December 7, 2014

Jason Momoa Lobbying For Zack Snyder To Direct AQUAMAN

Jason Momoa is finally free to talk a bit about being cast as Warner Bros' Aquaman, but without really talking about his role in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. He dropped a few tidbits at the Brazilian Comic-Con (via Twitter accounts), confirming we'll be seeing him in at least four movies. This could include Batman v Superman, Justice League Part 1, Aquaman and Justice League Part 2.

He was asked who his dream director would be for his solo outing, and that would be Zack Snyder. I'm sure it's a little bit of kissing-up, and a little bit of honesty. We know that Snyder's 300 is one of the more testosterone-fuelled fantasy comic book films, and it's possible that could be a blue-print for this film. Zack is going to one of the DCU brain-trusts and he'll be highly involved with the solo films, so they can fit into his Justice League movies. I'm unsure Snyder will be able to handle another production, considering he just finished Batman v Superman and still has two Justice League installments. Although, we don't know how extensive Snyder's deal with Warner Bros. is and he very well could have a larger workload.


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