March 29, 2011

Michael Clarke Duncan In Talks To Voice Kilowog In Green Lantern, Post-Production Problems?

While Warner Bros. is trying to do damage control over the slow post-production that is killing the marketing for Green Lantern. As the second full trailer will have a late showing online at the end of April. Which seems pushing it along with the poster and still campaign being a massive let down. Compared to it's competition of Thor, Captain American, Cowboys & Aliens and even X-Men First Class, they're lagging as the film isn't fresh in people's minds. Even I don't remember the last time I posted exciting news concerning the film.

There is an update from LatinoReview concerning a last minute addition of Michael Clarke Duncan in talks to voice Hal Jordon's alien drill instructor Kilowog. Clarke Duncan has a excellent gruff voice fitting the role perfectly. He was actually was one of the better voice actors in Kung Fu Panda playing the head of the Rhino guards. His addition to the cast would be another step in the right directing as Kilowog would be expected to be featured in the sequels as Warner Bros. is aiming for a trilogy. A script for Green Lantern 2 had been handed into the studio back in December.

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