March 7, 2014

Sony Hires Original Game Writer To Pen THE LAST OF US Movie

It's starting to look like studios are going-for-broke when it comes to adapting video games to film. reports that Sony is looking to develop The Last of Us into a film, which just happens to be a Sony owned (developed by Naughty Dog) video game. TheWrap has news Sony's Screen Gems is aiming to distribute the film with Sam Raimi producing with his company Ghost House Pictures. Neil Druckmann, who wrote the game's story has been hired to pen the script. A second game is expected to be released in 2015, which might lead to a trilogy, similar to Uncharted.

This sounds like the best situation, as the Naughty Dog games have the most cinematic stories. Having another writer mangle the material seems like the worst idea, if the original story is solid. It's the second Naughty Dog produced game property the studio is developing, they're currently taking another-shot at making an Uncharted movie. Director Seth Gordon (War Games, Horrible Bosses, Identity Theft) recently made a deal to direct that action-adventure comedy. It will be interesting if Sony ends up hiring another director tailor-made for the horror thriller.


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