone like Scorpia. Drew did an excellent job with the female lead in Cabin In The Woods, so I'm all for seeing more of his female characters. A lot of people (myself included) had assumed that Black Cat would be the female team member, that might not be the case. Although, Felicia Hardy is named-dropped but not her alter ego.

They mention that Sony wants Sandman to be the comedic relief and the casting seemingly reflects that since the names they were putting forward included a bunch of comedians. Including Danny McBride (Eastbound And Down, Pineapple Express, Tropic Thunder, This Is The End), Jonah Hill (Moneyball, Wolf of Wall Street, Superbad, 21 Jump Street, 22 Jump Street), Chris O'Dowd (IT Crowd, Bridesmaids, Thor The Dark World) and Shartlo Copley (District 9, Maleficent, Elysium, Chappie). Others included Joel Edgerton, Jason Clarke from Planet of The Apes/Terminator franchises and Ant-Man's Michael Pena. The latter might be excluded depending on his Marvel contract.

My preference out of the bunch would be Danny McBride, as he'd make an excellent funny villain.

The ladies mentioned for the role of Scorpia include Emily Blunt (Looper, Edge of Tomorrow, Into The Woods), Ruth Wilson (Luther, The Affair, Lone Ranger), Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones, Terminator: Genesis) and Rose Bryne (Neighbors, Bridesmaids, 28 Weeks Later, X-Men First Class, Sunshine).

Amy Pascal would go on to make terrible comments about Blunt's weight in photos, so I assume that won't win the studio any favors. It's also possible that Emily Blunt is still on Marvel Studios wish-list for a female lead, let's hope that's Captain Marvel or Medusa in Inhumans. I feel like Blunt joining this franchise would be a huge waste of potential.

I'd have to root for Ruth Wilson, she deserves a lead role like this. Even though, I'd rather see her take a part in Marvel's main cinematic universe as Madame Hydra or Amora The Enchantress. If Marvel does get involved it could make for some interesting crossovers. I just think pairing her with Goddard could make for a scene stealing villainess.

Woody Harrelson (Zombieland, Hunger Games) is mentioned alongside Sean Penn as candidates for the role of Doc Ock who is said to be the group's leader. I doubt Penn would ever consider something like this. Woody has played dark villains previously films such as  Out of The Furnace and No Country For Old Men. It doesn't hurt he's widely popular from his role in the Hunger Games franchise. An actor able to balance both dramatic and comedy, a winning combo for a comic book villain. Let's not forget his amazing performance in HBO's True Detective, which sometimes get's overshadowed by McConaughey.

Oscar winning actor Colin Firth is mentioned for the role of Vulture, which I have zero issues with. Firth is seemingly able to balance both comedic and dramatic roles, and will take the plunge into comic book films with Matthew Vaughn's Kingsman.

Other names mentioned include Denzel Washington, Daniel Craig and George Clooney, I believe slightly out of their reach if you ask me. The big reveal was that they wanted Channing Tatum as Venom, but has already setup a franchise role as Gambit at Fox. Which would likely keep him from getting involved with competing comic book franchises. A cool casting choice though, I honestly wouldn't have minded Channing as Venom.

Another aspect is they are considering female versions of Venom and Carnage, which was explored in the comics. The female Carnage just happened to be Gwen Stacy, which could a way to bring the character back. The character Ann Weying, was the female version of Venom and could be apart of the female led spin-off.

A lot of the actors seem like bizarre choices in this piece and not mention Amy Pascal possibly making digs at actors like Emily Blunt, Idris Elba and Jared Leto. It could be real or completely made-up, the female versions of Venom and Carnage also sound weird to me. Since this isn't coming from a more reputable outlet take as a huge rumor for now. I'm shocked a casting list like this hasn't made waves over at TheDailyBeast. Names like Tatum and Jonah Hill could speak to Phil Lord and Chris Miller being candidates to take over the solo films.

Another aspect is that all this could be scrapped if Marvel steps-in, as their likely going to make their own casting choices. I'm sure suggestions like these would be taken into account, but I doubt previous working relationships with Sony will be top priority to Marvel. We also haven't heard if Drew Goddard will be sticking around, since I'm sure he's going to have to making a huge amount of rewrites to his existing script which was tied to Amazing Spider-Man 2.


