December 13, 2014

Sony Wants Ryan Gosling For SINISTER SIX And Is The Role VENOM?

We've been hearing for weeks that studios have been talking with Ryan Gosling about comic book film roles. They included leads in Marvel's Doctor Strange and WB's Suicide Squad. Sony also wants Ryan Gosling for a superhero project, as Amy Pascal wanted to offer him an unknown role in Drew Goddard's Sinister Six. More fuel that Drew's film is still moving forward, but might need some Marvel re-tooling. Again, Drew is part of the Marvel Studios family via Daredevil and could easily work with Marvel and possible producers The Russo Brothers.

It was revealed yesterday that directors of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War have offered their producing services for future Spider-Man films. Something that Sony should pounce-on before they change their minds.

This is actually the first casting tidbit we've had concerning Sinister Six. We've been hearing for a while that Six could include a "soft-reboot" of the franchise via BadassDigest. Marvel stating they want a complete reboot and recasting Peter Parker, this sort of makes a lot of sense. I highly doubt Sony wanted him as a new Spider-Man, since the actor is even older than Andrew Garfield. It's been said that Garfield could have already been fired from the franchise.

There are plenty of other roles in Six that could have in mind for movie including the six characters and the rumored villain/hero of the film Venom. I'm going to speculate that Venom might have be the kind of role that would be worth offering to Gosling. I don't see him agreeing to play one of the regular villains. Venom is a role that lends itself to major crossovers with the existing Marvel cinematic universe, since it's very possible that Marvel could get involved with future projects. Six hasn't started shooting it's probable this could be the first film in the collaboration.

Venom has huge connections to the rest of the Marvel universe in the comics. If Marvel is indeed focused on ignoring both Marc Webb and Sam Raimi's films, they could go with the current version of Venom. Who has veteran Flash Thompson (maybe SHIELD agent?) as the current host and eventually becomes a member of The Avengers and Thunderbolts. You might remember that James Gunn (Guardians of The Galaxy) has mentioned a desire to give Thunderbolts their own film. Funny enough, Flash's Venom has also joined the ranks of The Guardians of The Galaxy as well. I still think Avengers: Infinity War could be the best place to give us the origin of the symbiote and Spider-Man.

However, Sony's original plan was to have Venom being created in the Oscorp labs, I assume in Sinister Six which had Amazing Spider-Man 2 spending all of it's time setting-up that movie. It's unlikely that will be Marvel's approach if they get involved.

Producer Avi Arad is still pushing the Venom solo film to Sony in emails, trying to convince them of the popularity and awareness of the character. Other Sony producers want to re-introduce him in Sinister Six before getting his own spin-off. Setting-up him and/or Carnage as the villains of the film, with Spidey having to team-up with the six villains. It's possible Venom could also take the place of Spider-Man in that film. (via NerdReactor)

Carnage is combination of a second symbiote spawned by Venom and his host Cletus Kasady who is a serial killer. One of the more dark characters in the Marvel cinematic universe, known for massacres.

The spin-off has had three directors involved over the years. Including Gary Ross who exited to direct Hunger Games, Josh Trank who exited to reboot Fantastic Four and Alex Kurtzman who exited to make the new Mummy movie. BadassDigest reported that the spin-off had been essentially axed by the studio. These email exchanges confirm the studio's cold-feet about the project. However, attaching someone like Gosling could be enough to bring it back to life.

If Sony is having a problem finding a director, they might as well consider Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 3, Knights of Badassdom, Everly) who directed the bootleg Marvel universe short film Venom: Truth In Journalism. He's the type of director that could catch the attention of Marvel Studios, and seems to "get" the dark side to the anti-hero. I'm still unsure if we'll ever see the Eddie Brock version again.


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