December 14, 2014

Kevin Feige Rumored To Attend SPIDER-MAN Summit And Why I Don't Buy Russos Directing Reboot

Unproven site ScreenGonzo is claiming to have a "scoop" concerning Sony's Spider-Man reboot and the summit taking place in January. They go on to say that Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige will be there and will want to see Avi Arad removed from the franchise. Feige being there to workout a deal with Sony for shared rights to the character, and their help producing a new trilogy. Avi has been seen as the real problem creatively with the franchise, and his unwillingness to take suggestions from filmmakers. We've heard that Webb kept hitting walls with the producer, when his input was unwanted during production. Marvel coming into the picture would mean they get creative control and that would mean goodbye to Avi, this I believe is just a fact of doing business if Marvel is involved.

They also mention that the Russo Brothers are going to be writing and directing this new trilogy. A few things seem fishy about this one and we'll come back to that later.

It's sort of a case of an educated guessing here via the leaked emails. We know that Kevin Feige would be involved in any meeting between Sony and Marvel Studios, that's sort of a no-brainer. We actually haven't heard from other sources that Marvel will be in attendance. The thing we do know is that Sony is now open to the idea of working with Marvel, thanks to a nudge by Sony Corp. An invite to have Marvel attend is very likely.

They go on to mention that Kevin Feige wants Avi Arad out of the producing role. Again, another educated guess and something we've already seen hinted to in an email between Amy Pascal and The Russos. Where the brothers pitch to Pascal about producing the new trilogy (not directing or writing) and having "tough" talks with Arad. If this was their grand pitch to Sony, why not include the bit about the desire to direct the films?

The biggest problem I have with this "scoop" is the part about the Russo Brothers directing a new trilogy. First, Sony seems hellbent on pitching Phil Lord and Chris Miller for the directing dig. They've been connected to Amazing Spider-Man 3, this reboot and an animated film, Sony is going to pitch hard for them to make the trilogy.

Second, they are directing The Gray Man and then two intallments of Avengers: Infinity War , which will take-up their time until 2019. I highly doubt that Sony is willing going to wait until 2020 to release another solo Spider-Man film. That's going to be five years without the studio raking-in profits from an installment, something that sets-off alarm bells for me. Sony is having serious problems with losses and they aren't going to sit on their biggest property for five years. Only releasing Sinister Six in five years makes zero sense to me.

Another problem I have is why would Marvel allow the creatives who are spearheading Phase Three just leave for a shared venture like Spider-Man? I'm sure the Russos will have a huge role in Phase Four, factor in the possibility that Joss Whedon and James Gunn might be done after their two films. They won't have the people to head-up Phase Four is they are busy directing a new Spidey trilogy.

I'd also like to point-out that Sony's wish-list for reboot directors is from November, which is around the time of this exchange between Sony and the Russos. You'd think their names would be on the list, but they are not. I believe that they will only be providing services as producers, as I've already pointed-out that Kevin Feige is already too busy with his duties with in-house Marvel Studio projects. It's extremely unlikely he'll take a hands-on producing role here, beyond casting and shaping the vision for it. The Russo Brothers seem like in better shape to help godfather the interests of Marvel as producers of the new trilogy.

Again, we'll see what happens because I do believe a lot of ideas will be on the table at this summit.


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