March 26, 2014

Lucasfilm Eyeing Bradley Cooper For INDIANA JONES Reboot And Frank Darabont Pitching Story?

The internet was all a buzz when there was chatter of development on Indiana Jones 5 and Indiana Jones 6. However, bringing back Harrison Ford at the ripe-age of 70, might be a little too much for audiences to handle. Not to mention push forward two more installments, as the action-lead. We love Harrison, but there's only a certain amount of roles that are believable for him these days. There is a new aspect of the development at Lucasfilm, now that Disney has secured the distribution rights from Paramount.

LatinoReview states that the studio is considering on a reboot of sorts, similar to Bond or Batman. Recasting the title role with a new face, likely a role that could see a bunch of different actors play, so not just outright replacing Ford entirely. They say a few names are in the mix, which include two-time Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper. An actor that has roots in comedic, adventure and dramatic roles, a perfect combo for a franchise like this. He's also involved with Disney/Marvel's Guardians of The Galaxy, which would likely help his chances.

They go on to mention that Frank Darabont (The Mist, Walking Dead, Godzilla) has pitched some ideas, but aren't revealing what those are. Frank actually has close-ties with the Indiana Jones franchise and hopefully lands the screenwriting gig.


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