December 19, 2014

RUMOR: Marvel Studios Wants A Post-CIVIL WAR Teenaged SPIDER-MAN For Solo Reboot?

Take the following as a straight-up rumor, considering this isn't coming from DailyBeast. ComicBookMovie is claiming to have discovered an email from a Sony executive that reveals Marvel's plan for a Spider-Man reboot. That they don't want to have him involved with Captain America: Civil War, instead having him living in the wake of those events. Wanting Peter Parker to be a teenager still in high school and living in Queens with Aunt May.

I have to assume this means Peter gets his powers after Civil War, which would explain his absence in all the New York events in Phase 1-3 and Hell's Kitchen centric Netflix shows. A better angle than some unconvincing plot that would force Andrew's Spidey into the MCU.

I'm curious if Drew Goddard's (Daredevil, Cloverfield, Cabin In The Woods, The MartianSinister Six due out in 2016 will indeed be the first installment of this reboot. BadassDigest suggested this was the talk at the studio before the Sony leak, so it's extremely possible. CBM also mentions that Marvel wants a second solo film out in theatres before 2019. This makes obvious sense to keep pushing releases, I'm sure Sony would be ecstatic for that to happen.

The Russo Brothers are apparently angling to produce the new series of films, not directing. As they have four other large productions to focus on with Captain America: Civil War, The Gray Man, Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 and Avengers: Infinity War Part 2. These films would likely stop them from making a Spider-Man solo outting before 2020. Which doesn't mean Spider-Man would be excluded from The Russos' Infinity War movies. I just don't see them jumping from Avengers/Captain America to focus on solo Spider-Man, outside of a producing role.

Potential directors for the reboot could include Sony darlings Phil Lord and Chris Miller (21 Jump Street, 22 Jump Street, Lego Movie, Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 1-2), as revealed in a leaked director's list that was pitched to the studio. It also included high-profiled directors such as Brad Bird, Edgar Wright, James Gunn and Joe Cornish. Lord/Miller have been linked to this reboot, replacing Marc Webb on Amazing Spider-Man 3 and even an animated Spidey feature. I'm sure Sony will be pitching the duo hard to Marvel.

They also claim that the first crossover into the Marvel cinematic universe could be with Avengers: Infinity War. Something I've been saying since the possible deal emerged, as we constantly keep hearing the ship has sailed on any major role. Infinity War would allow Parker's science knowledge and heroics to play equal parts, also allowing the origin of Venom to be explored.

This is seemingly yet another in a list of reasons why Andrew Garfield isn't returning as Peter Parker. Even with all the fan campaigns and twitter hashtags, it's never going to happen folks. That's mostly due to Sony's rumored (via LatinoReview) firing of Marc Webb, Andrew Garfield and even possibly removing producer Avi Arad from the franchise. Scrapping pretty much everyone involved with the current blundering series of films. The age range would also seemingly put fan-favorite Donald Glover out of the running. Hopefully Marvel and Sony still consider him for the on screen version of Miles Morales.

We haven't heard anything concerning names in the mix for the recasting but some interesting ones have been put out there on Twitter. I've been mentioning rising actor Tye Sheridan (Mud, Scouts vs Zombies, Yellow Birds, Dark Places, Tree of Life, Joe) for the role as he just turned eighteen making him a prime candidate for the teenage Peter Parker.

Another suggestion points to Maze Runner's Dylan O'Brien who is slowly getting some fan support and being in his early twenties could pull off a high school kid. Remember Jonah Hill was almost the same age as Seth Rogen when he took the lead role in Superbad. Let's just not mess around by hiring another actor pushing 30.

Slightly younger than Dylan is Logan Lerman (Gamer, Fury, Perks of Being A Wallflower, Percy Jackson, Noah), who revealed to press about being in early talks for the Spider-Man reboot. HitFix reported back in 2010 that they thought he was a lock for the first reboot. Deadline trashed the story with a direct quote from Sony, who hired Garfield instead. Four years later and we're still considering him for the role, which has some backing by LatinoReview. Here's what Logan told to AccessHollywood back in 2010.

