March 19, 2009

Your Highness (TBA)

Writer/director David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express, East Bound & Down) and comedic actor Danny R. McBride have been working on a trippy fantasy comedy. The R-rated film has recently been greenlit by Universal. Danny R. McBride will star along with James Franco.Your Highness will not be relying on computer effects, instead Spectral Motion (Hellboy 1 & 2) will be creating creature effects.

The film Krull was mentioned as influence on the project.

March 9, 2009

Riddick 3: Assault on Dark Athena (TBA)

Vin Diesel recently spoke with GameSpot and revealed some interesting news about the third Riddick movie. He said that "David Twohy is finishing up the script" also "Maybe we've been too tight-lipped about the movie, and you'll probably hear a lot more about it as this game is released". Twohy had been talking about The Chronicles of Riddick being a first part in a trilogy, excluding Pitch Black. The two video games Butcher Bay and now Assault on Dark Athena have brought Riddick back into popularity. From what I've seen Dark Athena could be the basis for the next movie.

Fantastic Four Reboot (TBA)

Apparently Fox is trying to reboot yet another one of their comic book franchises. First it was Daredevil and now it's the Fantastic Four which is getting a revamp. This time it's a complete overall new writers, director and cast. Nothing else is known at this point but they want to move more into the Iron Man template. Balancing humor with serious and dark themes. It's going to be hard to find directors willing to work with Fox because of their notorious history with creativity. Fox seems to be one of the only studios left that hinder their director's artistic visions to save money and play it safe with audiences. In the long run this provides us with poor quality films with robotic characters.

While they aren't naming directors I could see people like Kevin Smith or Bryan Taylor/Mark Neveldine helming the reboot. Both have had history with comic projects. Smith having a background as a comic book writer and being the poster boy of fandom. Taylor/Neveldine adapted Jonah Hex for Warner Bros. writing the script and were inline to direct before leaving the film.

My Casting Thoughts:

Paul Rudd as Mr. Fantastic

Elizabeth Banks as Sue Storm/Invisible Woman

Chris Pine as Human Torch

Ray Winstone as The Thing

Trainspotting 2 (TBA)

This is an older project but it was reported back in 2007 that Boyle had gained the rights to Irvine Welsh's Porno. The novel is a continuation of Trainspotting with the characters meeting up nine years later and their involvement in the porn industry. The novel focuses on five main characters Sick Boy, Renton, Spud, Begbie and Nikki.

If Porno is adapated we'll be seeing a reunion of the original cast.

Nikki is a 25-year old university student and film studies major who moonlights performing minor sexual favours at a sauna/massage parlour. Has body image problems (she occasionally vomits after meals) and is attracted to Sick Boy. She decides to help Sick Boy with his film by starring in it. Gemma Arterton is someone I would like to see cast as Nikki.

Danny Boyle's Hanna (TBA)

Nothing much is known about this project in development. Besides that it focuses on a teenage girl who is an assassin. While some of the more recent rumors of Doyle's attachment to My Fair Lady/Lady Vengeance remakes and Bond 23 have been denied. This seems to be one he might actually make.

I could see April Pearson of Skins perhaps being cast.