December 6, 2014

BABADOOK Director Jennifer Kent Recently Met With Warner Bros. For Unnamed Projects

Aussie director Jennifer Kent is getting a massive amount of buzz thanks to her small horror film The Babadook. The film is impressive and which has led to the director making wish-lists, she was linked for group of female directors wanted for Wonder Woman. While she confirms to IGN Warner Bros. never spoke to her about Wonder Woman, but they did fly her out to the U.S. to talk about other projects. What could these other projects be?

"Warner Brothers did fly me to America, actually, and I can say that -- but they never asked about Wonder Woman. And that's fine by me. But they did ask me about a lot of other projects, which I'm now slowly reading through. I'm very, very open to it. But again, I've got two films that I'm writing -- I'm a writer-director; I can generate my own material -- but I'm open to stories that move me, that suck me in. I'm looking to find writers to collaborate with on stories that I could direct, for sure. And I'm not opposed to directing films in America. I don't see myself in the tentpole arena; maybe that's disappointing to genre-makers, but you know, I'm open. It just really has to be an idea that grabs me like The Babadook grabbed me -- then I'll follow it to the ends of the Earth."

The great thing about horror directors they can pretty much handle any kind of stories, since well made horror runs the gauntlet. The studio flew her out for a meeting, it was obviously for something big as they won't do that for smaller projects. She's also talking about interest in collaborations with other writers, which would make sense since a majority of Warner Bros. projects have outlines/scripts before they are pitched to potential directors.

If we're assuming this could be other DC Comics films that could include projects like Aquaman and Flash which are expected to be next to go into production. I could even see her being in the mix for Shazam!, who I also believe James Wan (Saw, Conjuring, Fast And Furious 7) might be in the mix for. We're seeing a trend with the DC films that directors like Zack Snyder (Batman v Superman, Justice League, Man of Steel), David Ayer (Suicide Squad) and Michelle MacLaren (Wonder Woman) will either write or contribute to the scripts.

Another recent project that could be a great fit for Kent could be their high-profile reboot of I Am Legend. In October, it was reported by Deadline that Warner Bros. bought a spec-script from Gary Graham entitled A Garden At The End of The World, which is being retrofitted for their I Am Legend reboot. It balances both horror and tentpole level scale, something that could interest Jennifer a lot.

We'll likely find out in the future what these projects are, but these are the ones I feel would be the best fit for her.


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