“It’s just, you know, conversations are starting. It’s a long process with the studio and the producers and everything. But it’s definitely a project that I’m really interested in, of course. I’d love to focus on the human element a little bit more. It’d be such a fun experience.” 

Fan demand has possibly influenced Marvel's recent casting of fan-favorites Chadwick Boseman for Black Panther and Benedict Cumberbatch for Doctor Strange. Since both had huge backing of the online fan and blogging community. If Marvel indeed gets creative control, I'm sure they'll be keeping fan suggestions in mind during the recasting.

It's been rumored that Marvel's Kevin Feige will be attending the Sony's Spidey summit next month. Even more broad claims have been made that the deal has already been made, and the fine details just have to be worked-out between the two studios. I'm still in the belief it's only a sure thing when Marvel announces their involvement, which they haven't. Considering a deal hasn't been made don't expect Marvel or Sony to rush into casting just to put a Peter Parker cameo in Civil War either.


Sony Acquires The Robert Rodriguez Live-Action Remake Of FIRE AND ICE And Stunning New Concept Art

Deadline reports that Sony Pictures has acquired the rights for Robert Rodriguez's live-action remake of the Ralph Bashki and Frank Frazetta animated fantasy film Fire And Ice. It's an interesting return for Robert who has made a home at Dimension Film's owned by The Weinstein Company, but got his start when Columbia Pictures picked-up his Sundance hit El Mariachi. That film would later spawn to sequels with Desperado and Once Upon A Time In Mexico.

The news isn't surprising since Robert has been vocal for ages his next project would be re-imaging of the animated film Fire And Ice. An aspect that wasn't a sure thing was if it was going to be live-action or animated. It seemed the costly production would have to be animated for it to work, but with Sony and Whiplash's Bold Films partnering on the film it's not a viable live-action adaptation.

As to the intended rating of the fantasy project, it's currently unknown. Robert would likely be aiming for a more mature audience. Frazetta's work helped inspire the Conan film franchise, which Robert was eagerly interested in getting involved with when it was getting rebooted. He had hoped to direct the Conan The Barbarian remake, and was producing the remake of Red Sonja with Rose McGowan attached to star. Things fell apart concerning the production of Sonja and it eventually got the axe.

Sony could try to woo the Game of Thrones crowd with Fire And Ice, the series is actually known as Song of Fire And Ice. It's mixture of romance, high tension drama and violence has worked-out well for the HBO series. However, Robert isn't know for that level of quality and it could come-off as a bit more sleazy and grindhouse in nature. Hopefully, Sony who is known for making R-rated content won't be pushing for a PG-13 rating here.

I think we can all have a collective sigh of relief Robert isn't going to be forcing another horribly made kids flick on us. There had been some chatter he could be considering getting involved again with the Predator franchise, as he produced and shot some scenes in Predators. Shane Black (Iron Man 3, Nice Guys) was said to be writing a direct sequel to the original. Black had starred in the original film, after penning his own script for the film which didn't get used. Robert wrote his own Predator script did early in his career. The spec-script included both characters played by Danny Glover and Arnold Schwarzenegger in a Gladiator-type sci-fi epic set on the predator's homeworld.

There are still rumblings that he's keen on making a third and final Sin City movie, but considering the poor box office reception that seems unlikely at this point. It also seems up-in-the-air if Machete Kills In Space will get made as well. It's second installment Machete Kills wasn't as well received as the first film. Basically, it's been a tough couple of years for Robert and we wish him all the luck on his next one.

Below is some of the concept art that showed-up awhile back on EntertainmentWeekly's website.

He also debuted some other pieces of artwork at Wizard World Chicago (via IdolThreat) and Austin (via Youtube) in 2013, which someone snapped photos/video. This all seems fresh to me and I'm unsure if these have been seen outside of the people that attended the events. The video from Austin also reveals some test footage which was shown as well. I'm beyond excited for this one and this could be one hell of a fantasy flick. It's more visual than anything we've seen from Robert, and gives the impression it'll also be the director's biggest film to date.