December 12, 2014

Ken Watanabe, Morgan Freeman And Bill Nighy Wanted For DOCTOR STRANGE's Mentor The Ancient One

LatinoReview has word that Marvel is moving forward with the rest of casting for Doctor Strange. It was confirmed recently that Benedict Cumberbatch is our titular hero. Another major role in the film is Sorcerer Supreme and Strange's mentor The Ancient One. The three actors in the mix according to LR are Ken Watanabe (Godzilla, Inception, Batman Begins, Last Samurai), Morgan Freeman (Dark Knight Trilogy, Wanted, Lucy) and Bill Nighy (Underworld, Shaun of The Dead, Pirates Of The Caribbean).

The Ancient One teaches both Stephen Strange and villain Baron Mordo the ways of mystical arts. A leading role that allows for some diverse casting which makes both Watanabe and Freeman a preference. While Freeman's voice could be amazing for the role, I'd prefer to see Watanabe. It's not shocking that Ken is in the mix, as the training scenes in Batman Begins sort of parallels the origin of Doctor Strange.

Daniel Bruhl's (Inglorious Basterds, Rush) role in Captain America: Civil War is said to crossover to Strange as well. This has us believing he could be playing Karl Mordo, or combination with Captain America villain Baron Zemo.


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