March 9, 2009

Fantastic Four Reboot (TBA)

Apparently Fox is trying to reboot yet another one of their comic book franchises. First it was Daredevil and now it's the Fantastic Four which is getting a revamp. This time it's a complete overall new writers, director and cast. Nothing else is known at this point but they want to move more into the Iron Man template. Balancing humor with serious and dark themes. It's going to be hard to find directors willing to work with Fox because of their notorious history with creativity. Fox seems to be one of the only studios left that hinder their director's artistic visions to save money and play it safe with audiences. In the long run this provides us with poor quality films with robotic characters.

While they aren't naming directors I could see people like Kevin Smith or Bryan Taylor/Mark Neveldine helming the reboot. Both have had history with comic projects. Smith having a background as a comic book writer and being the poster boy of fandom. Taylor/Neveldine adapted Jonah Hex for Warner Bros. writing the script and were inline to direct before leaving the film.

My Casting Thoughts:

Paul Rudd as Mr. Fantastic

Elizabeth Banks as Sue Storm/Invisible Woman

Chris Pine as Human Torch

Ray Winstone as The Thing

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