December 5, 2014

RUMOR: Warner Bros. Keen On Christopher Nolan Directing Virtual Reality Flick READY PLAYER ONE?

TrackingBoard is reporting that Warner Bros. is offering the directing job for science fiction film Ready Player One to Christopher Nolan (Inception, Interstellar, Memento, The Dark Knight). The film is an adapatuon of the novel by Ernest Cline from screenwriter Zak Penn. Nolan usually isn't known for taking studio scraps, but after taking on the ex-Spielberg project Interstellar anything is possible. It should also be noted that Nolan really hasn't talked about future projects, other than his Howard Hughes movie.

"Follows a teenage boy who enters into an elaborate treasure hunt to win the fortune that was left behind in the will of the creator of his favorite virtual reality game, Oasis. He finds himself up against powerful corporations and competitors who will stop at nothing to get the inheritance."

The science fiction aspect and virtual reality aspect might be enough to sway Nolan. Even more so if he's able to rework the script himself or with the help of brother Jonah Nolan. I'm actually curious to know if he's been approached by Alcon to direct the Blade Runner sequel. Ridley Scott has been vocal in interviews about not being committal to the sequel (also backtracking to stop damage control), likely having to chose between it and Prometheus 2. You might remember that Alcon has a working relationship with Nolan, as production company helped him make the thriller Insomnia which starred Al Pacino and Robin Williams. It could also give Nolan a sizeable scale and mythology to play with, not to mention it's theme of replicant slavery.


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