October 25, 2009

Witchblade (2010-2011)

Witchblade centres on NYPD homicide detective Sara Pezzini who finds a supernatural artefact resembling a jewel-encrusted metal gauntlet. This so-called Witchblade has incredible powers and bonds to her body, healing her from fatal wounds. Producers are comparing the project to Mark Millar's Wanted. There hasn't been any announcements on a script or writers. If the film doesn't go into production by the end of the year it could lose it's financing.

Director Michael Rymer is attached to the film. Rymer may have made Queen of The Damned, yet he's earned a pass for directing Battlestar Galactica. His involvement is enough for me to keep an eye on it's progress.

Megan Fox (Jonah Hex) was approached at Comic-Con 09' for the role of Sara. As usual Fox is rumored for every genre based female role. Fox is also attached to play Aspen in the James Cameron produced adaptation of Fathom. She has mentioned in interviews her love for artist Michael Turner. Turner worked on both Fathom and Witchblade.

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